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Last updated: 12 January 2024

Misted Double Glazing, What Is Condensation Inside Double Glazing And Can Blown Windows Be Repaired?

Are your double glazed windows misted up? Condensation inside double glazing is common but don’t worry, blown double glazing can be repaired.

Double glazing is a worthy investment in any home, providing more warmth, blocking outdoor noise and improving your homes energy efficiency ultimately saving you money in the process.

However, when your double glazing starts to get condensation inside, resulting in a misted and blurred look and ruining your clean aesthetic, not many people know where to turn.

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Let’s look first at why double glazing is such a worthwhile investment for your home.

Benefits of Double Glazing

Warmth & Energy Efficiency

The layer in between the two panels of glass in double glazing is filled with a gas that acts as an insulation, much like wall insulation. It blocks the cold air from entering your home and the warm air from escaping. Not only does this keep your home nice and warm, but it will help you save a lot of money on energy bills by conserving more heat within your home, in turn making your home more energy-efficient and reducing your carbon footprint.


Double glazing is brilliant for block unwanted noise from outside. Whether you live on a busy road, too close to a popular pub or simply like as much peace and quiet as possible, sound proof double glazing is your answer.


Typically, you’ll find double glazing in more modern window frames and units, and of course, if you invest in a new set of windows for your home, they will be double glazed. This helps keep your home looking its best and misting or condensed double glazing can really ruin it.

Misting and condensation on double glazing… are your windows blown?

Condensation refers to the formation of water droplets within the two panes of your double glazing. This leads to this condensation drying in warmer weather and creating that unsightly misted effect.

Essentially, misting and condensation are caused by a break in the double-glazing seal in the windows, this lets moisture into that insulation section of your window thus reducing the qualities of double-glazing windows.

Now, it’s imperative to determine where this condensation is. That may sound like a foolish question, but on second-floor levels, where you can feel the window on the other side, it can be tough to determine whether the condensation or mist is on the inside or outside of the pane. If it’s outside, there is nothing to worry about as this is just a sign of changing temperatures, but if it’s inside the pane, it’s a sign of a seal breach.

DIY misted double glazing repairs

Repairing blown double glazing yourself can be tough. Essentially, the seal can be fixed with a repair by simply renewing the seal on the entire window, but this won’t help the misting or condensation already within the panes.

The best way to fix this is a complete replacement of the windowpanes, with the only alternative option being to use a misting repair kit like this one from Amazon.

This involves drilling a small hole into the window, leaving the window to clear as much as it can, cleaning the inside of the panes with a magnetic tool, inserting drying pellets that eventually disappear and plugging the hole with the provided clear cement. These types of kits do have a good track record of quick results, but they do tend to need doing more often unless the seal breach is completely repaired too.

Warranties for blown double glazing

Before you try any complete replacements or DIY options, you should check the warranty that you have with your current double glazing if this was done in the past few years. If it is still within warranty, you should give the installers a call to let them know what the situation is and they should rectify the problem at their own cost depending on what the warranty includes.

It’s worth speaking to the installers of your window in any case, if your warranty has expired, they may still be able to offer you a reduction in repair or replacement costs.

Avoiding condensation and misting problems

To avoid ever having this problem again, there are a few different things you can do:

  • Only use qualified fitters for new window installations in your home. You should check out their reviews, previous work examples and accreditations before you commit to hiring them for your new double-glazed windows. We also have a full buyer guide available here.
  • Some windows just reach the end of their life whether we like it or not. Even if you have double glazed windows that still look their best, if they are years old, they will need replacing eventually. Double glazing and new windows are incredibly affordable these days, and there are some fantastic deals available all the time.
  • You should pay close attention to maintaining your windows. If you let them get grubby and damp, eventually the seals will give up and let some in between the windowpanes. Either clean them yourself or enlist the help of a window cleaner to keep your windows in top-notch condition.

Effects of condensation inside double glazed windows

Misted double glazing is caused by an issue with the seals in your windows. This means that if moisture can get in, so can cold air, along with warm air escaping. This damages the energy efficiency of your windows, thus costing you more money in energy consumption and heating bills.

Similarly, noise can also break through these small seal breaches, ruining that aspect of double glazing. The main issue is how ugly misted or condensed windows are, and at a quick glance, they just look dirty or unwashed.


Double glazing is a great investment for your home, both in energy efficiency and aesthetics. But, if you don’t repair problems when they arise, this good investment can quickly turn into the opposite.

By taking care of your windows, only hiring approved and experienced fitters and fixing problems when they first arise, you can keep you double glazed windows looking perfect for years after they have been installed.

Make sure you keep copies of all warranties and agreements with fitters, as they’ll be very useful to refer to if misting occurs after their installation. Even if the windows aren’t within warranty, don’t ignore the issues, as they will only continue to worsen, when they could have been repaired or replaced easily at the start.

Brand new double glazed windows and doors are now much cheaper due to advances in frame and glass materials. If you have condensation inside double glazing it might be worth getting a quote for a brand new set of windows.

Use our online cost calculator to get an online quote from a range of local companies to see how much money you could save.

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