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Last updated: 2 February 2023

The Best Green Accommodation Websites

Awarded to the top green accommodation websites positively impacting individuals access to an environmentally friendly holiday in 2016.

In an exemplary fashion, more people have become conscious about the environment by deciding to make more sustainable choices in their day-to-day lives. But, do you take a break from environmental friendliness when you go on holiday?

The good news is that you can sleep soundly on holiday knowing that you have picked a green accommodation with high environmental and ethical standards. Chances are you would not even notice much difference, but the planet will. It could be challenging choosing a green accommodation for your holidays on the website. 

That is why Greenmatch has researched the best sites to go to when looking for green accommodation. These awarded websites make it easier for individuals to be able to choose green accommodation online, as they have provided detailed information and varieties. The awarded websites are in no particular order.

At, we have compiled a list of our favourite websites to get eco-friendly accommodation of 2016.

We would like to congratulate all of those listed!


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“Ecobnb is an adventure that we have undertaken to change the way we travel, so that every holiday becomes an authentic travel respectful of the environment and local community​. Simone Riccardi had this idea when, looking for a sustainable accommodation for a business stay, and realized that it was not easy to find it on the internet...

In addition, we were aware of the environmental issue of the tourism that is indeed the fourth source of pollution in the world. So, we decide to create a network where you can find easily all those existing green stays. At the end of May 2013 we launched the online beta version of "" (that in Italian means “Green Travel”). Now, Ecobnb has more than 2500 accommodation around Europe and all over the world. In a few clicks travelers can book green accommodations: bio hotels, amazing tree houses​, bed & breakfast on the beaches, alberghi diffusi in old villages, organic farmhouses, castles and camping”.

Green Pearls was established in 2012 to support unique places with a great sustainable philosophy in becoming visible worldwide, as well as to show the wonderful diversity of approaches to sustainability. Their philosophy is based on the belief that we are all personally responsible for the world’s protection and that we owe respect to the different cultures and the needs of the local people.

According to Lydia Weber, Sales and Marketing Manager for Green Pearls: “Transparency, credibility and authenticity are the key values at Green Pearls. To be able to travel in the future, we have to invest in the protection of the environment, in the education of the people that live in the countries we visit and support local communities”.

Green Pearl works with a collection of handpicked unique and sustainable partners worldwide that are pioneers of green tourism, offering a special combination of hospitality, ecological awareness, and sensitivity. Lydia adds: “The green pearls are chosen, based on their green initiatives regarding different areas of sustainability, such as architecture, water and energy consumption, waste management, food or social commitment”.

Ullswater is located in the lake district national park in Cumbria, making it the ideal destination for vacations. There are varieties of eco-friendly accommodation options to choose from on this website. One can choose between self catering, B&Bs, hotels, camping, luxury, pet friendly and large group self catering environmentally friendly accommodations.

The location together with the availability of the different eco friendly accommodation options makes Ullswater one of the best in this category.

The first national park in Britain is located in this area, the Peak District National Park. One of the best places to have a sustainable and peaceful vacation. Detailed information has been given on the website on what to see and do as a tourist, or a visitor.

This website offers environmentally sensitive and eco-friendly hotels, B&Bs and self-catering accommodations from budget to luxury. Accommodations offered here is committed to practicing green living for example using recycled items, and provides locally produced and organic foods.

This website is for finding eco-friendly accommodations in Scotland. It contains vivid explanations to audiences on the importance of choosing accommodations that will have positive impacts on the environment.

Several types of eco-friendly accommodations in Scotland can be found on this website, for those who are travelling on a budget and do not want an expensive accommodation, as well as those who want luxury yet sustainable options.

On this site one can find over 88 green accommodations within the United Kingdom. This website is the first, truly global listing of green hotels, all types of eco-friendly lodging and sustainable hospitality destinations for the independent green traveller.

“We bring together everybody who believes travellers should actively benefit the places they visit, sharing their prosperity with the hosting communities, and supporting those who provide sustainable services and accommodation”.

There is a wide selection of places to choose from in this directory of organic holidays.

Ranging from putting your own tent up in a field on a certified organic permaculture farm to staying in a boutique hotel with an organic restaurant, and many options in between including an amazing variety of bed and breakfast and self catering accommodations. Most of the places listed offer meals.

This website offers a unique, luxury, yet affordable, eco friendly cottages in stunning locations within Cornwall, Devon, Dorset, Wales and beyond.

From simple things like encouraging composting as well as using eco-friendly cleaning products, to investing in more involved green technologies such as air and ground source heat pumps, solar panels, photovoltaic power and local power generation; there are a variety of ways in which Unique Home Stays property owners are reducing their impact on the environment.

Green Hotels Association is environmentally-friendly association for green hotels, whose managers are eager to institute programs that save water, save energy and reduce solid waste while saving money to help protect the environment.

The website gives readers an insight into choosing green accommodation around the world, by giving direct information on the different hotels, which is necessary before going on a holiday.  

Eco Lux Hotels

Eco Lux Hotels is managed by Jill (a journalist specialising in luxury travels), and Tim (an environmental consultant and physicist), and they aim to assist people in choosing the right eco-friendly hotels all around the world.

Thus, they assess the world’s greenest luxury hotels, and discuss what these hotels are doing right, and what they could do better. To make it even easier for the travellers, they have created the following categories: 5 greenest hotels, 5 most luxurious hotels, most popular hotels, honeymoon eco-lux hotels, family-friendly green hotels, editor’s choice, and the most popular hotels.

On this website, one can find the guide to eco-friendly independent hotels, small hotel chains, hostels, guest houses, lodges, self-catering and bed and breakfast accommodation throughout the UK and within every price range.

There are direct links to each accommodation provider’s own website so users can book directly or, where possible and if they wish, through links to alternative web based booking agencies. helps environmentally conscious, discerning business and leisure travellers find eco-friendly, sustainable hotels, hostels, resorts, tours, travel activities and restaurants in city travel destinations around the world.

Their vision is to help create a world in which environmental best practice becomes the status quo in travel and tourism, and where tourism businesses and developers are applauded for creating destinations beneficial not only to themselves, but also the larger community and the planet as a whole.

This site is dedicated to providing first-hand information on eco-friendly travel from real travellers who aim to make a difference by demonstrating a sustainable lifestyle. Here you can find information about eco-friendly establishments in the different countries that the site owners, Melissa and Christopher, travel to.

This site comes from the realisation that although many people travel through Africa to appreciate its diversity, incredible wildlife and unforgettable scenery, they also leave a discernible carbon footprint on the environment they so admire.

This is a family run business that offers rural & eco-friendly holiday homes, mainly in and around Arrieta, a stunning, rural village in the North of the Canary Islands, Lanzarote.

Lanzarote Retreats has grown over the years and now offers a wide selection of holiday villas, cottages and apartments. It is also the creator of the original eco village “Finca De Arrieta” which is set behind Arrieta beach and offers luxury holiday yurts and stone cottages.

The Big Volcano Regional Tourist and Visitor Guide is a comprehensive guide about where to stay, things to see and do, and tours and attractions in the Northern Rivers and Gold Coast Hinterland region of Australia.

The purpose of Big Volcano Tourism Marketing & Media is to foster appreciation, understanding and conservation of the natural environment, through profitable tourism which uses ESD best practice management to sustain the culture and well-being of local communities.

This is a firm that supports eco tourism and offers environmentally friendly self catering accommodation in Bay of Plenty Lodges.

This area is known for its natural serenity and seclusion of its tranquil beachfront location in Jervis Bay Territory. Here you can find accommodation including comfortable cabins and luxurious private cottages for up to six people.

This website features hundreds of eco-friendly places to stay and hundreds of low carbon holidays.

"Our aim is to connect sustainable transport with these inspiring experiences offered by local tourism businesses to support local economies... Less Carbon, More Fun!"

Greentraveller shows how to plan a holiday that keeps carbon emissions down to a minimum. It also helps in finding holidays that benefit biodiversity conservation and the economies of local communities. One can even find places that are close to home area, so it will be easier to travel by either a bike, public transport, train or a ferry. The accommodation can be found on this website has been linked to activities individuals on holidays would want to do in that local area you will be residing. 

Green Tourism is a not for profit organisation established in 1997. Its mission is to encourage and enable people to make sustainable choices that reduce their impact on the planet.

This website is a partner to over 2000 eco-friendly accommodation providers and attractions in the UK and abroad. Green accommodation that one can find on this website varies from highlands to lowlands, countryside to seaside and city centre to town centre areas. This makes it possible everyone to find accommodation that best suits your interest. 

Green Holidays in Wales is a group of like minded businesses that believe in delivering sustainable tourism in Wales. All the businesses on this website are members of Green Holidays in Wales are committed to sustainable tourism and best practices.

They are available to all businesses who want to promote environmental friendliness and sustainability through tourism. One can also find cylcing routes, walking routes and attractions within Wales. 

Thanks to everyone that participated during the process, and congratulations again to all the green accommodation websites awarded!

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