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Last updated: 20 November 2023

Mitsubishi Air Source Heat Pumps: Prices & Reviews (2023)

mitsubishi heatpumps

Looking for an energy-efficient heating solution for your home? A Mitsubishi air-source heat pump is our suggestion because it’s highly efficient, affordable, and durable.

Air-source heat pumps use electricity and are more sustainable solutions than oil or gas heating systems. Also, Mitsubishi is one of the best air-source heat pump brands available in the UK. 

If you want to find the best heating option for your home, do not hesitate to contact us to help you with detailed information. Remember that you don’t have to spend hours finding the best heating option and comparing different products from various companies. Unfortunately, this is a stressful and time-consuming job and sometimes you might choose the wrong option for your home.

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Mitsubishi air-source heat pump prices in the UK

Mitsubishi offers a variety of options for those who’re interested in air-source heat pumps. Here we’ve gathered the best-selling Ecodan models in different sizes and prices.

Mitsubishi Air-Source Heat Pump ModelsSize (kW)Price (£)
Mitsubishi Ecodan R744 QUHZ Monobloc4.55,815
Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 Compact PUZ Monobloc53,575
Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 Ultra Quiet PUZ Monobloc6, 8.5, 11.23,575 – 4,410
Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 Zubadan PUZ Monobloc145,540
Mitsubishi Ecodan R410a PUHZ Monobloc5 -142,600 – 5,800
Mitsubishi Ecodan R410a Ultra Quiet PUHZ Monobloc8.5 – 11.23,800 – 4,650

Now, let’s take a closer look at each model:

Mitsubishi Ecodan R744 QUHZ Monobloc

The Ecodan QUHZ is one of the most advanced models among air-source heat pumps. This brand-new air-to-water heat pump is ideal for buildings with strict building energy regulations. Also, if you think that hot water is the dominant heating load, you’d better go for this option. It’s now available in 4.5 KW at the price of £5,815.

Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 Compact PUZ Monobloc

Ecodan Compact is a silent and efficient option for domestic applications. It works with R32 as the refrigerant and is in complete accordance with the UK planning permission restrictions. It’s significantly smaller than many other air-source heat pumps in the market. So if the size matters to you, this would be a good option. Compact PUZ can also be controlled via MELCloud software provided by Mitsubishi. It’s available in 5KW size and is quite suitable for a house with three bedrooms.

Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 Ultra Quiet PUZ Monobloc

This is another innovative and stylish design based on R32. This air-source heat pump works with a single fan and utilises the most advanced technologies to ensure the highest efficiency and the lowest noise. That’s exactly why it’s called Quiet. This is perfect for residential applications and has required standards, and doesn’t need planning permission. It’s available in 6.0kW, 8.5kW, and 11.2kW sizes and price range from £3,575 to £4,410.

Mitsubishi Ecodan R32 Zubadan PUZ Monobloc

If you have a spacious home, you’d better choose Zubadan, a 14KW air-source heat pump model offered by Mitsubishi. This is specifically designed for heating larger domestic premises compared with other models that work based on R32. It has a patented technology that is able to provide constant heat even at extremely low temperatures. You just need to pay £5,540 for this heating giant.

Mitsubishi Ecodan R410a PUHZ Monobloc 

This is one of the most special air-source heat pump models offered by Mitsubishi. It’s available in 5kW and 14kW sizes, the largest power range among other Ecodan models. More importantly, Ecodan PUHZ gives you this chance to cascade six similar units to get an output power of up to 84kW. This self-contained and powerful heat pump can operate with outdoor temperatures of -25°C, making it suitable for every weather condition.

Mitsubishi Ecodan R410a Ultra Quiet PUHZ Monobloc

This is another quiet model offered by Mitsubishi, but this time with R410a. This is a very innovative, compact, and stylish design with a single fan. It operates with temperatures as low as -20°C and comes in 8.5kW and 11.2kW sizes. The price range is quite affordable for this high-tech air-source heat pump model.

Now that you’ve become familiar with Mitsubishi air-source heat pump models, you might want to experience these energy-efficient heating systems in your home. If you want to compare them with other brands, get a free, no-obligation quote from us. Our team will help you find the perfect solution to meet your heating needs.

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Mitsubishi air source heat pump review: the pros & cons

Every system has its own pros and cons, and Mitsubishi air-source heat pumps are no exception. Let’s review the advantages and disadvantages of air-source heat pumps offered by Mitsubishi to see if they meet your requirements.

What are the advantages of Mitsubishi air source heat pumps?

Here is a list of Mitsubishi air-source heat pumps:

mitsubishi heatpump pros
  • No Gas or Oil Bills: As mentioned earlier, air-source heat pumps use electricity, and as a result, the running cost of heat pumps will add to your electricity bills. The good news is that you can get the power of your Mitsubishi heat pump from your rooftop solar panels.
  • Lower Carbon Footprint: Compared with a domestic gas boiler, a Mitsubishi heat pump can reduce your building’s carbon footprint by 40%.
  • Cooling and Heating: Heat pumps have reverse valves that allow the user to reverse the flow of the refrigerant. This makes a reverse flux of heat, which means you can both heat up or cool down your room with a single heat pump. Mitsubishi heat pumps have this ability and can provide you with both cooling and heating.
  • Quality and Durability: Mitsubishi offers the most advanced technologies in the heating industry. You can be sure about the durability and reliability of their products.
  • Efficiency: The efficiency of heat pumps reaches 300% – 400%. So you get 4 times more heat for every kilowatt of electricity the heat pump uses. 
  • Running Cost: Although natural gas and oil are usually cheaper than electricity, the running costs of heat pumps may be lower than gas/oil boilers. The reason is the higher efficiency of heat pumps compared with that of gas or oil boilers. Moreover, air-source heat pumps can be powered by rooftop solar panels, leading to a lower running cost.
  • Warranty: Mitsubishi offers 3 to 5 years of warranty for its air-source heat pumps, which is relatively good compared with other brands.
  • Inverter: Inverters are equipment that let the heat pump maintain the same heating load at any outside temperature. This means that your room temperature will be constant no matter if the outside temperature changes.
  • Low Noise: Some of Mitsubishi’s heat pumps are ultra-quiet.
  • Government Grants: The UK government offers several various grants such as Boiler Upgrade Scheme (BUS) to encourage homeowners to use electric heating systems instead of gas/oil boilers.

What are the disadvantages of Mitsubishi air source heat pumps?

mitsubishi heatpump cons
  • Working Temperature: Some of the models offered by Mitsubishi can not work when the outside temperature drops to less than -20°C. In such situations, you need a backup heating system.
  • Multiple Units: Mitsubishi’s heat pump models usually use a mini-split system. Therefore, you might need to use several units for a spacious home. This will increase the initial cost of your heating system compared to a gas boiler.
  • More Maintenance: heat pumps require more maintenance compared to gas boilers.

Mitsubishi air source heat pump customer reviews

mitsubishi heatpump reviews

Mitsubishi Electric UK has only earned 123 reviews on Trustpilot with a rating of 4 out of 5. Of course, this is not an absolute measure of satisfaction and we need more data to be able to analyse. Anyway, it’s good to read some of the most common comments from UK customers.

For example, a customer claims that they had a fault on their Ecodan and the independent installer couldn’t fix it. But when they called the Ecodan helpline, they sent someone the same day and the problem was fixed. There are many other similar comments that indicate good customer service and after-sale support. 

Overall, we can say that customers are satisfied with Mitsubishi’s air-source heat pumps, especially their customer service.

How do Mitsubishi heat pumps compare to other heat pump brands?

Now, let’s compare Mitsubishi air-source heat pumps with other renowned brands in the UK market. The table below summarises the details of the best air-source heat pump manufacturers.

BrandPrice RangeWarrantyEfficiency
Mitsubishi£2,500 – £6,0003 – 5 yearsA+, A++, A+++
Danfoss£3,000 – £5,0003 – 5 yearsA+, A++
Calorex£4,000 – £7,0003 – 5 yearsA+
Daikin Altherma£6,000 – £10,0003 yearsA+, A++
Vaillant£7,000 – £10,0003 – 7 yearsA+, A++, A+++
Hitachi Yutaki£4,000 – £7,0003 – 7 yearsA+, A++, A+++
Samsung EHS£3,000 – £7,0003 – 5 yearsA+, A++

As you see, each of these brands has its own pros and cons. Mitsubishi is best in terms of price and also efficiency. Moreover, Mitsubishi’s quiet models are great in terms of noise reduction. So if you want an energy-efficient air-source heat pump, go for Mitsubishi. Valiant is famous for its warranty and also the powerful and durable models it manufactures. If you want a brand for extremely cold weather conditions, Daikin is the best choice.

Should you get a Mitsubishi air source heat pump?

The answer is a big yes! Mitsubishi is a renowned company in different technologies and has always been able to satisfy its customers. Mitsubishi air-source heat pumps are really affordable and energy-efficient and are best for those who have rooftop solar panels. If you want to get rid of your gas/oil boiler and switch to a modern electric heating system, Mitsubishi has several great options for you.

No matter if you have a small flat or a spacious home with three bedrooms, Mitsubishi’s models are so versatile that you don’t need to be worried about anything. For smaller homes, Mitsubishi has a compact air-source heat pump of 5kW and for large homes, it offers Ecodan R410a PUHZ.

If you still have doubts about the brand and model you want, do not hesitate to use our service. With our help, you’ll avoid spending hours finding and comparing different brands and models, and contacting local installers one by one. It is much easier and faster to get free quotes and expert advice with our help. All you need to do is fill out a quick and simple form. Remember that our service is completely free and with no obligations. So get started by clicking the button below:

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