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Last updated: 17 April 2024

Find the Best Loft Insulation Installers

  • A detached UK home can save up to £445 with proper loft insulation.
  • Loft insulation has a short payback period of just over 3 years.
  • Government grants in the UK provide discounted and free loft insulation.

Uninsulated lofts in the UK account for up to a quarter of the heat loss experienced in homes, which is both a disaster for your savings and the environment. A study by the Resolution Foundation (RF) estimates that less than 20% of UK homes even have adequate loft insulation in the first place. 

Loft insulation is one of the most affordable and environmentally effective home upgrades available. In a typical detached UK home, cutting your home heat loss leads to sky-high energy bill savings of up to £445 and domestic carbon footprint reductions of up to 1 tonne every year!

However, deciding to get loft insulation is just the first step. Finding the perfect government approved loft insulation installers requires a lot of research, vetting, and quote price comparisons. Luckily, GreenMatch UK has researched and compiled all you need to know about local loft insulation installers, as well as some of the reliable, cost-effective, and eco-friendly options for each region of the UK.

Are you eager to start? Look no further than GreenMatch UK to free you from the endless hours of researching and vetting installers. Instead of spending valuable time and energy on websites and phone calls, just spend 30 seconds filling out our online form, and we will send you 3 free quotes from our network of trustworthy installers right in your area. Click below to begin!

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Who are the best loft insulation installers?

The cost of loft insulation for a semi-detached UK home is normally around £930, and most attic insulation companies will generally charge around £250 a day for installing the insulation. This does not include other jobs that may arise as part of this process, but what makes an installer the best?

The best loft insulation installers will differ depending on the factors that matter most to you. For example, you might think the most affordable installers are the best from a cost point of view, but these might not necessarily be the most professional or eco-friendly options. 

Here at GreenMatch UK, we’ve compiled our list of professional installers per region in the UK based on a series of indicators to give you the best-rounded results. 

When choosing an attic insulation contractor, we look out for accreditations such as quality certifications and trade association memberships that exemplify a company’s professionalism, while also cross-referencing customer reviews and experiences through TrustPilot and TrustATrader.

Loft insulation installers in London and South East England


InstaGroup has been a nationally recognised leader in home and loft insulation for over 40 years with an expressed focus on environmentalism and sustainability. Impressively, the company boasts a more than 80% recycling and sustainable sourcing rate for materials used to manufacture their insulation materials.

The company is TrustMark certified and boasts a solid 4.3 on TrustPilot, indicating a high customer satisfaction rate. InstaGroup also works with government and independent organisations, legislative policymakers, and local councils to make the UK net zero by 2050.

Today, InstaGroup operates nationwide with particular frequency in Greater London and South East England. The company is PAS 2030-2035 qualified and can provide loft insulation measures as part of the ECO4 and Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS).


Arrow Energy Solutions was first established in 2014 but quickly gained a strong reputation as a reliable, consistent and efficient insulation installer in South East England, exemplified by its stellar TrustPilot rating of 4.8

Most notably, previous customers praise the company for its highly competitive quote prices, speedy services, and honest advice. With a whole host of professional certifications and accreditations – including PAS 2030-2035 – Arrow Energy Solutions provides both grant-based loft insulation, as well as quote prices for home-tailored jobs. 

Arrow Energy Solutions primarily operates in the counties of Hampshire & IOW, Dorset, Wiltshire, Somerset, West Sussex, Surrey and Berkshire. However, the company consider projects in Greater London, Gloucestershire, Oxfordshire, and Kent on a case basis.

Loft insulation installers in South West England


LivGreen Futures Limited is a Bristol-based home insulation and retrofitting expert with a nationwide reach. With a decade of service under the belt, the company has carried out over 100,000 projects to date and is often praised for its large and capable workforce. 

With a TrustMark accreditation for PAS 2030-2035, Livgreen Futures is well equipped to carry out loft insulation as part of grant schemes as well as priced jobs. They boast a wide range of accreditations that exemplify their values, eco-friendliness and dedication to professionalism. 

LivGreen Futures primarily operates throughout South West England, but also has 4 regional offices throughout the UK for a nationwide reach.


Evolve Home Energy Solutions is a rising titan for home insulation in South West England and parts of Wales, garnering a solid 4.8 rating on TrustPilot. Headquartered in Cwmbran, the founders Gary and Paul share a combined 60 years of insulation experience with each other. 

Evolve Home Energy Solutions is a fully accredited company with all relevant industry certifications in place. Since 2023, the company has been ISO 45001 accredited, a global standard for work safety, demonstrating care and attentiveness as a core value. 

The company boasts an impressive roster of over 15,000 properties that have been decarbonised since its founding, with a further average of 80 clients per week

Evolve Home Energy Solutions provides its services in South West England through its branches in Bristol, Somerset, Dorset, Gloucestershire, and Wiltshire, as well as in Wales through locations in Monmouth, Cwmbran, Cardiff and Pontyclun.

Loft insulation installers in North England


Cooney Insulations is a Manchester-based insulation installer that operates in Northern England but with UK-wide coverage through a series of regional offices. With over 30 years of experience in the industry, they boast an overall rating of 9.8 on CheckATrade and are also approved by TrustMark

The company also offers services to assess existing loft insulation and home efficiency grading based on the Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) rating system. They are Safe Contractor Approved and work closely with big energy suppliers and local authorities to deliver the best results they can.


All Seasons Energy is a professional insulation company based in Sheffield that is widely recognised as one of the UK’s most trusted installers. With an excellent TrustPilot rating of 4.4, the company has over 50 years of industry expertise under its belt and counting. 

Often praised for its honest and tailored advice, customers highlight the attentiveness to care and clear communication as the strong points of the company. All Seasons Energy is fully MCS accredited, TrustMark approved, and a proud member of the HIES; a consumer protection scheme that guarantees customers receive only the highest standard of work.

Alongside their professionalism, All Seasons Energy is passionate about protecting the planet through innovative environmental measures, aiming to play a key role in achieving the UK’s net zero ambitions.

Loft insulation installers in Scotland


Envirosmart is regarded as one of Scotland’s most popular and trustworthy insulation installers. Located in Ayrshire and with over a decade of experience, the company aims to work with eco-friendly materials for insulation as much as possible, making them a great sustainable fit.

A core strength of Envirosmart is its dedication to the environment, being one of the only UK-based installers that work with Thermafleece sheep’s wool insulation as a first-choice insulating material, renowned for its sustainability, high heat retention, and full recyclability. 

Envirosmart is proudly accredited by TrustMark and the Ayrshire Council and is well-received amongst previous customers as a trustworthy, reliable and professional insulation installer.


Heat Save Scotland is a small Glasgow-based business with over 20 years of industry experience in insulation and heating. Known for friendliness, quality and competitive pricing, Heat Save Scotland is often praised for being a good value for money by previous customers. 

The company is TrustMark approved amongst several other impressive accreditations, and was even the winner of the Bark Certificate of Excellence in 2021. Their pride in their work is exemplified by their insulation material and workmanship guarantees in place, giving you the peace of mind that your investment will be safe. 

Heat Save Scotland has direct access to government and local funding, meaning they’re able to provide insulation upgrades under grant schemes for qualifying households as well. 

Loft insulation installers in Wales


Stellar Energy UK is a professional heating and insulation installer headquartered in Llanelli, Wales with a very positive reputation for professionalism. As a PAS 2030-2035 certified company, they’re able to deliver reduced cost and free loft insulation via the ECO grant scheme.

With an impressive rating of 4.5 on TrustPilot, previous customers most often praise the company for their swift and clean work, solid communication, and friendliness. The installers are all TrustMark and Green Deal accredited, making them a reliable choice throughout Wales.

Alongside its installation services, Stellar Energy UK provides a great deal of information to potential clients on the process of eligibility for grant assistance, making them a very informed source of information on the latest grants available to you.


LD Eco is another Llanelli-based professional heating and insulation installer that has been in the business since 2013. While relatively young, the company has amassed over 4,000 property installs of a range of energy and insulation upgrades, including loft insulation.

Previous customers highlight the impressive work standards of the company, their resource efficiency, as well as timely installations. As a TrustMark certified insulation installer, LD Eco also provides insulation as part of grant schemes at low cost or free jobs for eligible homes.

Loft insulation installers in the Midlands


Broad Oak Group is a Staffordshire-based home upgrades and insulation installer with a nationwide reach. With over 20 years of industry experience, the once-small family business has grown to become one of the largest installers in the UK.

Broak Oak Group provides free insulation consultations before a job and promises only a couple of hours to get a job done, ensuring minimal disturbance to your home environment. With all accreditations in place, the company is also eligible to install insulation as part of grant schemes for qualifying households. 

Broad Oak Group has an excellent TrustPilot score of 4.5, backed up by plenty of satisfied customers who praise the company for their professionalism, high standard of work, and consideration of the homeowners during the job.


Warm Front is a family-owned heating and insulation business with over 30 years of industry experience. Located in Manchester, the expertly accredited company is TrustMark, CHAS and even HIES qualified, exemplifying their professionalism and workplace know-how.

Warm Front also qualifies for carrying work through funding schemes, allowing homeowners who are eligible for grant schemes to benefit from reduced cost or free loft insulation. 

Previous customers highlight the efficiency of the services provided by Warm Front, from competitive quote pricing to a speedy and tidy installation.

Loft insulation installers in Northern Ireland


Homeseal is a well-established name in the domestic and commercial insulation field. Founded in 1995 and with over 100 years of insulation experience, Homeseal is recognised as one of the leading insulation installers throughout Northern Ireland. 

The highly trained team of accredited professionals are praised by previous customers for their efficiency, expertise, and friendliness. The company is accredited by the National Insulation Association (NIA) and is well-equipped to carry out loft insulation installations as part of grant schemes for eligible homes.


Clever Insulation is a Belfast-based eco-warrior aiming to increase property EPC ratings across Northern Ireland as well as foster an eco-friendly domestic living environment.  

The company provides free-of-charge loft insulation surveys and price quotations for prospective clients uses the highest quality blanket-style insulation, and is thoroughly communicative from start to finish. 

Clever Insulation is also qualified to provide installation through grant schemes in Northern Ireland, such as the Affordable Warmth Scheme. With a solid 5 on Google Reviews, customers praise the installers for their professional and efficient work, tidiness, and effective results.

What should you look for when choosing trusted loft insulation installers?

When looking for trusted insulation companies for a loft and roof insulation job, there are several steps you can take to ensure you make the most informed decision. These indicators were also used in this guide when compiling our list of installers. 

Let’s take a look at some of the most important criteria to look out for when making a choice:

  • Certifications: The most telling sign of an installer’s professionalism is their certifications in their field. These quality control schemes endorsed by the UK government ensure top-quality work by certified installers. Examples include TrustMark, or the Common Assessment Standard (CAS).   
  • Memberships: Professional installers will have memberships in relevant national trade associations. Some examples of well-known national associations in the UK are the National Insulation Association (NIA), and the National Federation of Roofing Contractors (NFRC).
  • PAS 2030-2035: The Publicly Available Specifications (PAS) Standards are government-backed industry specifications that all energy-efficiency installers must be certified and compliant with when carrying out insulation measures under grant schemes like the ECO4. Even if you don’t qualify for a scheme, PAS accreditation is a great gauge of an installer’s adherence to quality work and eco-friendliness.
  • Warranties and insurance: Whilst there is no mandatory requirement for installers to provide a loft insulation guarantee, it’s certainly a sign of quality and a safeguard for your investment. Choosing an installer that is certified by a quality control scheme like TrustMark is your best bet for a guarantee on the job.
  • Years of experience: Installers with more years of experience under their belt are likely to handle jobs with more professionalism, quality, and care. Experienced attic insulation companies have also likely run into all sorts of installation obstacles and issues over the years that they’ve become trained and prepared to handle.
  • Cost of job: A loft insulation job for a standard 3-bedroom semi-detached home in the UK should cost around £930, but cost transparency can be a telltale sign of a professional installer. Make sure to ask for a cost breakdown with your quote price, including labour costs and insulation material prices so that you know where your money is going. For better results, compare multiple quotes from different installers.
  • Reputation: Most professional loft insulation fitters will have gained a good name for themselves in their community. Make sure to read reviews, speak with previous customers, ask for references, and visit previous jobs by the company to get a good understanding of their reputation and reliability.
  • Eco-friendliness: Loft insulation fitters come in all forms, and the best will often prioritise using eco-friendly materials, and sustainable installation processes wherever they can. The best loft insulation material may differ from job to job, but companies that provide great alternatives to harmful synthetics like Polyurethane foam are worth taking a look at.
What to not do?

Don’t let a single bad review throw you off! Reviews can give a great deal of insight into the customer experience working with an installer, but it’s helpful to view it in the context of whether a bad review was a personal preference issue or a lack of quality by the company itself.

How can you get free loft insulation from your local installer?

Government-backed grant schemes in the UK can earn you free loft insulation from your local installer. These schemes mainly exist to help fuel-poor and energy-inefficient households with a range of home upgrades in a bid to improve the UK housing stock. The two main schemes currently active until March 2026 are:

  • The Great British Insulation Scheme (GBIS) aims to assist each qualifying household with a single insulation measure, including loft insulation. This approach allows the GBIS to expand its services across the UK more effectively. The best energy efficiency upgrade for each home is decided after a housing assessment. To apply, visit the official UK government portal for more information.
  • The ECO4 Scheme: The Energy Company Obligation (ECO4) works by making energy companies directly responsible for providing qualifying homes with energy efficiency upgrades and insulation services. These include energy system upgrades, repairs, and home insulation. To apply, contact your energy provider directly for more information.

Generally speaking, households with Energy Performance Certificate (EPC) ratings of E and below are likely to qualify for both schemes. Homes with members receiving certain government benefits and allowances are also likely eligible to receive loft insulation grants.  Finally, households within the Council Tax Bands A to D in England, and A to E in Scotland and Wales are likely to qualify for free loft insulation.

Get multiple quotes from the best loft insulation installers

The best way to make an informed decision on which installer to pick is to get multiple quotes from different professional loft insulation experts. That way, you have a better understanding of the cost environment and can make a decision based on what each company offers.

Your overall costs can change significantly based on a proper housing assessment. You may be wondering; how much loft insulation do I need? what type of loft insulation suits my needs? what is the best loft insulation between rafters? All this and more can be answered with a thorough housing assessment, helping to determine your needs and final investment.

Since we’ve already done the research and compiled an extensive list for you, start by getting in contact with each one for quote prices! If you come across other reputable companies not mentioned in this list, make sure to incorporate them into your cost comparison. 

While it’s easier said than done, we don’t all have countless hours to spend surfing websites and scheduling phone calls to land a good bargain. That’s where GreenMatch UK comes in. With our services, you can sit back and let us land you the best value for money without compromising on the quality of the job!

Simply spend 30 seconds filling in our online form, and receive up to 3 free home-tailored quotes from trusted local installers right in your area. No extra charges or obligations apply. Click below to begin!

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