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Last updated: 19 June 2023

P Shaped Conservatories - Costs & Benefits

P Shaped conservatory

A P shaped conservatory gets its name from the shape it creates. It combines elements of a lean-to conservatory (the long part of the p) and a Victorian or Edwardian conservatory (the rounded end).

This style, whilst slightly more expensive than other designs, can provide you with a great deal of room. In fact you could think of a p shaped conservatory as two additional spaces, making it ideal for combining a general seating area with a playroom or dining room.

Characteristics of P shaped conservatories

A p shaped conservatory will usually feature a dwarf wall – a short wall that runs around the bottom of the structure, although you could also choose to go fully glazed. The rounded section of a p shaped conservatory will be multi-faceted, with 3 or 5 facets, and tends to add a touch of Victorian or Edwardian flair.

The most distinguishable characteristic of a p shaped conservatory is its size, which makes it an addition most suited to larger homes with a good amount of wall space available.

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Benefits of P shaped conservatories

If you want to create more room in your property, a p shaped extension can be a fantastic way to do that. It also incorporates the design aesthetics of a Victorian or Edwardian model, meaning it looks great combined with either older architecture or more modern builds.

Due to the length of a p shaped conservatory you may also be able to use it to link 2 rooms together and access it from multiple doors.

P shaped conservatory costs

Academy Home recommends that the cost of a p shaped conservatory can start from around £14,000 however it’s important to remember that this can vary greatly. The kind of glass you choose will have an impact on the price, with single, double and triple glazing as well as polycarbonate being the available options.

You will also need to decide if you want the framework to be made of aluminium, uPVC or wood and factor this into the cost of the conservatory.

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