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Last updated: 13 March 2024

Regulatory Bodies for the Double Glazing Industry

Anyone who has double glazing installed can look forward to a range of benefits, one of the key ones being the energy saving capabilities of double glazing. This is something that will not only benefit the person having the double glazing installed but also helps the government to move closer to reaching energy saving targets both nationally and globally.

However, the only way in which double glazing can provide these benefits is if it meets certain standards in terms of quality and installation. This is why you need to either use a registered installer for certification confirming that your newly installed double glazing complies with building regulations or you need to get approval and certification from the local authority.

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Double Glazing regulation and standards

In order to ensure that double glazing is able to provide benefits such as energy efficiency, and to ensure that it is fit for purpose, there are a number of different bodies and authorities that deal with regulations and standards in relation to double glazing. These bodies are able to more effectively put some form of quality control into place when it comes to double glazing and installation, which helps to reduce the risk of consumers being ripped off with regards to the supply and installation of quality double glazing.

The key bodies in the double glazing industry include:

  • FENSA: FENSA stands for Fenestration Self-Assessment Scheme, and this is one of the leading and best known bodies when it comes to the double glazing industry. This organisation is government backed and was originally put into place by the Glass and Glazing Federation in order to help consumers to find reliable companies for double glazing. Members who are registered with FENSA are compliant with up to date thermal performance standards, which means that the double glazing they install meets the necessary standards to ensure energy efficiency.
  • DGCOS: The DGCOS, or Double Glazing & Conservatory Ombudsman Scheme, provides a valuable regulatory service by vetting and accrediting UK double glazing installers. They use continued monitoring to make sure that members meet appropriate quality and service levels. This means that those using a DGCOS registered company are able to benefit from increased protection. Consumers can also access a free complaints service from the DGCOS in the event of a complaint against a registered member.
  • Certass: Certass is a specialist in quality and evaluation for the construction industry. This is a government backed agency that operates on a not for profit basis. The authority aims to increase consumer confidence through the evaluation of contractors who wish to register. The quality of the product and the level of service are assessed by Certass.
  • TrustMark: TrustMark endorses companies in a variety of trades and industries as long as they meet government approved guidelines and standards. Using a TrustMark registered company can provide consumers with greater peace of mind, as TrustMark regularly evaluates and even carries out credit checks on companies wishing to become members.

All of these authorities and bodies play an important role when it comes to ensuring high standard in the double glazing industry.

Aside from regulations, double glazing grants can help keep the price of new installations low if they improve your home's EPC rating.

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