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Last updated: 30 July 2023

Double Glazing Repairs, How To Repair Your Double Glazing

Can you repair your double glazed units?

As nice as it would be to think that double glazing is indestructible, it isn’t. Double glazing repairs and problems do occur, many of which not only reduce the effectiveness of your windows and doors, they also make your property look unsightly.

Often, there is absolutely nothing you can do to avoid faults from occurring but if you want to maintain the benefits that your double glazing provides you will need to get any faults that develop repaired as soon as possible.

Double glazing repairs, what are the common faults

Probably the most common double glazing repairs are related to misting. This is where water finds its way in between the two panes of glass and collects as condensation.

Obviously, double glazed units are sold as a sealed unit and when they were installed in your property they would have been sealed.

Over time, however, the rubber seal that keeps water from seeping into the insulating gap breaks down and minute holes begin to develop.

Misted Double Glazing.

Misting can also occur when the framework of your window moves and when the special packaging that keeps the glass sheets in place becomes worn. Your frames only need to move a few millimetres for the rubber seals to develop faults, and as the seals age, they do become more brittle. Similarly, over time the special packaging material that cushions the glass and stops it from moving becomes compacted. This allows one or both of the panes to move slightly, again breaking the all-important seal and leading to an inevitable double glazing repair.

Another common fault occurs when double glazed windows and doors drop slightly, making them difficult to open and close. It may be that this problem can be repaired by simply replacing the hinges but in some cases, it is caused by a slight warping of the frame. This problem is particularly common in areas where the temperature fluctuates greatly throughout the year and more specifically, in rooms where the internal temperature varies greatly e.g. the kitchen and bathroom.

Double glazing repairs

A lot of the problems associated with double glazing can be repaired, saving you the expense of fitting new double glazed units throughout. Misting, in particular, can be repaired at your home within a few hours. Should you choose to repair rather than replace your newly sealed double glazed units will look and perform exactly as they did when they left the manufacturers, so providing your home with all the benefits associated with brand new double glazing.

While it is possible to complete some double glazing repairs yourself it is often a lot less time consuming to hire the services of a professional double glazing repair company. Following a repair by a professional, you’ll also get some form of guarantee for the work which you won’t get if you do it yourself.

The cost of double glazing repairs

Every double glazing repair is unique and so a definitive price list can never be created. Needless to say though, repairing an existing double glazed unit will be a lot cheaper than buying and installing a new one. Contact several double glazing companies in your local area that specialise in double glazing repairs and ask them to quote for the work you want to be done. Remember that the cheapest quote isn’t always the best one, and don’t forget to ask about the guarantee that comes with the work.

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