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Last updated: 30 July 2023

Best Magnetic Window Cleaners For Double Glazing

What are the best magnetic window cleaners for double glazing? Keeping your windows clean is essential to the appearance of your home, these magnetic windows cleaners make the job super simple and keep your windows looking spotless.

We’ve picked and reviewed the best magnetic window cleaners for double glazing to help you keep on top of your window maintenance.

Double glazed windows are essential for modern homes, as energy efficiency, heat retention, noise reduction and pleasing decors become all the more important to our homes.

However, maintaining double glazed windows is not always the easiest thing to do. Of course, ground floor windows are easily accessible, but reaching windows on higher floors can be a hassle, and pretty dangerous for people not experienced at working at height.

There is a solution to this problem in the form of magnetic window cleaners that use strong magnets to reach both sides of the window at the same time, without needing the venture up a ladder.

Before we break down each individual cleaner, it’s important to explain how magnetic window cleaners work.

The cleaner splits into two sections, each with a cloth, and one half is passed through a window by keeping it safe through a piece of string that is attached to the wrist. When the other half of the cleaner is pressed against the window, the powerful magnet attracts the outside half of the cleaner, pinning it to the outside of the window and it will follow the path that the inside half of the cleaner takes, thus cleaning both the outside and the inside of the window at the same time.

Tyroler Magnetic Window Cleaner - The Glider D-4.

Tyroler Magnetic Window Cleaner – The Glider D-4

This is the most popular, and the most expensive option on Amazon, for magnetic window cleaners, and for good reason. Firstly, the reviews are emphatically positive, with the highlights surrounding the quality of build and the reliability of the tool.

The Tyroler has shunned the typical triangular design for a sturdy rectangle, however, it does feature an adjustable force controller, making it able to clean pane depths from 2mm to 40mm. The tool also features squeegees that removes all the water from the windows, to leave it as clear as possible. It also shuns the wrist safety cord for a ring that you keep on your finger.

The tool is provided with 2 spare microfibre cloths for when they become too dirty to use, but these cloths can be washed and reused in the future, so there will be no need to buy any more.

This tool is certainly the biggest investment, but it’s also the most consistent tool on the market, and you’ll never need to try another brand. Out of our list, this is the best tool you can buy at this moment.

Price: £87.99

Charminer Double-Sided Magnetic Window Cleaning Brush

The Charminer features a couple for very nice additions to make the window cleaning process much easier. First, the triangular design allows you to reach into corners very easily and accurately, while the wider side of the cleaner helps you clean the window quickly.

The Charminer has a very absorbent sponge attached to the cleaner, and this can be replaced by unlocking the catches at the bottom if the sponge becomes dirty over time and requires a change.

There is a 2m safety cord that attaches to the wrist to prevent the cleaner from falling to the ground from a great height, once it is outside the window.

The large handle on the cleaner makes navigating both sides of the magnetic cleaner very comfortable, and the strength of the magnet is perfect as it isn’t too weak causing the cleaner to lose connection, but not too strong either, which can make the cleaner feel very stiff.

The product is available on Amazon, and while the reviews are a little varied, the price is incredibly fair for a product like this.

Price: £25.99

Baffect Magnetic Window Cleaner For Double Glazing

The Baffect magnetic double glazing window cleaner is a great solution for those people that want more control over the product they buy for their windows. The price is varied between £17.97 and £35.97 because there are a total of five different variants, all representing a different amount of distance between the window panes you need to clean. The five variants are as follows:

  • 3-8mm
  • 8-15mm
  • 15-26mm
  • 18-30mm
  • 4-30mm

Each of these dimensions represents the space between the panes on your double glazing, to ensure that you’re using the best magnetic cleaner for your windows. Like the other models, this is triangular shaped for cleaning hard to reach areas, it features a measured magnet depending on the variation you choose and a wrist safety cord which is more advanced than many other models.

There is also an option to purchase a replacement cleaner should you damage or lose one. The cleaner also comes with a plastic separator to keep the two sides of the cleaner from attaching together directly, as they are very difficult to remove once this happens.

Price: £17.97-£35.97

KOKITEA Double Sided Magnetic Window Cleaner

The KOKITEA window cleaner has an interesting feature that allows you to change the strength of the magnetic force with a handy clicker on the handle of cleaner. This means that you can use it on a variety of different styled windows, with different depths between panes, without having to purchase multiple cleaners.

Again, the triangular design on the cleaner ensures that corners of windows are easily reachable, and for this cleaner, it also provides a direction to clean at in a steady circle or arc.

There are other variations for extreme depths, but the first model is suitable for anything up to 22mm. There is a wrist safety cord to ensure the outside half of the cleaner doesn’t fall causing damage or injury, and for the price, this is a helpful device to have around the home.

Price: £34.99

Keepia Magnetic Window Cleaner For Double Glazed Windows

At present, the Keepia magnetic cleaner is the cheapest option on our list, and there are not many cheaper options online anywhere.

The Keepia doesn’t boast a long list of features, other than the standard triangular shape, the helpful wrist safety cord and the powerful magnet to ensure the cleaner can be used with different styled windows. However, this magnet can also be controlled with a dial on the handle, to change the depth of the window it is cleaning. The cleaner can be used for depths up to 28mm, and comes with some nice added extras, like a separation tool and hanging tools.

Price: £19.30


It’s important to keep your double-glazing windows in a good state, especially to ensure the longevity of your windows. If the dirt and grime begin to build up on the windows, the seals can break, thus letting moisture into the thermal space between the panes and causing condensation and misting issues within the windows.

These magnetic windows cleaners will help you keep on top of this maintenance and will prevent you from succumbing to any accidents atop ladders. Magnetic window cleaners for double glazing range greatly in price, but even the most budget option will be a great option for keeping your windows looking their best.

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