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Last updated: 20 November 2023

Aluminium Conservatories in the UK: Prices, Pros + Cons

Aluminium conservatory

Aluminium conservatories stand out for their sleek and modern appeal. Beyond aesthetics, a conservatory in aluminium is thermally efficient, long-lasting, and durable, which altogether makes aluminium a very popular material choice for those looking to build a new conservatory. 

Aluminium conservatories have become more and more competitive with popular alternatives, such as uPVC and timber, thanks to their improved thermal performance. Modern thermal break technology prevents heat loss which allows you to better control the temperature of your conservatory. 

If you're undecided about the benefits of a new conservatory in aluminium, then you're in the right place. Because, in this article, we'll help you determine if your home is suited to an aluminium-framed conservatory by discussing the most popular conservatory styles, roof materials and all the associated costs. 

Perhaps you've already decided on an aluminium conservatory. Then, we're also here to help you by matching you with the most suitable conservatory installer out there. Simply by offering a few simple details, using the form at the top of this page, you will be directly connected with up to 3 professional conservatory installers.

Using GreenMatch to find conservatory installers takes all the hassle and stress out of scouring the internet yourself and potentially handing your project over to an unreliable installer. We can also guarantee that you'll find a good deal, since with multiple installers to choose from, you can simply select the one that offers the most competitive quote. 

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Modern aluminium conservatory types

There are plenty of conservatory design options out there that aluminium frames will complement well. The right type of conservatory for your home will depend on your own aesthetic preferences and the style of your home, as well as some technical factors like how much available space you might have around your property. 

Lean-to aluminium conservatory

Lean-to aluminium conservatory

An aluminium lean-to conservatory is a simple but stylish option that allows even those with limited garden space to enjoy the benefits of a modern aluminium conservatory. Of all the conservatory designs, a lean-to conservatory is perhaps the most suited to aluminium frames.

That's because of its simple, basic shape which gives it an especially modern feel. As opposed to more grand, sometimes imposing, conservatory designs, an aluminium lean-to conservatory has a single slanting roof that appears to "lean" on the side of your home. Therefore, some sleek aluminium frames will certainly complement the lean-to style well. 

Because of their simple design and smaller dimensions, an aluminium lean-to conservatory costs less than other styles. In fact, they are usually among the cheapest conservatory options, making them a great choice for those on a budget. 

Lean-to conservatories are also distinct from other options on the market because their design is influenced by Mediterranean sunrooms, whereas other popular styles in the UK tend to originate from 19th-20th century England. 

While lean-to conservatories will make a nice addition to any style of home, if your house is architecturally more modern, if you have limited space around your home, or you'd rather not have your conservatory take up so much space, then a lean-to conservatory is a great, flexible choice. 

Victorian aluminium conservatory

Victorian aluminium conservatory

Victorian-style conservatories are one of the most recognisable, traditional conservatory designs around today. Victorian conservatories are elegant with a rounded bay front, and usually a steeply pitched, hip-back roof. These features allow plenty of extra living space and natural light into the new space.

For those hoping to achieve the most classic Victorian conservatory aesthetic, then white aluminium is a great choice. With white, you can enjoy all the benefits of aluminium frames while complimenting the conservatory style. White is also timeless, brightens the living space, and gives the illusion of more even space around your windows. 

Of the three conservatory options mentioned in this article, Victorian conservatories tend to be the most expensive since they have a considerably more complicated design and require more materials, given they have a bay front, rather than a square shape, and have more decorative elements, such as gothic-styled ridges and finials. 

Victorian aluminium conservatories are suited to any style of home but since they can be somewhat larger in appearance, they are especially suited to grand, traditional homes with plenty of outdoor space. 

Edwardian aluminium conservatory

Edwardian aluminium conservatory

An Edwardian conservatory in aluminium is similar to a Victorian conservatory, in that they provide a wide open space that lets in lots of natural light. They also feature a hip-back roof that slopes from a central ridge that runs across the roof and connects it to the main property. Where they differ is mainly in the shape- Edwardian conservatories are square or rectangular. 

With an Edwardian conservatory, you can truly maximise the available floor space thanks to its square shape. This simple shape and clean lines make them slightly less grandiose in appearance. 

Perhaps because of its simplicity, Edwardian aluminium conservatories are relatively more affordable than most conservatory options, such as Victorian or gable-end. Nonetheless, they are an elegant and classic conservatory option that will suit any style of home. 

Aluminium conservatory roof materials

No matter what conservatory type you decide to build, finding the right material for your aluminium conservatory roof will allow you to create an environment that suits your needs. Different materials suit different homeowners, based on their preferences and how they'd like it to function. 

Below we've taken a closer look at three of the most popular material options that you should consider for your new aluminium conservatory roof.


polycarbonate conservatory roof

Polycarbonate is a durable thermoplastic that makes a more affordable alternative to glass roofs since they come with varying degrees of transparency. This means you can still enjoy some natural light for far less than if you were to install a glass roof. 

However, considering the thermal efficiency of aluminium, a polycarbonate roof may not actually be a great fit since it is a poor temperature regulator, letting warm air escape over winter, and the hot sun to enter over summer. Since most heat escapes through the roof, this effectively cancels out the high thermal performance of your aluminium frames.  

Let's take a look at some of the main advantages and disadvantages of aluminium polycarbonate roofs: 

Pros of polycarbonate roofs
  • Cost-effective
  • Easy to shape and install
  • Design options
Cons of polycarbonate roofs
  • Poor temperature regulator
  • Unattractive appearance
  • Poor outside noise insulator


glass roof

Glass conservatory roofs offer a stylish and elegant touch to any home, especially when paired with aluminium frames. The combination of glass and aluminium creates a modern and sleek aesthetic while maintaining a high level of thermal performance across its lifetime. 

Slimline aluminium frames in particular, alongside a glass roof, will open up the space and let in the most natural light. This is perfect for those looking to create a sunroom effect to grow plants and enjoy on sunny days. 

Let's explore some of the main advantages and disadvantages of glass aluminium conservatory roofs:

Pros of glass roofs
  • Transparency and natural light
  • Thermal efficiency 
  • Aesthetic appeal 
  • Various glazing options (toughened, self-cleaning, etc.)
Cons of glass roofs
  • More expensive than polycarbonate 
  • Potential to overheat conservatory 
  • Can be prone to pick up dirt and debris

Solid tiles

Solid tiled roof

An aluminium conservatory with a solid tiled roof will fit seamlessly with the existing rooftop over your house, you can even match the tiles. While tiles offer more of a traditional extension to your home, the aluminium frames give it a stylish touch that lets your conservatory stand out. 

A solid-tiled roof will also outperform its polycarbonate and glass counterparts in terms of thermal efficiency and temperature regulation year-round. With some aluminium frames you can be sure that your conservatory will never drive up your energy bills for as long as it stands. 

However, in terms of aluminium conservatory roof cost, solid tiles will cost considerably more than alternatives such as polycarbonate and glass. 

Below, we've listed some more advantages and disadvantages of solid-tiled conservatory roofs:

Pros of solid tile roofs
  • Thermal efficiency 
  • Integration with the house
  • Design options 
  • Value addition to the home
Cons of solid tile roofs
  • Lack of light 
  • Most expensive roof option

Aluminium conservatory prices in the UK (2023)

Before investing in a new aluminium conservatory, it's a good idea to get a rough idea of the size of the investment, according to the materials, the size, and the style. 

Below we've provided some estimates for aluminium conservatory prices, based on our extensive market research, for new conservatory costs, excluding roofing and installation. 

Aluminium conservatory prices in the UK
Type of conservatoryAluminium
Lean-to 3m x 3m)£10,465 - £10,900
Edwardian (3m x 4m)£14,850 - £15,470
Victorian (3m x 4m)£16,650 - £17,345

Fully fitted conservatories will include the costs of roofing and installation, and depend on the size and style of the conservatory. Smaller costs will also come from heating, lighting, and electrics, as well as the style of windows and doors. 

Fully fitted conservatory costs
Lean-to (3m x 3m)Edwardian (3m x 4m)Victorian (3m x 4m)
Polycarbonate roof£12,715 - £18,775£17,100 - £23,345£18,900 - £25,220
Glass roof £13,350 - £25,705£17,775 - £25,705£19,575 - £27,580
Solid tiled roof£12,715 - £26,250£19,235 - £30,820£21,035 - £42,930

When it comes to the cost of installation for your new or replacement conservatory, various factors will come into play. One being the size and scale of the company, as in, do they operate locally or nationwide? While there are differences from region to region, we always recommend that you seek out a local company. 

With a local company, you will not pay as much for delivery, since they'll be based nearby. Rates will generally be lower because they have fewer overhead costs to cover. That's why, with GreenMatch, we'll only match you with the most suitable installers based closest to you. That way, when it comes to comparing their quotes, you can be sure that you've chosen a good deal. 

This is how it works: you fill in the form and we'll put you in touch with up to 3 professional aluminium conservatory installers. You'll then receive their tailored quotes and choose the one you'd like to build your conservatory. 

All of the installers in our wide network have been vetted by us and you're under no obligation to accept any of the quotes you receive. 

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Pros and cons of aluminium conservatories

Of course, aluminium is not the only material option that you can choose from. Plenty of homeowners might prefer a uPVC or wooden conservatory instead. 

uPVC conservatories offer an affordable, long-lasting, and very low-maintenance option. This makes uPVC one of the most popular options in the UK. As well as being extremely practical thanks to its highly durable properties, they can also be customised in lots of different colours and finishes. 

Timber conservatories provide a timeless and natural aesthetic. They offer excellent insulation properties which help maintain your home's overall energy efficiency. Wood can also be easily customised with lots of decorative designs and colours available. However, semi-regular maintenance is required to protect against rot and decay. It is also the most expensive option of all the materials you could go for. 

Ultimately, your choice of conservatory material will depend on your own preferences, but it's always good to weigh up the pros and cons before committing to one material over the other. 

Advantages of an aluminium conservatory

Aluminium has become a highly popular material thanks to improvements in thermal efficiency technology, meaning now it can compete with wood and uPVC in terms of energy efficiency. Alongside its aesthetic appeal, it is easily one of the most sought after materials when it comes to new conservatories. 

Let's take a closer look at some of the best features of an aluminium conservatory: 

Aluminium has become a highly popular material thanks to improvements in thermal efficiency technology, meaning now it can compete with wood and uPVC in terms of energy efficiency. Alongside its aesthetic appeal, it is easily one of the most sought after materials when it comes to new conservatories. 

Let's take a closer look at some of the best features of an aluminium conservatory: 

Pros of an aluminium conservatory
  • Long-lasting: Aluminium frames can last as long as 45 years, with very little maintenance.
  • Durable: They are highly resistant to warp, rot, and physical damage.
  • 100 % Recyclable: When you’re done with aluminium, it can be reused or melted down to make something new.
  • Aesthetics: Slimline black aluminium frames are much sought-after and admired for their modern appeal

Disadvantages of an aluminium conservatory

Aluminium doesn't have a lot going against it, but of course, no one material is perfect. The most obvious thing to be aware of is that an aluminium conservatory can become a significant investment. 

Compared to uPVC in particular, it could cost 10-20% more. Do bear in mind, however, that of all the materials you could choose, timber is usually the most expensive. 

With that being said, what are some of the drawbacks to installing an aluminium conservatory?

Cons of an aluminium conservatory
  • Expensive: The cost of a fully fitted aluminium conservatory could reach up to £40,000+, depending on the style and the size. 
  • Condensation: Cold weather will affect the temperature of the material and condensation can occur. 

Are aluminium conservatories worth it?

An aluminium conservatory is certainly worthwhile for certain homeowners, depending on their preferences and priorities. 

If you appreciate a contemporary and sleek aesthetic, an aluminium conservatory can be an excellent fit. The material's clean lines and minimalist design contribute to a modern look that can enhance the overall appearance of your property. Once installed, its exceptional durability and longevity also make them very low maintenance. 

While aluminium conservatories have their merits, it might be worth considering uPVC as a cost-effective alternative. 

If you're looking for a budget-friendly option, a uPVC conservatory is less expensive than aluminium and offers the same benefits, such as sturdiness and low maintenance. It can also be easily customised to resemble the appearance of aluminium or even wood, providing flexibility in achieving your desired aesthetic.

Find aluminium conservatory installers for your UK household

Comparing quotes is easily the best way to keep the overall costs of conservatories down. Finding the right installer for your new aluminium conservatory will usually take many hours of effort. Identifying multiple companies that offer what you're looking for, doing your research to ensure they are fully qualified and trustworthy, consulting with them before finally receiving their quotes.

With GreenMatch's free quotes service, we can get you straight to the part where you have the quotes in hand, ready to compare. For up to 3 tailored quotes from vetted installers in your area, all you have to do is fill in our short form. Within 48 hours, you'll receive the quotes which you can compare to get a good deal.

It's completely free and you're under no obligation to accept any of the quotes you receive. Eliminate the hassle and request your quotes today with GreenMatch.

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