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Last updated: 1 February 2023

Top 50 Green Market Movers of 2016

Preserving the environment is a growing concern. More and more individuals, organizations, companies, governments etc. are therefore adopting the green movement and raising awareness for the need to adopt sustainable lifestyles in every aspect of our lives and business ventures. The green movement started only a few years ago, but it is continuously growing with the rise of sites, blogs and organizations taking steps to educate others about what it really means to be environmentally friendly for current and future generations and how we can continue to promote eco-friendliness worldwide.

At we have compiled a list of 50 of our favorite Green Market Movers of 2016. They have been divided into 5 categories: lifestyle, travel, technology, fashion and food.

We would like to congratulate all of those listed under our five categories:

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Top 10 Green Lifestyle Promoters

Would you like to lead an environmentally respectful life but don't know where to start? This section includes some of the most influential eco-friendly lifestyle promoters, from whom you'll easily learn tips for going greener and acquire a sustainable mindset.

Final Logo Groovy Green Livin

Groovy Green Livin is a site dedicated to promote a healthy and organic lifestyle, by sharing tips and practical information of everyday habits and products. “Groovy Green Livin is dedicated to providing an honest and credible setting for sharing green ideas, thoughts and other useful tips and trends relating to living a greener lifestyle. A healthy, organic lifestyle not only applies to what we put into our bodies but also to what we put on our bodies.  We hope to show our readers that embracing a green lifestyle doesn’t have to be overwhelming.  Simple, small changes in your life can lead to a non-toxic, healthier lifestyle and a greener planet."

My Zero Waste Small Logo

My Zero Waste aims at encouraging householders to minimize the amount of landfill waste they produce as much as possible. It also fosters critical thinking about matters such as recycling and reusing. This initiative constitutes a great example of how each one of us can help the environment from our own homes. In the words of Rachelle Strauss, cofounder of My Zero Waste: “What inspires me is hearing from people who have read my blog and take the Zero Waste Week challenge. By making differences in their lives – whether it's a householder or a business owner – they feel positive about their choices which encourages them to continue."

Inhabitat Small Logo

Inhabitat explores the possibilities of design and architecture in the context of an endangered world. Its aim is to foster useful and comfortable solutions for people that are environmentally respectful. “ is a weblog devoted to the future of design, tracking the innovations in technology, practices and materials that are pushing architecture and home design towards a smarter and more sustainable future."

World Resources Institute Small Logo

World Resources Institute is a research organization committed to protecting communities and ecosystems from the effects of climate change, reducing the dependence on nonrenewable energy sources, improving the quality of life in cities and more, by analysing these issues and taking action.”World Resources Institute’s mission is to move human society to live in ways that protect Earth’s environment and its capacity to provide for the needs and aspirations of current and future generations."

Planet Save Small Logo

Planet Save is a green blog. Through its posts and news, it tackles issues such as climate change, renewable energies, means of transport, food, etc. But it does it with a friendly and, sometimes, humorous, tone that, far from giving the impression that climate change and sustainability are not serious matters, attracts the reader's attention.

Web Ecoist Small Logo

WebEcoist is a green weblog characterized by covering a wide range of topics: animals, art and design, energy, nature, health, science and technology, transport, etc. All that content emphasizes the virtues of eco-friendliness, encouraging the reader to take action. “WebEcoist goes beyond being an ordinary ‘green’ lifestyle, design and travel publication. Sure, you will find articles on eco-friendly food, sustainable technology and innovations both good and bad but you will also discover a vast array of environmental oddities, natural disasters,fantastic plants and amazing animals. The site is thus a (free) one-stop shop for everything about our Earth – including great guides to eco-friendly facts, the sustainable web, our environmental history and the green movement."

Green Living Guy Small Logo

Seth Leitman, considered a green guru and an electric vehicle expert, writes about green living news, electric vehicles and going green (he has written 30 books on these topics). He is usually referred to as “The Green Living Guy”.

Urban Gardens Small Logo

Urban Gardens is currently one of the most recognized "home and garden" blogs. This doesn't come as a surprise, as anyone who has visited this site would have noticed: the very relevant and useful content is approached with a very sophisticated perspective, and displayed beautifully thanks to a tasteful web design. The founder of the weblog, Robin Plaskoff Horton, conveys a contagious passion for “urban style, design and nature” through her posts.

Big Green Purse Small Logo

If you’re searching for a site that can provide you with many useful tips that would help you lead an eco-friendly, sustainable life, check Big Green Purse out. This green blog provides tips on topics ranging from recycling electronic devices to organic food. A crucial aspect about the responsible lifestyle that this site emphasizes is its economic benefits, so that even those who are not concerned about sustainability may consider going green.

Trash Is For Tossers Small Logo

Trash is for Tossers aims at raising awareness on our compulsive consumption habits and the terrible impact they have on the environment, by showing a socially responsible alternative: utilizing more natural and long-lasting products and reducing the amount of trashed produced to almost zero. This initiative is a very inspiring example, since it stems from a personal choice to live according to one's own values.

Top 10 Green Travel Activists

Image of a Waterfall

Do you like to travel and live amazing experiences but are concerned about the side effects tourism has on the environment? The following bloggers and organizations can help you to travel without compromising our planet's fragile health.

Greenloons Small Logo

Greenloons is an ecotourism organization. Its travel offers include numerous locations worldwide and follow the principles of ecotourism. That is, promoting social empowerment, economic viability and environmental responsibility. In the words of Irene Lane, its founder: “Greenloons’ mission is twofold; we aim to bridge the communication gap about sustainable travel by, first, engaging travelers’ altruistic notions of the social, environmental and economic power of an authentic travel experience and, second, engaging tourism business owners about the criteria, challenges, critical success factors, and bottom line economics of sustainable travel. Hence, one platform for both audiences to directly interact with each other."

Ecobnb Small Logo

Ecobnb is a portal for eco-friendly travelling, offering a broad range of accommodations that have something in common: a low environmental impact. As Silvia Ombellini, co-founder of Ecobnb, puts it: “Ecobnb is a journey undertaken to change the way we travel. We believe in a new kind of tourism,respectful of nature, economy and local communities. With Ecobnb a conscious traveler can book bio hotels, amazing tree houses, bed & breakfast,  alberghi diffusi in old villages, organic farmhouses or private room that save up to 90% of CO2 respect to a traditional accommodation."

Sumak Travel Small Logo

Sumak Travel is a UK based, ethical tour operator working with local, community-based tour operators across Latin America under a fair trade model. Our main goal is to use tourism as a force for good. Paying local communities a fair price for the excellent services they deliver to our travellers, additional income from tourism that they can then reinvest to improve their livelihoods, is in fact our main raison d’etre. That and offering travellers who are tired of mass tourism and tourist traps the opportunity to explore truly unique and authentic destinations!”

Two Monkeys Travel Group Small Logo

Probably one of the most inspiring light-hearted travel blogs you can find, Two Monkeys Travel Group is based on the initiative of Kach Medina Umandap and Jonathan Howe to share their experiences and discoveries while travelling the world. After less than 2 years, this weblog is not only nourished by its founders, but also by a group of over 20 travel bloggers across the globe. According to Kach and Jonathan: “For us, traveling the world opened our eyes to sustainable living! We want to protect the planet for our kids and future grand kids!”

GVI Small Logo

GVI is a UK based volunteering organization that acts at a global scale, and has been a first-class worldwide actor since it foundation in 1997, collaborating with other important organizations such as Save the Children, The Red Cross and WWF. It provides a wide range of projects in 12 different countries. Their work ethics, based on the commitment to improve local communities life conditions while respecting their culture and environment, help them to build trust among those communities. And also among the volunteers that join them every year from different parts of the planet to contribute to the achievement of UN’s Sustainable Development Goals, for whom their experience at GVI is ‘live changing’. "As one of the leading organisations tackling critical local and global issues, we feel it is important to encourage and share with our followers why it is important to embrace a sustainable and ethical travel ethos. From contributing to sustainable tourism to reducing your egolocigal footprint, these are all practices our projects from around the world promote and are inherntly part of the GVI culture."

Charlie On Travel Small Logo

Charlie on Travel is a window to Charlie’s world. This British blogger invites us to enjoy simple, sustainable and socially responsible travelling. She writes about places and cultures, from a less tourist and more human perspective. At the same time, she conveys her values through articles focused on slow travelling, home sitting and vegetarianism. Charlie’s way of respectfully discovering and enjoying our planet is a really inspiring example of how human needs fulfilment and the maintenance of natural and cultural diversity are not incompatible.

Book Different Logo

BookDifferent is a very special hotel booking website. That is due to the fact that this site is the first of its kind to offer information on the carbon footprint and eco-labels of every hotel they provide, being this two features among the searching criteria. In a world where sustainability awareness is growing at a fast pace, many travellers welcome this initiative that allow them to enjoy the comfort of a good hotel while being environmentally and socially responsible. In addition, BookDifferent promotes social responsibility by donating 50% of the commission the receive per booking to a charity chosen by the customer. And all of this without compromising the best price guaranty.

Sustainable Travel International Small Logo

Sustainable Travel International’s aim is to foster an improvement in living conditions of multiple communities across the globe, as well as natural areas and local culture conservation, through tourism. In order to succeed in such a challenging goal, this organization works elbow to elbow with governments, NGOs, companies and local communities.

Go Eco Small Logo

GoEco is a volunteering organization that offers 140 different volunteering projects worldwide, from great white shark conservation in South Africa to social work internships in Costa Rica. On its website it's very easy to find a project suited for your needs, due to the wide variety of them and their grouping into categories and regions. This organization is a good example of how the commitment of a group of people who share the goal to improve the health of our planet can have a very positive impact.

Eco Traveller Small Logo

Eco Traveller is a blog dedicated to eco-friendly, responsible travelling. The natural tendency of Linda, its writer, to explore the world and its wonders and to convey it in an entertaining way does not only raise awareness, but gives a breath of fresh air to travellers. “If you’re like me, you yearn to travel, but are keen to keep your environmental impact to a minimum you’ve come to the right place to discover how to travel and make a difference."

Top 10 Green Technology Experts

Green Business Small Logo

 Are you interested in the latest technological advances that are helping to make the world a cleaner place? Check out the following list of experts on this matter.

Green Business is a site that offers information about green business opportunities, green market trends, green technologies, as well as sustainable tips. Alexey Shevchenko, owner of the project, explains what inspire the Green Business team: “We work with all our passion and inspiration to make the idea of Green way of living top-of-mind for every person. We are striving to bring people the thought about creation of pure, healthy and harmonious world, where all our children will live happy. Thinking about future of our Home Planet, we consider Green Business solutions the most important part of technologies of tomorrow."

Environmental News Network Small Logo

Environmental News Network is a news portal that focuses on matters related to climate change and human impact on the environment. This site emphasizes the serious consequences that human activities (industry, infrastructure, etc.) and, ultimately, our social model of development, have on nature. It dedicates specific categories to the threats that ecosystems and wildlife face nowadays, and also to initiatives that aim at preserving them.

Business Green Small Logo

Business Green is a news website that provides up to date information on policies, regulations, management, investments, energy, technologies and transport within the green sector. It includes articles written by experts in that sector.

Triple Pundit Small Logo

Triple Pundit shares knowledge about corporate social responsibility, sustainability applied to companies, the renewable energy market, green technologies and more matters related to the business and finance world (such as conscious capitalism, sharing economy and governmental measures and incentives for sustainable and eco-responsible businesses).

Final Logo Greentech Media

Greentech Media offers content related to trends, finance, regulations and policies in the green energy market, focusing specifically on solar energy and the electricity grid. “Greentech Media delivers business-to-business news, market analysis and conferences that inform and connect players in the global clean energy market. Our coverage extends across the clean energy industry with a focus on solar power and the electric utility market's evolution. Greentech Media's industry-leading coverage is provided by world-class journalists and a global network of expert contributors, supported by a team of analysts from our market intelligence arm, GTM Research.”

Fresh Energy Small Logo

The goal of Fresh Energy, an American organization, is to drive a change towards sustainable energy policies. “Fresh Energy is the only independent energy non-profit focused exclusively on developing market based energy policies that work for all Minnesotans. Our staff of economic, legal, science, policy, communications, and engagement experts has experience working with all actors in the space – ranging from utilities and those in the energy industry to regulators and lawmakers. By working purely in the public interest, we are able to push for innovative solutions while accepting the incremental changes that can help moves things forward.”

Renewable Energy World Small Logo

Renewable Energy World is on of the most outstanding websites dedicated to information and news about renewable energies worldwide. It offers well-grounded, high quality content, covering the different types of technologies currently available in the green energy market. “By offering extraordinary services via the Internet, our foremost mission is to inform our readers about the use of Renewable Energy worldwide and, in the process, assist you with decision making when it comes to anything related to Renewable Energy.”

Earth Techling Small Logo

Earth Techling bring news and more information about sustainable buildings, means of transport and energy sources. “We were writers and technologists with a goal of bringing consumers environmentally-related news, trends, reviews, and thought in order to help build awareness and preference for products with a “green” focus. We publish our own content, that of guest contributors, thought leaders, and curated content from around the web on a daily basis through one the leading technology blogs…designed to be simple to consume and easy to share. Join the conversation today through our social outreach on Facebook and Twitter or by engaging in discussion with our content.”

Cleantech Open Small Logo

 “The Cleantech Open is a not-for-profit organization that runs the world’s largest accelerator for cleantech startups. Our mission is to find, fund and foster entrepreneurs with big ideas that address today’s most urgent energy, environmental and economic challenges. A network of more than 2,000 volunteers powers this process: remarkable professionals who lend their time and expertise to entrepreneurs, facilitating the growth of the cleantech industry and the positive impact that will come from such technologies.”

Clean Techies Small Logo

CleanTechies is a digital tribe of pagans, intellectuals and professionals interested in, and dedicated to, sharing information about the best in human ingenuity and sustainable solutions. Because straight news, although critical, is no longer enough. People need access to real, common sense ideas, professional insight and visionary thought leadership. So, if like a good fortune cookie “life to you is a bold and dashing responsibility” join us for epic, free-form flight involving the written and video variety.”

Top 10 Sustainable Fashion Pioneers

Green Fah Back

Are you trying to make your wardrobe more environmentally friendly or accentuate your style by making it more sustainable and need some tips or trying to gain inspiration? Then check out this list of the best bloggers, brands and individuals pioneering towards green fashion.

Logo Minimalist Beauty

Dawn Michelle takes you on an adventure through her blog, Minimalist Beauty, which shows how to have a minimalist lifestyle. She promotes "chic, eco and gracefully simple living", covering topics including sustainable travel, fashion, beauty, zero waste and well-being. "I've been sharing my journey of simple living and environmentalism on Minimalist Beauty since 2010. My journey began with the goal of downsizing and paying off $20,000 in debt.  I reached my financial goal and learned how minimalism and environmentalism worked in dynamic synergy.  Along the way, I've created simple DIY beauty recipes, discovered new serenity, and even created a 42 item year round capsule wardrobe of 90% thrifted and vintage purchases.  I feel the best way to share any message is to be an example."

Logo Tansy E Hoskins

Tansy Hoskins is the author of Stitched Up: The Anti-Capitalist Book of Fashion, a book that challenges and questions the fashion industry within a capitalist framework. Her book highlights that in order for sustainable fashion to exist, it must be free from the shackles of capitalism since capitalism ignores the impact it has on the environment as it is only concerned with profit maximization. Tansy lives and works in London and writes for the Guardian’s Sustainable Fashion blog, covering an array of topics about sustainable fashion around the globe. She has also written for Al Jazeera, the New Statesman, and the Business of Fashion and worked for the Islam Channel, the Campaign for Nuclear Disarmament (CND) and Stop the War Coalition.

Logo Eco -Age

Eco-Age is a brand consultancy founded by Livia Firth, wife of Hollywood actor Colin Firth.  Eco-Age accentuates "the marriage of ethics and aesthetics" and advocates and implements "sustainability solutions for brands and businesses tailored to meet their specific needs to further their own personal growth and leadership" within their respective sectors. Eco-Age’s global communication platform, the Green Carpet Challenge® (GCC) is Eco-Age’s "world-renowned communications arm, pairing glamour and ethics to raise the profile of sustainability, ethics and social welfare." 

Logo Better Dressed

Laura started Better Dressed as a guide for girls wanting to customize their own fashion style to be more ethical and environmentally friendly. Originally from Australia, Laura is now based in Kenya, working in the humanitarian sector. Her blog, Better Dressed, is based on Laura’s own personal style experiences and emphasizes her "pursuit of a better wardrobe" that is not only better for her but also the environment and those manufacturing clothes without compromising personal style choices.

Logo Magnifeco

Magnifeco was founded in 2008 by Kate Black as a blog to promote eco-fashion and sustainable living. It is an online source dedicated to bringing together ethical designers and environmentally conscious consumers striving to protect the integrity of the environment through fashion. Magnifeco is truly "where ethics meets aesthetics" as it accentuates that one can still look fashionable while using garments and products that do not harm the environment, encouraging you to love what you wear even more.

Logo Life Style Justice

LifeStyle Justice is run by Hannah. Her blog focuses on "sustainable, stylish living for conscientious consumers". There you can get tips on fashion and every day choices, such as the right fair trade coffee, ethical accessories for your technological needs, or ethical shopping and gifting guides. Hannah also provides you with her weekly updated ethical fashion shopping list for men, women and children based on "needs based shopping" to replace worn out clothing or clothes that would be an addition to your current wardrobe rather than giving an exhaustive list of clothing companies to chose from.  Moreover, you also get exposure to Hannah’s personal weekly "ethical fashion" purchases.

Logo Kate Fletcher

Kate Fletcher; author, researcher, consultant, inspirational speaker and design activist; paves the way forward in environmental integrity preservation for greater sustainability and combining the cultural and creative aspects of design and fashion to create something profound. She has developed a number of "slow fashion" ideas and applied them to a number of engaging sustainability projects, like "Local Wisdom", educating about the "craft of use" and "slow growth". She also founded the Slow Fashion movement. She has a number of publications to her name in the field of Fashion. Kate is also a Professor of Sustainability, Design and Fashion at the Centre for Sustainable Fashion, at the London College of Fashion. 

Logo Eco Salon

EcoSalon was launched in 2008 and is a conscientious online culture and fashion source that provides eco-friendly and sustainable lifestyle tips relating to fashion, food, healthy living, and so much more. Eco-Salon strives to provide readers with informational and inspirational tips to make mindful and sensible decisions in regards to their everyday lives for a more fulfilling experience that not only benefits them but society and the environment as well.

Logo Swishing

Swishing was founded by Lucy Shea, who is also the Chief Executive of Futerra Sustainability Communication. Swishing is defined as "to rustle clothes from friends", i.e. swapping clothes amongst friends. It promotes conservation of your clothes and encourages you to spend less on new clothes as a way for one to reduce their environmental impact Thus by swishing, you bring clothes lurking in your wardrobe and give them to others who might like them. At Swishing, you will learn more about how you can run your own swish event and discover the world of swishing!

Logo Zady

Zady is an online shopping source and lifestyle destination for the consumers who are conscious of the environmental impact their clothes have and care about the source of the items they purchase without compromising their unique style. Zady prompts consumers to question where their clothes come from before making a purchase. Zady accentuates the need for manufacturing transparency. of sourced textiles and sells products from designers who use such textiles as they do not compromise the environment. Zady was co-founded by Soraya Darabi and Maxine Bédat in 2012. Zady makes sure that all products meet their criteria of sustainability. Zady offers items that were created with craftsmanship and artisanship that are of no expense to the environment. The brands advertised by Zady are required to sign a contract verifying the location of the company, the manufacturing city, and the source of the materials they use in clothing production. 

Top 10 Eco-Eateries

Image of veggies

Are you looking for a place to eat that is sustainable and eco-friendly? This category will help make your decision a little bit easier. You can choose from a variety of restaurants, gastropubs, and cafes among the best environmentally friendly establishments in the UK and the US.

Logo Chaco Canyon Organic Cafe

A Vegan Organic Café that molds to the dietary needs of its customers, Chaco Canyon Organic Café is the place to go. Chaco Canyon Organic Café opened its doors in 2003 when owner Chris Maykut wanted to give a unique, organic, and environmentally conscious dining experience in Seattle. Chris’s most memorable experience was "that we made the decision when we opened in 2003 to not give away any single-use utensils (plastic or compostable) and instead rely on the community to supply them (or borrow silverware, most of which never returns).  It's such a small thing but has saved over 400,000 single-use utensils from being manufactured and tossed into the waste stream". Its unique name is derived from the Anazi’s tribe (ancestors of the Pueblo peoples) spiritual center, the Chaco Canyon. Chaco Canyon Organic Café has an array of organic, gluten free, and vegan dishes to tickle your fancy the next time you are in Seattle.

Logo Wahaca

Wahaca boasts fresh and honest Mexican food with a twist in the UK by bringing you traditional Mexican flavours. Its menu incorporates foods from local cooperatives and small family run businesses from Mexico combined with locally sourced seasonal ingredients found in Britain. This combination takes you on an adventure for a mouth watering experience that tickles your taste buds.  Healthy living and hearty eating are a big part of Wacaha as its foods are packed with nourishment for your essential needs without compromise to the environment or to you, ranging from their gluten free tacos to their hot chilies. 

Logo Lo Kal Miami

Owner Matthew Kusher opened Lokal in 2011 with the passion to provide customers foods with quality and reliability and the best dining experience by using locally sourced proteins and produce right from one farmer in Florida. He also uses locally sourced seafood, chicken and turkey. Lokal also has a small backyard garden where it grows mint, basil and arugula used at the restaurant. Lokal combines sustainable eating with its tasty menu, spanning from burgers to salads and a selection of craft beers. Lokal is situated in Coconut Grove, Florida. The restaurant is completely made from recycled trash. The tables are made from wood chips, and the chairs are from old restaurants. It is also the first restaurant of its kind in Miami Dade County to be 100% powered by clean, renewable energy, using solar and wind power provided by Pear Energy.

Logo Silo

Silo stands for "pre-industrial food system" and thus strives to provide its customers with a take on "primitive eating habits", combing slightly modern and ancient cooking techniques. Situated in Brighton, Silo produces zero waste as it partners with local farmers and composts its own food scraps, which are reused to make food. Aside from being a zero waste restaurant, its menu is comprised of foods that respect the environment and the body, using unprocessed food for a tasty and clean menu.

Logo Riverford At The Duke Of Cambridge Organic Pub

The Duke of Cambridge Organic Pub opened its doors in 1998 as the UK’s first organic gastropub when founder Geetie Singh felt the UK needed a sustainable and environmentally conscious restaurant that still served great food with an organic twist to its customers. In 2014, the gastropub teamed up with the Riverford, a family run farm that is known for its organic veg box scheme, and farm shops owned by Guy Watson, who also tied the knot with Geetie in June 2014. This pairing thus gave birth to the Riverford at Duke of Cambridge Organic Pub, where you can enjoy a lusciously tasty and organic menu using locally sourced British produce.

Logo ABC Kitchen

An exciting and sustainable dining experience awaits you at ABC Kitchen, where Jean-Goerges Vongerichten invites you on an adventure with his eco-friendly (eco-minded) menu that embodies the farm-to-table movement, using locally sourced seasonal and organic produce. Herbs and micro greens are grown in the restaurant’s rooftop garden, and its drink selection is from fair trade cooperatives. The main dining room uses natural elements, such as exposed wood beams, tree branches, stones, and flowers. It also features recycled, reclaimed, salvaged or found building materials. Next door to ABC Kitchen, you will find ABC Home, where keeping with the sustainable theme of ABC Kitchen, you will find modern and eco-friendly furniture for sale.

Logo Ceviche

An authentic Peruvian dining experience centered around music, art and food awaits you at Ceviche because as Ceviche’s motto states, "Aqui se cocina con cariño". Cooking with love is at the heart of this restaurant. Ceviche’s three locations; Soho, Old Street, and their sister restaurant Andina; allow you to have a distinct experience using locally sourced and sustainable ingredients because their unique menus combine old traditions with new ones. In addition, Ceviche is a partner with the Amantani Charity, helping to provide schooling and boarding houses for the disadvantaged children of the Peruvian Andes.

Logo The Bay Fish And Chips

The Bay Fish and Chips opened its doors in 2006 with the aim to serve the finest locally sourced Fish and Chips in Stonehaven. The Bay Fish and Chips accentuates the sea to plate movement as its fish are locally caught in the North Sea, a fully sustainable water body, and Bay Fish and Chips is the first fish and chip shop in all of the UK to have "Marine Stewardship Council Chain of Custody", allowing them to sell Scottish North Sea haddock. The potatoes used are grown in potato-friendly soil in Cambridgeshire and grown year round. You can also enjoy a wide selection of burgers, handmade pies, chicken, and much more that use only the finest locally sourced ingredients from an array of environmentally conscious suppliers. Bay Fish and Chips strives to provide tasty food that is of no expense to the environment.

Logo Mixt Greens

 Mixt Greens was founded in 2005 and is an Eco-Gourmet restaurant that serves the finest foods, incorporating "the farm to salad concept" using locally sourced seasonal, organic and sustainable ingredients for its entire menu. The restaurant has 8 locations across California and serves you with the best salads you could ever taste. Mixt Green strives to have a low environmental footprint by using compostable packaging for their takeaway containers made from combustible corn and reduces its production waste through composting. They also have an eco-friendly building scheme.

Logo Hawksmoor

Hawksmoor is a British steakhouse founded by Will Beckett and Huw Gott in 2006. After having surveyed the lands from "Kobe in Japan to Argentina’s Pampas by way of Italy, Australia and Texas" for the right quality of beef, it was without a doubt that locally sourced British beef was the best choice. Hawksmoor is determined to provide sustainable choices that are driven by their ethical standpoint, "whether that’s making sure the food we serve is as good as possible, that the animals the food comes from lived a decent life, or that everyone who works with us enjoys what they do."

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