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Last updated: 1 February 2023

Top Environmental Influencers 2017

Awarded to the top websites, blogs, individuals, and organisations that spread information on environmental topics and offer actionable steps for reversing the impending collapse of the natural world.

At this particular juncture, we as a species have to realise that the industrial revolution was an important part of humanity’s progress, but that it also imposed a negative imprint on the environment. Luckily, many individuals are aware of this and devote time to raising awareness about the environmental issues we face today.

As a natural part of our evolution and instincts, finding a sustainable solution is a natural effect of wanting to survive and thrive. We at GreenMatch want to applaud everybody who chooses to follow this important path. As a token of our appreciation, we compiled a list of our favourite websites that help overcome the surrounding environmental issues. Each website is classified according to its key content.

The categories were chosen to give an overview on the issue of sustainability—starting with websites that show the reasons why change is important, continuing to sites that tell us what rules we need to follow, then moving on to what we can do together or as individuals, and finishing up with sharing how green technology can help us fulfil our green vision.

Congratulations to all of those listed under our 5 categories:

Top Environmental Influencers

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Climate Change

By now it is very clear to everyone that the impact humans have on the environment is reaching a point where serious actions have to be taken. That is why there has been such a boom in the number of websites that want to inform the public, businesses and governmental institutions about the alarming threat of climate change, which is already happening as a result of our behaviour. Some websites focus on mapping certain areas and sharing data that helps further prove climate change to be real, whereas others share information by collecting data and writing articles. Information is the key for us to understand potential scenarios for the human kind and act on them accordingly.

Here is our top list of blogs, news sites, and media that focus on climate change and the causes and the effects of it.

Climate Change

Why we must act: Climate Change

Nasa Climate
Climate Stories Project
Skeptical Science
Campaign against Climate Change
Climate Change
Real Climate
Synchronicity Earth
Cornwall Alliance
Climate Change Dispatch
    • Nasa Climate

      Nasa's climate website publishes proofs about the realness of climate change by showcasing how certain areas of the world change as a consequence.

      The page also talks about the causes of climate change, the evidence, the effects, and the possible solutions. All of the given information is highly accurate and precise thanks to the sophisticated technology and data gathering techniques.

      "Humans have caused major climate changes to happen already, and we have set in motion more changes still. Even if we stopped emitting greenhouse gases today, global warming would continue to happen for at least several more decades if not centuries."


    • Climate Stories Project

      Climate Stories Project gives a voice to the emotional and personal impacts that climate change is having on our lives. Often times, climate change is discussed only from the impersonal perspective of science or the contentious realm of politics.

      Today, more and more people are feeling the effects of climate change on a personal and community level, and that is what this website successfully communicates by recording the testimonials of people who describe their direct experiences with climate change.

      "There is no 'right' way to talk about climate change as it is a vast topic that is increasingly touching every corner of our lives."


    • Skeptical Science

      Skeptical Science is a non-profit educational organisation run by a global team of volunteers. The goal of Skeptical Science is to present a science-based perspective on global warming. The website gets skeptical about global warming skepticism, questioning where each argument is coming from, if it has any scientific basis, and what the peer-reviewed literature has to say about it.

      "Scientific skepticism is healthy. Scientists should always challenge themselves to improve their understanding."


    • Campaign against Climate Change

      Campaign against Climate Change (CCC) brings people together to push for the urgent and resolute action that is needed to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of the climate. A yearly National Climate March is organised by CCC at the time of the annual United Nations Climate Talks.

      Every year, this event brings thousands onto the streets of London to demand urgent action on climate. The website also includes a 'News' section, which is a channel that communicates the latest news related to sustainability and clean energy topics.

      "The Campaign against Climate Change exists to push for the urgent and radical action we need to prevent the catastrophic destabilisation of global climate."


    • Climate Change

      Ireland’s one-stop source of information and opinions on environmental, climate and related issues. The page gathers the most recent information, using trustworthy references to gather data and provide readers with relevant and objective news within the environmental area. Climate Change has 6 main sections which closely focus on certain topics like politics, psychology, biodiversity or science, all revolving around climate change issues.

      "We bring together the most up to date credible sources, both national and international."


    • Real Climate

      Real Climate is a site created by climate scientists who write content for the interested public and journalists. The goal of the page is to communicate crucial information on climate related topics which are not always told by the media. The author's aim is to give a context which is sometimes missing in conventional news to portray the whole picture of discussed issues. The website also lists many quality links to pages that can enhance readers' knowledge about climate change.

      "We aim to provide a quick response to developing stories and provide the context sometimes missing in mainstream commentary."

    • Inhabitat

      Inhabitat's main goal is to serve as a medium for informing readers about green design, innovations within technology and architecture. It focuses on new materials and practices that could advance the future of constructing and designing buildings as well as green technology. The main message Inhabitat is trying to spread is that all designs should be green, meaning that it ought to be already incorporated in any designing practice.

      "Green design is good design. Good design is green design."


    • Synchronicity Earth

      Synchronicity Earth is a UK registered charity that provides a framework for enlightened environmental giving on a global scale, managing to fill an important niche. Only four per cent of UK (and six per cent of US) philanthropy goes to environmental charities.

      Their aim is to grow the amount of support available to high-priority conservation action globally. Their rigorous research identifies effective people and organisations combating the most urgent environmental problems, and their activities offer people the chance to join a global movement for the living world.

      "Without a healthy biosphere, we lose the possibility of peace, security, health and prosperity for all."


    • Cornwall Alliance

      Cornwall Alliance conducts research and writes articles on current topics related to the environment, economic development, and the Christian faith in relation to these issues.

      The organisation also provides speakers for churches, colleges, schools, and conferences as well as expert testimony on pending legislation and regulation for governing bodies.


    • Climate Change Dispatch

      Climate Change Dispatch gives you facts behind the theory of global warming, which are not being told by the mainstream media and the global-warming zealots.

      This website makes you question everything you know about global warming and climate change through facts, articles, multimedia, and other sources not readily accessible through the mainstream media.

      "Our goal is not to change your mind, but to share with you all the possibilities that consistently contradict the theory of man-made global warming."


Environmental Policies

Environmental regulations are set by governmental bodies that must be aware of the negative imprint our society creates on daily basis. To trust governments' hard-headed judgement of what is important to legalise, it is beneficial to see what regulations must be followed by ordinary citizens and businesses, as the laws hopefully comply with what is best, not only for us but also for the natural environment and species living there.

To find out more, look at our top list of blogs, news sites, and media that focus on laws, regulations, policies, or procedures within the field of environmental protection, green energy, sustainability, and the like.

Environmental Policies

What we must do: Environmental Policies

Green Alliance
Vermont Journal of Environmental Law
Landmark Chambers
European Law Blog
Energy Law Blog
Environmental Law Foundation (ELF)
Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)
Environmental Europe?
Law and Environment
Silverberg Zalantis LLP
Legal Planet
    • Green Alliance

      Green Alliance is a charity and independent think tank focused on achieving ambitious leadership for the environment. They have been active since 1979, working with a growing network of influential leaders in business, NGOs and politics.

      The charity strives to stimulate thinking and dialogue on environmental policy and support for environmental solutions in the UK. Their projects cover in-depth research and advocacy by their qualified personnel. Their key events and specialist seminars provide chief opportunities for dialogue with key decision-makers.

      They also host their own blog as a home for debates regarding UK environmental policy and politics, as well as providing their own views. It is a popular platform for different perspectives from other key commentators.

      “Our stated mission is to promote sustainable development by ensuring that the environment is at the heart of decision-making.”


    • Vermont Journal of Environmental Law

      The Vermont Journal of Environmental Law’s mission is to provide an accessible forum to discuss contemporary environmental legal issues. Accordingly, the Journal publishes high-quality articles authored by academics, practitioners, and students alike.

      "The Vermont Journal of Environmental Law (VJEL) is a student-run law journal at Vermont Law School. VJEL aims to provide a forum for students, professors, practitioners, and interested individuals to come together to better understand environmental law. Through our formal publications, blog posts, and annual Environmental Watch List, we discuss developments in local, national, and international law. These various writings distill environmental issues, propose future environmental policies, and promote a greater understanding of environmental law for the community and the world."


    • Landmark Chambers

      Landmark Chambers is a leading chambers in the UK which offer integrated advocacy and advice in a wide range of areas. They are considered by the legal directories as a leading authority in environmental law. They are ranked in tier 1 in environment, and viewed as a ‘marketing-leading set’.

      They are working throughout the UK, Europe and internationally. Consequently, they gained pertinent experience of litigation in the Supreme Court, the Court of Appeal, the High Court, the European Court of Justice and the European Court of Human Rights and the Northern Ireland Courts.

      Landmark’s barristers act for the private and public sectors including government departments, statutory bodies, local authorities, companies, landowners, interest groups and individuals.

      “We are modern, forward-thinking and innovative.”


    • European Law Blog

      The European Law Blog aims at highlighting and commenting on current developments in EU case law and legislation. It provides concise, up-to-date commentary on legal developments within the EU. The blog seeks also to provide a digital and easily accessible forum for discussion. The blog is written by experienced and young academics, as well as practitioners from around the world. They strive to provide a range of interesting analyses of and ideas on EU law. The blog delivers high-quality legal analysis in a style that is typical to legal blogs: short, informal, and sometimes opinionated and spicy.

      “We believe in an open informed discussion about developments in EU law, as it may affect anyone especially in Europe”


    • Energy Law Blog

      The Energy Law Blog, part of Liskow & Lewis, provides insights and analysis of legal issues impacting the energy industry. They established themselves as leaders in energy law by counselling significant names across different industries. The firm provides comprehensive client representation in litigation and transactional matters across a wide range of business matters.

      "Helping clients navigate complex environmental obstacles is not a service we provide on an infrequent basis – our environmental legal team focuses exclusively on these issues every day."


    • Environmental Law Foundation (ELF)

      The Environmental Law Foundation (ELF) is a charity registered in England and Wales which helps the voice of ordinary people and communities to be heard on issues related to the environment in which they live.

      They provide free information and advice on environmental matters to individuals and communities via their in-house and university based law clinics, and via their network of specialist environmental lawyers and technical experts.

      Their prime focus is to help socially and economically disadvantaged communities to address their concerns, but lack the resources or information to do so. However, everyone is welcome to enquire.

      “It’s about participation and access to justice.

      It’s about your views and feelings – not ours or any ‘green elite’ – on the quality of the air you breathe, on the open spaces, wildlife, land use and waterways near your home.”


    • Environmental Defense Fund (EDF)

      Environmental Defense Fund (EDF) is a non profit fund, and one of the world’s largest environmental organisations, having more than two million members, a faculty body of several hundred of scientists, economists, policy experts, and other professionals around the world.

      What distinguishes EDF is the combination of what they protect and how they protect it. They thrive to solve the most critical environmental problems facing mother nature.

      "We believe prosperity and environmental stewardship must go hand in hand."


    • Environmental Europe?

      Environmental Europe is a blog created by three early career researchers, past and present PhD researchers at the Tyndall Centre for Climate Change Research at the University of East Anglia. Namely, Viviane, Jonas and Brendan.

      They post regularly on ongoing environmental and climate policy developments in the European Union. They thrive to make their academic work accessible to a broader audience, and engage people in discussions on a variety of topics.

      Viviane focuses primarily on environmental policy dismantling, agricultural policy and perspectives from France and the UK. Jonas contributes his work on climate policy evaluation, and taps into insights from his past work on environmental psychology, environmental groups in the EU, as well as views from Germany and the US. Brendan on the other hand, focuses on the politics of climate change mitigation policy in Brussels.

      “We hope that you will enjoy this blog, where we will post regularly on ongoing environmental and climate policy developments in the EU. We hope to make our academic work accessible to a wider range of people and look forward to engaging discussions on a variety of topics.”


    • Law and Environment

      Law and Environment is a blog published by Foley Hoag which thrives to provide some perspective on developments in environmental law and policy. Its emphasis is on developments that may matter to the audience.

      Through their blog, they would like to introduce people to Foley Hoag’s Environmental Practice Group. For the past twenty years, their practice has been New England’s preeminent environmental practice. They have the depth and capacity to handle a wide range of environmental issues that can arise in the course of one’s business.

      The scope of this blog will commensurate with the scope of our practice. We’ll cover climate change, renewable energy, hazardous and solid waste, clean air and water, sustainability and green design.

      “We want to inform, update, comment, and discuss legal issues regarding environmental law.”

    • Silverberg Zalantis LLP

      Silverberg Zalantis LLP strives to combine their big firm experience with the one-to-one attorney-client relationship that is easier to develop and maintain in a small firm setting. Their experienced lawyers leverage technology to provide their corporate, municipal and individual clients with high quality legal services.

      Silverberg Zalantis LLP is experienced in dealing with the often confusing array of regulations and work with their client's engineers and other consultants in resolving problems related to environmental issues.

      "Provide personalized high quality legal services for every client."


    • Legal Planet

      Legal Planet is an independent, academic law and policy blog. It represents a collaboration between faculty at UC Berkeley School of Law and UCLA School of Law.

      The blog draws upon the individual researchers strengths and expertise of the law schools’ legal scholar and think tanks. It strives to bridge the worlds of law and policy, and translating the latest developments in a way that is easy to understand to a mass audience.

      "The global challenge of climate change is the driver behind our work."

    • frESH

      frESH blog, a part of Squire Patton Boggs, provides observations on chief environmental, safety and health developments across the world. It offers a forum for discussions concerning expected policy shifts, influential opinions and decisions and compliance obligations.

      The blog provides truly global perspectives on environmental, safety and health, through the contributions from members their Environmental, Safety and Health (ESH) Practice Group.

      One of their recent articles covers an interesting case, in which a lengthy investigation culminating in a nearly £2,000 fine in regards to illegal deposits of waste on farmland.


    • Climatico

      Climatico is a non-private organisation and relies on public and private donations. Founded in 2008, at Oxford, and later incorporated in Seattle in 2010, serves as an international organisation, representing voices across continents. It aims to take debate and dialogue from the UN and deliver it to the world’s citizens in an accessible and independent manner so that they can more readily participate in an informed climate dialogue.

      “Climatico’s mission is to serve as an educational platform through which national and international climate change policies are made digestible to the global community.”


Regardless of what governments decide to do for protecting the planet, there are certain things that nobody can do for us but ourselves. Even if we do not run a business, we still produce a vast amount of waste that can lead to negative consequences in the long run. Each country has a different way of handling waste but it is our responsibility as citizens to follow the advice when handling our household waste. That is why we created a list of top recycling websites that either function as platforms for companies offering recycling services, or as sources of information on how to recycle, what items to recycle, and how to reduce or even eliminate waste completely.


What we can do together: Recycling

Pearce Group Ltd.
My Zero Waste
Going Zero Waste
Pure Planet Recycling
Recycle More
Recycle Now
Zero Waste Daniel
Return Recycling
SUEZ Recycling
Ecowaste Solutions
Suffolk Recycle
    • Pearce Group Ltd.

      Pearce Group is a family owned business that has been established in the recycling industry since 1869. They are a leading integrated service provider and offer extensive range of recycling services, solutions and equipment that are tailored to suit every person’s recycling needs.

      They offer a comprehensive range of sustainable and responsible recycling services, such as waste compaction equipment, and storage containment. They also offer collection services for all recyclable materials such as paper, cardboard, plastic, metals, and wood.

      "We have the environment at heart and are dedicated to providing cost effective solutions that make recycling easier and more efficient for you."


    • My Zero Waste

      My Zero Waste helps ordinary people reduce their household waste by giving them actionable tips and tricks. The founder, Rachelle Strauss, also organises a yearly event called 'Zero Waste Week' which is a grassroots campaign raising awareness of the environmental impact of waste and empowering participants to reduce the amount of stuff they send to landfill.

      Launched in 2008, the campaign is conducted online via the website, e-newsletters and social media. The reach is far and wide with people signed up in 73 countries and the #ZeroWasteWeek hashtag reached 56 million impressions in 2017.

      Whilst Zero Waste Week formally runs for one week in September, regular newsletters and fresh blog content is sent out throughout the year. The friendly online community share practical experiences and suggestions about waste avoidance via social media to keep the discussion and learning process going. You can join the conversation on Facebook and sign up to the newsletter here:

      "Our overall aim of our site is to inspire and educate other people to reduce their landfill waste as much as possible. We aim to show that a zero waste UK is achievable through practical, workable and realistic steps."


    • Going Zero Waste

      Going Zero Waste is an informational website whose purpose dwells within giving tips on how to live in a more mindful way, paying attention to our everyday actions and making them greener and more environment-friendly, one step at a time.

      The website also has an eshop section, where visitors can find and purchase some zero waste essentials that can make the transition towards sustainability even more feasible and smooth.

      "Zero waste can intimidate people because the word 'zero' seems so finite, but no one is ever going to get to zero. It's not about perfection; it's about making better choices. Small shifts in habit add up to massive impact! Pop on over to the blog and see what tiny changes you can make today!"


    • PLASgran

      PLASgran is an industry leading plastic recycling company that provides individually tailored, first-class waste recovery, reprocessing and logistical services for all types of business sizes, across the UK and Europe.

      “We are proud of our reputation for exceptional customer service levels which set the standard for the industry, whilst also supplying consistently high quality, environmentally friendly products used across the plastics manufacturing sector.”


    • Pure Planet Recycling

      Pure Planet Recycling Limited is a modern recycling company based in Bedford, Bedfordshire. It was established in 2007 with the focus on WEEE (Waste Electrical and Electronic Equipment) and quickly received a reputation for great service at a great price. They are committed to improve their environmental impact, and thusly utilising the most up to date technology available to recycle electrical equipment.

      “As a company we are customer focused and pride ourselves in being an approachable company, we listen to the needs of businesses and adapt our services to ensure complete customer satisfaction.”


    • Recycle More

      Recycle-more is an initiative from Valpal Limited, which represents a one-stop recycling information centre. It owns and hosts the UK’s most comprehensive recycling bank facility. They strive to help and advice people on all aspects of recycling at home, at school and in the workplace.

      "Each year in the UK we go through over 1.2 million tonnes of electrical waste. That is the equivalent of 150 thousand double decker buses!"


    • Recycle Now

      Recycle Now is the national recycling campaign for England. It strives to encourage people to recycle more things, from all around the home. It is supported and funded by the Government, and managed by WRAP. It is used locally by over 90 per cent of English authorities.

      “We're here to help people to recycle more things, more often.”


    • Zero Waste Daniel

      Zero Waste Daniel (ZWD) is the first line of zero waste clothing, composed of 100 per cent scrap material. It represents a closed loop option for the apparel industry to tackle the insurmountable problem that is pollution. It was created by Daniel Silverstein, who is a New York based clothing designer and zero waste pioneer.

      "Living zero waste means sending nothing to landfill and avoiding excess packaging when buying consumer products."


    • Return Recycling

      Return Recycling is an online platform founded in 2014 that helps people pursue zero waste pathways. The group that started this effort consists of NYU students/graduates and offers services to educational institutions and businesses using data-oriented infrastructure, engagement strategies and analytics.

      The aim of Return Recycling is to support the creation of a community-centered, circular economy where no item goes to waste.

      "Return Recycling is all about transparency, responsibility, and community around waste."


    • SUEZ Recycling

      SUEZ recycling and recovery UK is a part of SUEZ group, which was established in the UK more than two decades ago. The company delivers innovative and environmentally-responsible solutions for the waste generated by households and businesses. It strives to create a circular economy in which nearly all waste materials are reused, recycled or recovered for their energy content.

      “At SUEZ, we help to reduce the environmental impact of our customers’ waste by recycling and extracting the value from it.”


    • Ecowaste Solutions

      Ecowaste is a supplier of waste recycling equipment that recycles polystyrene, general waste, food waste, cardboard, glass, wood, PET plastic and metal.

      The company works for various clients of all different sizes and backgrounds, helping them reduce the costs for waste, the amount they would normally send to landfill and their carbon footprint.

      Since taxes on volumes sent to landfill keep increasing, this service will not only contribute to the environment but also to clients' bank account balances.

      "We offer excellent levels of customer service and the advice we offer will enable significant savings to be made on waste costs."


    • Let's Recycle

      Let’s Recycle is a part of the Environment Media Group Ltd and represents the UK’s leading independent dedicated website for businesses, local authorities and community groups involved in recycling and waste management.

      “’s philosophy is to champion waste minimisation, re-use and recycling while recognising the need for a range of sustainable waste management options.”


    • Yorwaste

      Yorwaste is a company that manages the waste of its clients based in North Yorkshire, UK. It is built on 4 main pillars that drive them to perform and serve their customers in the most convenient and sustainable way. They put emphasis on safety, environment, service, innovation and people. Employing over 300 staff, Yorwaste is able to offer quality customer service, comprehensive collection service and economical waste management solutions.

      "Our mission is to deliver high quality, local services that create customer loyalty."


    • Suffolk Recycle

      Suffolk Recycle strives to inform people from Suffolk county about recycling, what can and can’t go in the recycling bins, and as a result to help waste less and save more for the county.

      “Even though we are recycling more than half of Suffolk’s waste, we are still getting a lot of the wrong stuff in the recycling bins.”


DIY Green Projects

Do you want to go even further than that? There are many websites that present how sustainability is all about the little things. A mindful action incorporated in our everyday activities can create a sense of satisfaction, as we are getting out there and are doing something beyond our comfort zone. Before big institutions succeed with incorporating sustainability in the society's daily activities, it is also up to us to do our part. Even if it might not be the most convenient—since we are creatures of convenience—there are many websites that give tips on how to adopt these conscious ways of living in an easier way.

Do-It-Yourself Projects

What we can do ourselves: DIY Green Projects

DIY Network
Craft Gossip
Dream Green DIY
The Eco Friendly Family
So Easy Being Green
Easy Eco Blog
Growing a Green Family
Build It Solar
    • DIY Network

      DIY Network is a website with many sections that features step-by-step instructions for thousands of home improvement projects. It also invests in making series about bigger DIY projects. These projects are usually construction related but some of them also show how to salvage old items or reuse seemingly unusable things. In addition, the website has a large ‘how-to’ library, where visitors can find craft ideas, food production tips and many other useful guides.

      "We are The Home Improvement How-To Network."


    • Craft Gossip

      CraftGossip reviews the best craft ideas and projects for its audience. The blog is divided into several sub-blogs, covering a wide range of topics, including recycling. CraftGossip Recycling covers a variety of projects that people come up with to live an eco-friendly yet pretty and festive lifestyle.

      “Happy Crafting!”


    • Dream Green DIY

      Dream Green DIY was founded in March 2011 and covers lifestyle and crafting topics. Carrie Walker is the writer, stylist and photographer behind the blog. Carrie is always eager to soak up the newest home design trends. On any given Saturday, you’ll find Carrie digging through piles of junk at a local thrift and estate shops searching for her next conversation piece.

      “Are you up to the crafty challenge?”


    • The Eco Friendly Family

      The founder of The Eco Friendly Family, Amanda Hearn, devotes her time to write about topics that are crucial for her family to pursue an eco-friendly lifestyle. The main topics that she focuses on are healthy recipes, composting, feminine menstrual care, green ways of cleaning house or reducing chemical exposure.

      She is also committed to provide information on DIY products that can help people get closer to a zero waste lifestyle.

      "Choosing a lifestyle change requires a little bit of relearning, but choosing products and foods that help you live a healthier life is rewarding physically, mentally, financially and globally – your choices make a huge impact!"


    • So Easy Being Green

      Six years ago, a mother of two, Lindsey Blogs, started sharing her passion for sustainability through her website So Easy Being Green. Her main areas of focus are DIY green tips, healthy food recipes and 'going green' techniques. Her page is a great source of information if you are one of the conscious inhabitants of this planet. Many of her posts are reviews of eco-friendly products and can serve as a reliable inspiration for you next buying decisions.

      "It's so easy being a mainstream green family."


    • Easy Eco Blog

      Easy Eco Blog is designed to help people become ‘greener’ and eco-friendly with tips that are doable with a minimal amount of effort. They strive to help the environment, while saving money and improve the world’s quality of life. Their tips are based on their own experiences, which will help people more environmentally-friendly.

      “Many want to help the environment, but few are willing to change their entire lifestyle.”


    • Growing a Green Family

      Growing a Green Family is a blog, created by Jennifer Chait, that covers primarily topics on how different families can incorporate eco-friendly actions into their everyday life, even while dealing with all the ups and downs of family life.

      When it comes to green living, I believe that…

      “With support, any family can learn how to make eco-friendly choices.

      Eco-advocates should be brutally honest about how much work it can be to go green. There’s a learning curve for sure, but not everyone talks about it.”


    • Build It Solar

      Build It Solar is 'The Renewable Energy Site for Do-It-Yourselfers.' It is a great information source that places its focus on listing plans, tools and information on building renewable energy and conservation projects.

      The posts can be as simple as giving an advice on how to change a lightbulb, but also as complex as sharing a guide on how to build a solar home.

      "If you choose your renewable energy projects carefully, it will cost little money, and save a lot of money on energy bills. It will also save many tons of CO2 emissions."

Green Technology

We've been witnessing an extremely fast speed which runs the development of technology, playing a crucial role in everyone's lives. In recent years, green technology development enjoyed further importance with the view of solving major climate change and pollution issues. Despite the complaints about technology permeating our lives too much, we cannot oversee the huge benefit it brings in terms of efficiency and productivity. If we leverage our knowledge in a constructive way and invest money in developing relevant gadgets that can upgrade this efficiency and eco-friendliness, then there will be no doubt about how green technology can be helpful. In fact, it is and will be the major player in helping us reach the vision of a fully sustainable civilisation.

See our list of top websites that focus on technology being developed within the renewable energy sector.

Green Technology

How tech can help: Green Technology

Clean Technica
Practical Action
Green Tech Gazette
The Green Optimistic
US Green Technology
Web Ecoist
Planet Save
    • Clean Technica

      Clean Technica is a US-based website that focuses on noteworthy topics of solar power, clean transport, energy efficiency, wind power and energy storage. Nevertheless, they do not limit themselves only to that, and often cover other sustainability-related issues. The vision for the page is to inspire people to make cleantech part of their lives by sharing correct information and debunking mass media-created myths.

      "CleanTechnica is the #1 cleantech-focused news & analysis site in the world."


    • Practical Action

      Practical Action is a registered UK charity, which through innovative thinking and technical knowledge enable communities to build on their skills and experience to develop practical solutions to their most pressing needs. They vision technology as a chief role in solving major challenges facing humanity, such as poverty and climate change. They believe the right idea can change lives, allow people to live in dignity and protect the world

      “We believe that no organisation alone can bring about the changes needed to benefit everyone. To make the change happen, we will engage and inspire practitioners, policy-makers, markets, funders and communities to work together, so our work can impact the lives of far more people than we can reach directly.”


    • Ecofriend

      Ecofriend addresses those who do not consider the environment as a separate entity, but rather feel themselves as an integral part of it. The main focus of Ecofriend is to emphasise latest green technologies, lifestyle trends and help tackle global warming among other environmental matters.

      “The idea behind Ecofriend is simple: to inform and educate consumers who love to possess the latest gadgets and products available in the market and who are also concerned about the environment around them.”


    • Green Tech Gazette

      Green Tech Gazette is a place that tries to create space for environmental people and technology enthusiasts in order to conjoin these two crucial areas and share information on green technology. The page publishes frequent posts presenting news, opinions and inventions that can help out the environment.

      "Greener living through technology – yeah, baby!"

    • The Green Optimistic

      The Green Optimistic, founded in 2008, publishes news on alternative energy and environmentally-friendly technologies. They strive to ‘wake’ up the common sense of their audience and make them think of Earth and how they can contribute to its well-being

      “Due to the large number of green technologies recently invented, one might be confused while choosing a lifestyle that’s both comfortable and environmentally-friendly.

      We’re here to make that decision clearer by showing our readers the most important green discoveries and technologies that affect people on a wide scale, or examples worth following.”


    • US Green Technology

      US Green Technology strives to make their audience aware of what it can do at home to take care of the Earth, bringing Green Street to Main Street.

      "The World Writes Our Mission Statement

      The goal of U.S. Green Technology is to intersect Main Street with Green Street by focusing on green technology news, new green start-ups, green technological invention and green jobs. We also highlight green building, green manufacturing, changes in green business, green social media campaigns and the spread of the green movement throughout entertainment.”

    • Web Ecoist

      If you want to learn more about the environment and sustainable lifestyle, WebEcoist is a great option for you! The website covers many topics that go deep into these areas. Sometimes you will have a good laugh and other times you gain more knowledge about serious issues in the world. It covers topics like green gadgets, renewable energy, green trends, food, art or conscious travel.

      "WebEcoist goes beyond being an ordinary ‘green’ lifestyle, design and travel publication."


    • Planet Save

      Planet Save is a green blog, that strives to tackle matters such as climate change, renewable energies, means of transport and many more. It does it with a friendly and, sometimes humorous tone that one might consider climate change and sustainability as not serious issues, however, it manages to attract readers’ attention.

      "Tryin' our best to help the world - plants, animals, and people! through green living, action & activism, and education."


Congratulations to all nominees and participants. See you next year!

If you believe we have missed a viral website from our list, or you have any other questions concerning the award, do not hesitate to contact us.

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