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Last updated: 1 February 2023

Best All Natural Beauty Blogs 2016

Awareness is rising about making the right decisions when it comes to what we put in our bodies, but many of us are beginning to take similar care with what we put on our bodies.

There is a strong tendency towards adopting healthier and greener habits in order to improve one's overall health and wellness. In fact, using natural and organic beauty products is becoming one of the most important components of healthier lifestyle.

One way for Greenmatch to promote green living is by giving credit to bloggers who share and create useful content related to natural beauty approaches.

After extensive research by our team, we have nominated and selected the Best All-Natural Beauty Blogs 2016.

We asked our favourite all-natural beauty bloggers the following questions:

  • How can all-natural beauty change the person and their perspectives?
  • What is your favourite beauty-related motto?

GreenMatch has divided the winners into four categories of all-natural beauty blogs:

Below, you find brief descriptions of the best blogs along with the blogger's thoughts on all-natural beauty. Thanks to all the bloggers for their inspirations to help everyone who wants to make the shift to natural beauty and living!

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Inspirational Blogs

The inspirational blogs category features blogs that have a great story that changed the bloggers' lives. It also features blogs that promote inspiring principles.

Skyn Therapy

Skyn Therapy Blog - Amy

Amy Saunders is an Acne Coach and natural beauty expert. Having been plagued with pimples for over 13 years, Amy specialises in natural treatment of acne on her website Skyn Therapy. She is dedicated to helping others identify the root cause of their skin problems and achieve a beautiful, clear complexion for good. Amy has always worked closely with other people’s skin, initially as a makeup artist before discovering her true passion while working for one of the UK’s largest organic beauty brands.

She continues to develop her skills and in 2015, obtained a Level 5 Professional Diploma in Nutritional Therapy. Today, with her wealth of knowledge and experience, Amy inspires and educates those who are also struggling with their skin and provides online treatment and virtual consultations to treat acne naturally.

“There’s so much junk in cosmetics these days so switching to a more natural beauty regime helps dramatically reduce your toxic load for clearer, healthier skin. Not only does a natural beauty regime improve your skin ten-fold, but it also makes you more aware of nasty chemicals that can cause damage to us, our children and the environment”.

Statement to Remember
“Eat your way to beautiful skin! Nutrition and a healthy, wholesome diet rich in antioxidants and healthy fats are the biggest game changers when it comes to natural beauty. No amount of expensive cleansers, serums or moisturisers can counterbalance the effects of an unhealthy diet filled with processed and refined foods so for truly beautiful skin I recommend eating at least 10 vegetables or fruit a day!”.

The Beauty Proof

The Beauty Proof - Jacqueline

Jacqueline is passionate about the issues that affect women’s health. She believes that we have everything and nothing at our fingertips, and it is hurting us. We have diseases of affluence. All that we possess–our choices, our relative wealth, our access–is working against us and compromising our wellness potential. Being aware that we have the power of choice, Jacqueline decided to make the right choice by making smarter decisions related to her personal care and wellness.

Jacqueline created this blog to share her findings on exceptional skincare and beauty products. She makes assessments of individual ingredients via reputable and thorough resources, such as the EWG. She also created a color coding for the level of safety of the products so you can be well- informed about the level of safety of the products that she reviews.

“Making the switch to natural beauty products isn't about fearfully dodging toxins; it's about making choices which respect body and wellness”.

Statement to Remember
“The empowered woman is powerful beyond measure and beautiful beyond description." -Dr. Steve Maraboli.”

Beautiful Basics

The Beautiful Basics - Kassie

Kassie has a passion for natural beauty and green living. Kassie is chronically ill, but she loves to stay positive and take a good care of herself and her surrounding. She believes that beauty should be natural and cruelty free. She writes about natural and organic beauty products as well as DIY beauty recipes and other odds and ends.

“I think there is something really beautiful and almost magical about making the switch to all-natural beauty and personal care products. Once you realize that you can use pure, healthy ingredients on your skin and you find products that work for you it gives you such a nice peace of mind because you know that you’re not poisoning yourself or the planet and that no animals have been harmed. I think switching to a green beauty routine helps you live a healthier, happier life in general.”

Statement to Remember
“It’s not necessarily a motto but I strongly believe in getting plenty of sleep, drinking lots of water, being kind and compassionate, loving with all of your heart and living as happily as possible.”

Eloise Loves Nature

Eloise Loves Nature - Eloise

Eloise tells her story when she realised that she had celiac disease, a condition in which one’s body is allergic to wheat/gluten, so she had to cut on food which she could no longer digest. This was a turning point in her life when she slowly adopted a green healthy lifestyle. She also experienced anxiety & depression, but she chose to heal herself naturally, with meditation, holistic medicine and mindfulness. In this blog Eloise is blogging about it all, helping you learn more about leading a healthier, more natural & organic, eco friendly happier lifestyle.

“I believe that all natural beauty can reconnect oneself with nature, people often forget that we as humans are a part of nature. It makes sense that we would only use things not only on our bodies but inside our bodies that are natural and pure. I believe it will help to teach oneself to care about earth as much as we should care about ourselves. Being kind to the planet and yourself will only make you happier, isn't that something everybody hopes for? Unconditional happiness.”

Statement to Remember
“beauty isn't just in appearance - it's in a soul. You can be an attractive human with a horrible soul and for me a kind heart makes somebody beautiful. But a great highlighter and red lipstick can make you #selfilicious”.

The Organic Life Blog - Tara

Tara’s father passed in 2014, after living with stage IV cancer over four times longer than doctors had predicted. Tara’s research and role in helping her father during his time with cancer propelled her work in herbs and organic, plant based nutrition and created the foundation for The Organic Life, LLC and The Organic Life blog. Tara has suffered in her early life, but this has only made her grow stronger. Tara watched her single mother struggle with drug addiction until her near-fatal overdose.

Tara herself was suddenly diagnosed with various illnesses and prescribed heavy medication. Doctors told her that she would need medications for the rest of her life. More and more illnesses and pills followed, and this unhealthy pattern continued for over a decade.

At the age of twenty four, Tara ambitiously decided to quit over a dozen pharmaceuticals and began her natural wellness journey in order to give her body the break it was desperately craving. Tara went globally seeking natural remedies and successfully treated her illnesses naturally. Today, Tara has designed a life full of abundant happiness, success, travel, wellness and creative fun and is happily living her dreams in San Diego.

In this blog you can find everything related to must have oils , herbs, and more. Tara has been nominated as San Diego’s Woman of the Year and inspires people to make bold and brave moves, take actions to live their dreams and create lives they only once imagined.

Beauty By Britanie

Beauty By Britanie - Britanie

Beauty By Britanie is a natural beauty, holistic healing & lifestyle blog that incorporates a comprehensive look at beauty and wellness from the inside, out. Here you can find reviews of the very best natural and organic skincare, makeup, eco-friendly products, fashion, holistic remedies, and alternative health options for chronic illnesses.

After years of dealing with the challenges of Endometriosis, Fibromyalgia, GERD, Anxiety Disorder, and other difficult issues accompanied by these conditions since very young adulthood and due to an inability to detox properly because of an MTHFR mutation and compromised digestion, Britanie is dedicated to living a clean life and limiting exposure to toxins.

All of this has increased her passion for helping others deal positively and proactively with their own concerns.Britanie also has Youtube channel where she talks about her favorite natural products.

Well-meaning Being

wellmeaningbeing - Liz

Liz describes her UK-based blog as a wellbeing and lifestyle blog. This is Liz’s little haven where she writes about life and well-being and her experience as a cancer survivor. She is very inspiring and reminds us to stay positive and to be happy. Liz took on an initiative called Project Pan where she sets goals of reducing the amount of makeup she buys. She also writes reviews about organic and natural beauty products.


The Naturalista - Xochi

Xochi is an emerging icon of millennial healing in London. She is a holistic wellness guide, author, and trainee naturopathic nutritionist.This blog is one of the best simple guides to achieve mindful living by giving information about healthy nutrition, skin food, and natural beauty products and recipes. Xochi also has poetic style of writing in her posts which speaks right to the heart and mind of the reader.

Smells Like Green Spirit

Smells Like Green Spirit - Liz

Liz is a Beauty Heroes Ambassador who promotes green beauty and wellness. This blog is dedicated to green and sustainable beauty, fashion and lifestyle. Liz opted for a healthier lifestyle because of her chronic sunisitis. When she was younger, doctors had a tendency to systematically prescribe antibiotics, but now she is turning to homeopathy and aromatherapy instead. The tone of this blog is light-hearted, where Liz tries to balance in-depth reviews and thoughts with some wit and puns.

Smells Like a Green Spirit has been cited as one of the “15 cult organic beauty blogs” by the magazineEluxe.


SugarPuffish - Sarah

Sarah started this blog to document her experience with Atopic eczema and help people with allergies. She wants to help people with allergies and eczema to go green and avoid chemicals. She gives reviews on a range of organic and cruelty-free products through this blog and her video channel on Youtube. The blog has received multiple awards previously.

Beauty Calypse

Beauty Calypse - Nath

Nath is a green influencer, health advocate, ethics analyst, researcher, art director and the editor behind BEAUTYCALYPSE. Nath strives for Ethical Excellence by asking the right questions for a better, healthier, wiser, kinder, and happier life. This blog is about slow and eco-fair fashion & luxury; green beauty for all ages; products free from conflict palm oil; the pursuit of natural, healthy, product-independent beauty; vegetarian, gluten-free, sugar-free and health-boosting food; health & soul health; ethical choices for life– and much more!

DIY Blogs

The DIY (Do It Yourself) blogs category features blogs that provide a good number of homemade recipes for natural beauty.

Clean Beauty Co - Elsie and Dominika

Elsie and Dominika are the founders of the Clean Beauty Co beauty brand that makes natural and non-toxic beauty accessible. In their blog you can find the best skin-food recipes and DIY for skin and body care.

“All natural beauty for us has completely transformed our skin and hair, as we now nourish them with high quality, natural ingredients that provide the nutrients they need. But natural beauty is more than just skin-deep. At Clean Beauty Co we believe that natural beauty is about empowerment; going green gives you the power to take control over exactly what you put on your skin. It is positive, exciting and most of all rewarding; it will entirely change your perspective of the beauty market and your role as a consumer, as well as your perspective on the process of feeding your skin and hair.”

Statement to Remember
“We can cover our skin in as many natural ingredients as we like but, if you don’t have a beautiful heart, that shows. I think that if you're beautiful inside it shows on the outside, for sure”.

Lisa Lise

Lisa Lise - Lise

Lise is specializing in creating and producing plant-based skin care, hair care, and cosmetics. She creates everything from cosmetics, skin care products, hair care products, and makeup. She started this blog to share some of her accumulated knowledge and experience.

“First of all, I think it is important that people recognize and accept their own inherent beauty - we all have it quite naturally to begin with! For the most part, it doesn’t take more than a few simple, natural basics to keep both the skin and hair in top condition.”

Statement to Remember
“Caring for the skin and hair should be pleasurable, natural, and safe – gentle, yet extremely effective. I believe it should feel so luxurious that it is a labour of love – something to look forward to.”

Nature Home Spa

Natures Home Spa - Anna

Anna and her family share their knowledge about natural DIY recipes that you can make yourself, and they sell their organic products online and in local shops. Anna states that you do not have to go broke to be able to buy wholesome soap and natural ingredient lotions. This blog can help you make natural soaps and lotions yourself!

“The idea of natural skin care didn't creep up on our family, it hit us full force when one of our sweet baby grandsons ended up at a special pediatric Dr's office one day. His soft baby skin literally covered with angry red welts, he cried and itched and looked to all of us for help. Well, we cried too. And immediately sought out natural products to help this baby who had been diagnosed with severe allergies, and eczema. We never knew it could be so bad, and to cause so much anguish. Our lives changed as we became aware of all the chemicals, toxins and unnecessary additives in our daily products. This little guy simply could not have them on his skin, and we knew then that none of us should either. Buying all natural skin products proved to be costly for my daughter and her family, so we set out to research and learn to make our own.”

Statement to Remember
“Look at nature as your pantry. If you can't eat it, it probably doesn't belong on your skin.”

The Natural Beauty Workshop

Natural Beauty Workshop

The Natural Beauty Workshop blog features recipes, tips, and inspiration for experienced, professional beauty and personal care product manufacturers, soap makers, and aspiring artisans. In this blog you can find: Bath Recipes, Body Care Recipes, Facial Care Recipes, Pedicure Recipes, Hair Care Recipes, Lip Care Recipes, Perfume Recipes, Salt & Sugar Scrub Recipes, and Soap Recipes!

Hello Glow

Hello Glow

Hello Glow is a destination for natural wellness, nutrition and skincare. The mission of Hello Glow is to bring you the latest tips on natural beauty, style and wellness. Here you can find natural beauty ideas and how-to’s, home spa tutorials and much more.

The Hippy Homemaker

The Hippy Homemaker - Christina

After realizing the amount of the toxic chemicals that our cosmetics and cleaning supplies contain after watching a documentary on Netflix, Christina and her little family decided to go green. Christina started making her own laundry soap and from there she began documenting everything she is changing to become truly healthier and hippier.

In this blog you can find posts about natural living, aromatherapy and herbalism. Therefore this blog is packed with interesting DIY recipes for beauty and care.


April Lilly Rose 

April Lilly Rose is a blog dedicated to living healthy. Here you can find natural, holistic and non-toxic solutions for sensitive acne prone skin and anxiety, as well as recipes to make your own homemade products for beauty and home. Here you can find exclusive sections for DIY beauty recipes and natural herbal remedies.

The DIY Beauty Diva - Lorraine

Lorraine is a biologist who loves using plants for beauty. She has experience in cosmetic herbalism. She was also trained in botanical cosmetic science. Lorraine created this blog to teach people how to make their own natural skincare or what is called Skin Food. Lorraine also launched a genius App called BeautyCraft where you can find DIY natural beauty recipes.

Viva Woman

Viva Woman - Sesame

Sesame created this blog with a focus on natural skin care and holistic living. You can discover skin care tips, ingredient analysis, green product reviews, sunscreen recommendations, DIY beauty remedies, K-beauty, green food recipes, and much more.

Style Craze


This India-based website has a numerous number of posts related to DIY hair, skin, and body care using natural ingredients. This blog is full of ‘How To’ posts that will teach you new ways of using natural oils and plants for naturally shining beauty. StyleCraze also has a big Youtube channel where you can find anything related to DIY beauty recipes and tips and tricks.

The Seasonal Diet - Sara & Peter

Sara & Peter are a couple who have a green style of living. We decided to include their blog under this category simply because they are the best at providing skin-food recipes. All-natural beauty starts from inside our bodies and it shows up on the outside. This blog has several categories where Sara & Peter give us recipes for salads, smoothies, and juices that help you get glowing and healthy skin.

Blogs with Youtube Channels

This category features blogs that also provide posts in video form.

Glow Getter

The Glow Getter - Ailish

Ailish, based in London, has been trained as a makeup artist, and beauty therapist. She recently launched The Glow Guide catalogue that contains natural recipes for a glowing radiant skin. She also has a Youtube channel.

“I think all natural beauty can cover a lot of areas. Economically, when people start choosing more natural products, they start to become aware of the true value of where you’re spending your money and how that has a real impact on smaller businesses. Conscious consumerism is a rising concept that can span from buying natural beauty products, or anything else that is organic, because it makes you think twice. There is also an amazing side concept when you discover natural beauty which is about accepting and loving yourself exactly as you are. It’s an amazing area that compliments the natural beauty world, and something that we, as a collective, are all proud of. So natural beauty can change a person and their perspective a great deal, which is funny, considering it’s traditionally an area that is rather superficial.”

Statement to Remember
“If you have good thoughts, they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.” Roald Dah

Emily Chesher

Emily Chesher - Emily

Emily Chesher is a certified holistic health practitioner, author and eco entrepreneur. She is an advocate for fresh organic diet that is abundant in fresh fruits and vegetables, superfoods and herbal medicines combined with an emotionally healing approach to revealing the gorgeous goddess within. With a life-long passion for health and fitness, Emily has developed portal for natural health and beauty, along with her popular YouTube channel.

“When you use 100% natural cosmetic and skincare products, it not only helps to heal and beautify your skin, it also reduces your contact with the toxic additives and chemicals that can be found in mainstream products, that soak straight through our skin and end up in our blood stream. Choosing natural products not only benefit our skin health, but the majority of natural products don’t test on animals and employ environmentally friendly farming practices. For me natural beauty encompasses all areas of life, this is why I eat organic, use organic beauty products, make my own natural household items and aim to tread as lightly on the earth as possible, keeping the environment in mind with my day to day lifestyle choices.”

Statement to Remember
"What you put on your skin goes within!”

Ambers Beauty Talk

Amber’s Beauty Talk - Amber

Amber is a natural, cruelty-free, and organic product lover. Her blog is a good place to find tips and guidelines for green beauty newbies. Here you can find what ingredients to avoid, how to read product labels, and where to shop for natural beauty products. Amber also has a Youtube channel where she posts makeup tutorials and products reviews.

Sun Kiss Alba

Sun Kiss Alba - Alba

Alba shares her love for beauty through a non-toxic organic lifestyle. In her Youtube channel you can find amazing tips about natural hair care, natural make-up routines and skincare tips for naturally glowing skin.

Call It Vanity - Sabrina and Mayah

Sabrina & Mayah made this beautiful elegant blog to help their readers with choices related to natural products that work. They give advice on how to go green. They also make reviews of natural makeup, hair, and skin products. On their Youtube channel they regularly make product reviews, field trips to natural beauty shops and events, and unique ‘get ready with me’ videos.

All Natural Aspiration

All Natural Aspirations - Rachel

Rachel is a UK based green beauty and lifestyle blogger. Her blog has interesting content related to DIY beauty products, healthy recipes, and home decor. All of her reviews can be found on her Youtube channel. Rachel’s vlog is also the place where she shares more DIY recipes, green living tips, and updates from her daily life.

Rainbow Feet

Rainbow Feet - Tamara

Tamara,based in London, started this blog in 2011 to write about green beauty and lifestyle. She focuses on reviewing organic beauty products and features relevant events, books, and food recipes.Tamara’s philosophy is that beauty is not about skincare or makeup, but that everything is connected. What we eat, how we feel, what we do, it all shows up on our features.

Just Emma

Just Emma - Emma

Emma, UK based, reviews organic and natural beauty products. She makes videos on her Youtube channel to share her news about her weekly natural product purchases and her favourite products of the month. She also features weekly wish lists, personal outfits, and recipes.

Sara Steele

Sara Steele - Sara

Sara is an organic hairstylist and natural hair and beauty blogger. She is originally from Sweden but she works in the UK. Sara has a well developed Youtube channel (sarasteelehair) where she makes weekly videos on How To’s, product reviews, and “Hauls” related to fashion, products, and organic food.

Genuine Glow

Genuine Glow - Lilly

Lilly is where Italy and America meet. She developed this elegant blog to give good examples of well-established green beauty brands. Here you can find many reviews of beauty products and cosmetics. You can also find some videos on her Youtube channel where Lilly makes quick makeup tutorials using natural and organic products.

Organic, Natural, and Cruelty-Free Product Review Blogs

This category features blogs that mainly provide reviews of natural, organic, or cruelty-free beauty products.

Small Bits of Loveliness

Small Bits of Loveliness - Jana

Jana has special interest in green, natural, organic, and cruelty free products. She is passionate about healthy lifestyle in general and strives to find balance for a healthy mind, spirit and body.If you are looking for inspiration on starting your own green beauty journey or you are already a green beauty lover, then this is the right place for you.

“All-natural beauty can change a person's perspective in a way that she or he becomes more mindful of choices when buying products. I'm talking about supporting smaller brands, brands that give back to the community (people and/or animals), brands that are mindful of using environment-friendly ingredients (take for example palm oil), those that are choosing vegan ingredients, are aware of plastic pollution and more. As much as products are in fact about beauty, they are so much more, especially when it comes to all-natural products. Not only that they can make your skin healthy and glowing but they can really make you think about other stuff as well…”

Statement to Remember
“I do like the sound of simplicity and using less products...use quality natural and organic products”.

Sophias Choice

Sophia's Choice - Charlie

Charlie is a devoted mom of two children with a healthy green lifestyle. The blog is named after her first daughter, and the family also owns their own health & beauty boutique. The blog not only focuses on beauty product reviews, but also natural baby products and tips on well being. The blog & boutique have received multiple awards in the UK.

“For me personally, looking at what I used for my eldest daughter Sophia when she was a baby took me on a journey of discovery. What ingredients were in skincare formulations, which ones had the tendency to cause reaction or sensitivities, what made a product natural and nourishing to the skin... Now I’m much more conscious of what a product is packaged in, and how does what I use on a daily basis affect my environment. I think this journey makes you far more mindful of how your small choices impact the bigger picture.”

Statement to Remember
"“Less is more. When it comes to beauty and skincare, I truly believe that keeping your skincare routine simple yet effective is key. Choose products with minimal ingredients but ones which pack a punch by nourishing your skin. Drink plenty of water, eat healthily and be kind to yourself.”

Living Pretty

Living Pretty Naturally - Kate

Kate is a natural beauty with an elegant blog that is a source to natural cosmetics & beauty product reviews, healthy hints, beauty-enhancing recipes, eco beauty lifestyle tricks, natural health information, yoga, wellness recommendations, holistic treatments and much more.Living Pretty Naturally focuses on how to optimize your own natural beauty.

This blog focuses mainly on reviewing natural cosmetics and the best organic makeup, as well as wellness products, the best natural home products, beauty-enhancing recipes and basically anything else that is lovely and natural.

“For me, natural beauty isn’t just about the green products, it’s also about self love. Using green products is also a way of loving yourself, by the avoidance of using chemically ridden products, you are showing yourself love.”

Statement to Remember
“Empower your beauty from the inside out”.

Curvaceous Vegan

The Curvaceous Vegan - Amie

Amie developed this blog to write about everything from lifestyle, to mental health, to plus size fashion, vegan food, and vegan beauty.

“I think all natural beauty can definitely change a person, for example it helps you to understand where your beauty comes from but also to understand that you can get all of the fabulous beauty products from natural sources. You don't always need animal products in those beauty products, you can get so much from nature!”.

Statement to Remember
“Beauty is not in the face, it is a light in the heart. That quote is so important because beauty isn't summed up by the way you look and I think I tend to forget that a lot, especially in the world that we live in and the pressure that society can put on people to be a certain way.”

Be Healthy Now

Be Healthy Now - Petra

Petra is based in England and is generally passionate about anything that is 100% natural and organic. In this blog you can get ideas and suggestions on how to live healthier and more natural. You will be able to read posts about current health issues, healthy living, nutrition, and much more. In the natural beauty category, Petra makes regular reviews about natural facial oils, masks, and hair products for the hair.

Brighter Shade of Green - Yanar

Brighter Shade of Green is where Yanar shares inspirations for greener beauty, holistic health and ethical lifestyle from my life as a magazine writer and web editor.

“By making them more aware and conscientious of where ingredients and extracts are sourced from and the people involved in making it.”.

Statement to Remember
“The beauty rules I live by are very simple - look for products made with natural ingredients and try to minimise use of artificial ingredients - although don't panic if you use a non-natural product! Plant oils and oil-based products are an easy way to help to feed and protect skin with natural lipids and protective ingredients.”


The Good for Me Good For You - Hephzibah

Hephzibah is a law student and a blogger who writes reviews about clean, green, and organic beauty products. She also makes posts, tags, and interviews with other influential all-natural beauty bloggers and business founders. The blog mainly features cosmetics and skin care products.

Ana Goes Green

Ana Goes Green

This blog covers beauty and lifestyle, and in-depth product reviews with a focus on ingredients and eco friendly practices. Ana received multiples awards for her blog. This blog does not only focus on natural skincare and cosmetics, but also tips and advice on natural products and living for baby & mother.

Lovely Witches

Lovely Witches - Gemima

Gemima is a big animal lover and she developed this elegant blog to share her views and reviews on everything related to beauty from hair, nails, make-up, skincare, and guidelines for using cruelty-free products.

Spiked Black Tee

Spiked Black Tee - Daniela

Daniela considers her blog a place where one can visit to have a cup of tea. Spikedblacktee is a combination of tutorials and reviews of the latest cruelty free beauty products, and a celebration of unusual fashion and tasty food.

The Natural Beauty Pot

The Natural Beauty Pot - Shauna

Shauna started this product line, which was formally called Natures Inspiration, back in 2008. This line specializes in hand crafted natural skincare suitable for even the most sensitive skins. In 2012 Shauna added mineral makeup to her product range. The blog itself has product reviews, news, recipes, and ingredients info.

Naturia Beauty - Ria

Ria started her blog in 2013, which was also the beginning of her transition towards using cleaner and more eco-friendly beauty products. Today, Ria shares her reviews on only natural/organic beauty products and cosmetics. She also gives tips on how to go green and does product swaps with other natural beauty bloggers to have a chance to experiment with new products.

Hello Annabel

Hello Annabel 

On Hello Annabel you will find reviews about natural, organic, cruelty-free beauty products, as well as tips for living a healthy, eco-friendly lifestyle. Annabel believes that we should all be more conscious of the products we use such as those that we wash our faces with and the things we apply to our lips.

Katie Vibes

Katie Vibes  

Katie is a vegan lifestyle and beauty blogger focusing on natural, organic, and cruelty-free beauty products. Katie also loves reading, so you can also find a section on her blog where she features her favorite books.

See You Next Year!

Thanks to all the natural beauty blogs, websites, and vlogs that participated in this award. See you the upcoming year.

If we forgot to include any vital natural beauty blog or you have questions about the award, please do not hesitate to contact us. 

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