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Last updated: 09 June 2021

Samsung Heat Pumps

Samsung Air-to-water Heat Pumps


Samsung’s heat pump line is EHS (Ecological and Economical Heating System) and it includes three models: EHS Mono, EHS Split, and EHS TDM. This product line has been designed to respond to the ever-growing problem of CO2 emissions and oil shortage. The company's efforts towards fewer emissions have been rewarded with a plethora of eco-label certifications. Samsung heat pumps have high seasonal COP (coefficient of performance), releasing a small amount of CO2 and have low running costs. These devices also perform well in cold weather, even at freezing temperature and they have been designed to be less bulky and fit in smaller spaces. Samsung heat pumps are equipped with remote controls that allow constant monitoring of the device and displays that provide useful information.

There are three types of Samsung EHS heat pumps:

EHS Mono: it is composed of an inverter compressor that operates according to the external temperature. The outdoor units are light and compact so that the installation phase is easy and it doesn't require great efforts. The set includes a pre-plumbed cylinder unit that reduces the time spent on putting together the components since most of them are already assembled before sale.

EHS Split: this heat pump provides constant and reliable performance for the whole season. ESH Split heat pumps can work with additional devices Thus, the system is very flexible and it can be adapted to different conditions and needs. Furthermore, some changes have been implemented to improve their performance; they have included a fan producing low noise, an anti-snowing mode, and a silent mode to be activated during the night.

EHS TDM: this system heats both the indoor area and the water by using a single outdoor unit controlled with Time Division Multi. This allows a smart allocation of energy between air-to-air and air-to-water devices. The outdoor system has two functions: it can be used to heat in the winter and to cool it in the summer. This system also implements mixed heating in order to speed up the warming process: it uses underfloor floor heating coupled with hot air blowing.

How Do Samsung Heat Pumps Work?

Samsung heat pumps work by extracting heat from the outside environment and pushing it through a refrigerant, that is how they are able to produce heat for heating the house and the domestic hot water supply.

SAMSUNG ECO Heating System heat pump

Price Range

It is hard to give an exact price evaluation of Samsung heat pumps since the final result is affected by many variables such as the size of the house, the overall consumption that is connected to the desired warmth level. These are important variables and estimating them is the first step toward a realistic and reliable heat pump price forecast.

What you can do is to fill out the form that is provided and specify the type of heat pump you would like to buy, how big is your property in square meters and what kind of heating you are currently using. You will receive up to four offers you can compare.