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Last updated: 24 March 2021

5 Sustainable Restaurants in the UK

More and more Restaurants in the UK want to serve not only the guest but also the environment. Jim Cowie the co-owner of ‘The Captains Galley,’ and Nr. 1 on the infographic made by GreenMatch, said in an Interview to the Dailymail, ‘We think more of our customers than to fill them up with chemicals [from fish farms] of which nobody knows the long-term effects.’

When Are Restaurants Sustainable?

The Sustainable Restaurants Association (SRA), uses their own framework to measure 14 key focus areas to rate the sustainability of restaurants. Being sustainable as a restaurant is not only a trend to attract more customers, it is about the environment and preserving it, says the SRA. Restaurants are finally changing their mind and ingredients. Sustainable restaurants serve high-quality food while not exploiting the nature, on the contrary, they use natural resources for heating, recycle their food waste, and use an aquaponic system to produce their own pesticide-free vegetables.

Tim Bouget, owner of Cafe Ode, number 2 on the infographic made by GreenMatch, believes in a ‘nose2tail’ approach:

We still use great produce but when we buy our deer we buy it whole and don’t waste any of it. We use all the parts of the animal on different parts of the menu, so the ribs go for staff meals, the neck for burgers and then the loin for the high-end dishes on the menu.’

GreenMatch has created this infographic to highlight 5 of the best sustainable restaurants in the UK.

5 Great Sustainable Restaurants in the UK

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