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Last updated: 24 March 2021

Earthships: Is It Time to Live a Radically Sustainable Life?

The average monthly energy and food spendings of a UK household accounts for more than £350. That is a significant amount of money bearing in mind that there are many more areas where we want and need to invest our money in order to live a fulfilling life.

Luckily, our growing need for green solutions that are economically feasible at the same time, has brought new ideas of sustainable construction to light.

To be more specific, Michael Reynolds, the founder of Earthship Biotecture, came up with an epitome of green construction, commonly referred to as Earthships—‘the most versatile and economical sustainable green building design in the world.’

Look at the infographics that we at Greenmatch created to get a clearer understanding of what all the hype is about:

Infographic about earthships

If you would like to use this infographic on your website, use the embed code below:

Now imagine that with an Earthship you can cut most of your everyday costs. This construction can reduce (or even eliminate) not only your electricity costs but also your water bills, food bills, gas bills and more.

You heard that right. Thanks to the ideas and solutions that Michael Reynolds puts into practice all over the world, living off the grid is now a feasible reality.

And what if you still have doubts about going all in and have a whole Earthship built? Then we suggest implementing at least some of the unique concepts that Earthship Biotecture experiments with. It starts from sewage treatment, rain water harvesting, food production system, green energy generation, and using recycled items as the core material of each building.

These systems have also been successfully implemented in many relief projects in locations in need—especially after disastrous events. In fact, Earthship Biotecture’s aim is reaching 5 relief projects every year, and that is truly something.

We hope you got inspired and will try to implement some of the systems that will make our planet thrive.

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