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Last updated: 1 February 2023

Earth Day, April 22

Every year on 22nd of April, more than a billion of people take the actions for the Earth Day. Persons from Tokyo to New York, from Paris to Moscow, from Johannesburg to Barnet, gather to tidy up their communities, plant trees, get in touch with their officials, turn off their lights and all unnecessary electricity consuming appliances. All this in order to preserve the environment.

How It All Started

In 1970, we enjoyed the last album from The Beatles, we had to say goodbye to Jimi Hendrix, but we also celebrated the first Earth Day, introduced by the US Senator Gaylord Nelson. The event drew the attention of more than 20 million people, which is certainly more than impressive. In 2009, The United Nations finally decided to announce their decision to make the 22nd of April the International Mother Earth Day!

Earth Day Today

Today Earth Day is celebrated by over a billion people, located in more than 200 countries, including England. Even though London was once labeled as the Big Smoke, because of the excessive fumes  produced by many of the big industrial factories, the city is now as eco-friendly as many of its global counterparts. The city of London is no longer home to the excessive amount of flames and is now one of the leading cities to celebrate the International Earth Day! Organizations, Individuals, Schools, all of them take part and make a difference. People can schedule a day for tree planting, recycle and collect as much plastic and metal as possible or just  gather and talk about different environmental issues.

Infographic _earth Day

Why Do We Need Earth Day?

Because it works! It increases the support for all sorts of “greener” initiatives, it revives public commitment and activism around the globe through many different events and activities. It is also, by far, the largest civic event in the world celebrated simultaneously by people all over the world, people with different cultural background, different faiths and nationalities. It is probably the only event that brings people from all around the globe together.

What Can I Do For Earth Day?

There are many things that each and everyone of us can do. Volunteer for cleaning up your community, plant a tree, change bad habits, utilize green energy sources for your home (or at least consider it). Do something good for our planet and have fun in the meantime. Try and get more of your friends and relatives to do the same, get people involved.

How “Green” Are You?

It’s very easy to get a bit carried away and ignore environmental issues,  but  technological developments are making it a bit easier for all of us. Green energy solutions such as solar panels, heat pumps and boilers are experiencing a tremendous growth. Additionaly, if you decided to invest in one of green energy or heating source, you might be eligible for financial support provided by the UK Government.'

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