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Last updated: 16 October 2023

Which is the Best Boiler to Buy for 2023 in the UK?

Choosing the best new boiler for your home can be a puzzling task, considering how many boiler brands and types there are to choose from. Therefore, it is useful to know all the different product specifications and household factors before making your purchase, as these factors will affect how much your new boiler costs.

The next step is finding out which new boiler is best for your home. To make things easier and simple for you, instead of spending hours doing endless research by yourself, GreenMatch offers up to 4 voluntary and completely free quotes from our professional installers. By clicking the link below you can have the peace of mind that you’re not getting overcharged:

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Which boiler is best?

According to a survey of our installers, the best boilers are manufactured by Worcester Bosch, Vaillant, Viessmann, Ideal and Baxi. The best boiler depends on your heating needs, as well as factors like price, warranty and product range. 

It is highly recommended to consult with a professional to determine which is the best boiler brand for your specific needs, taking into account these and other relevant factors. However, to make things easier for you, we have provided you with a guide to the best boiler brands to buy on the market.

Top 8 best boilers in the UK

In this section, we’ve listed some of the best boilers available in the UK. However, before we get to the list it’s important to address why asking “which boiler is the best?” is not a simple question. There is not one supreme boiler that meets every household’s needs.

Which boiler is best for you depends on factors like how many radiators you have, how much hot water you use, the location of your home, etc. Therefore, you’ll need to consider many aspects such as your boiler’s output size, which fuel types you have access to, which are the most sustainable, and what your budget is.

When attempting to purchase the best new boiler on the market it’s also important to look at its efficiency rating and warranty. The higher the boiler efficiency rating, the less energy, and money that’s going to waste. While the longer the warranty period is, the more you can feel secure that your boiler is going to last.

The list of things to consider in order to secure your next best new boiler can soon get overwhelming. For this reason in the rest of this section, we’ll walk you through everything you need to know about the best gas, electric, oil, and biomass boilers.

Best gas boilers

Gas boilers are the most common boiler type among homeowners, as the UK undoubtedly has a broad natural gas grid, connected to at least 84% of domestic properties.

Even if you are not connected to the gas grid, many gas boilers are also compatible with liquified petroleum gas (LPG). So, that is another fuel option for you to consider.

Gas is generally more economical than electricity per kilowatt hour (kWh)kWh, however, the energy price cap is subject to change.

The natural gas combustion process produces carbon monoxide (CO). Whilst this odourless and colourless gas can compromise your health, a gas boiler poses a minimal threat to your safety. Actually, in the UK it is required by law to have your gas boiler installed by a Gas Safe Registered installer. Among other reasons, this measure seeks to rule out potential CO leaks. Installing a CO detector is also recommended.

Even though it is not as ecological, studies show that gas is still the cleanest fossil fuel compared to others such as oil. On top of that, many modern condensing gas boilers are ready to run on a 20% hydrogen blend. So in the future, if the National Grid switches to a more sustainable hydrogen gas blend your brand new gas boiler will have no issues adapting. Below we’ve listed some of the most notable gas boilers:

#1 Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style combi gas boiler

Boiler Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi

Worcester Bosch’s Greenstar range is award-winning, and their 8000 Style combi boiler is no exception. In addition to being a top-quality boiler, you are able to choose between 2 high-gloss colours: black or white.

The Greenstar 8000 Style is available as a system boiler as well as a combi. This series includes boiler models suitable for a wide range of properties: from smaller homes with 1 bathroom to houses with around 20 radiators and more than 2 bathrooms.

  • Available central heating output: 30kW and 35kW
  • Available domestic hot water output (only combi boilers): 30kW, 35kW, 40kW, 45kW, and 50kW
  • LPG compatible: Yes
  • Efficiency: 94%
  • Warranty: Up to 12 years warranty
  • Estimated price (excl. installation): £1,300 – £2,297

#2 ATAG IC Economiser Plus combi gas boiler

Atag Ic Economiser Plus Combi Gas Boiler

ATAG is known for its reliability, offering some of the longest warranties for its boilers including the IC Economiser Plus. The brand has a lot of support from its customers, scoring 4.8 out of 5 stars from over 4200 reviews,  being the UK’s highest-rated boiler brand on Trustpilot.

  • Available central heating output: 23.2kW and 31.2kW
  • Available domestic hot water output: 29.8kW, 40.3 kW, and 42.5kW
  • LPG compatible: Yes
  • Efficiency: 94%
  • Warranty: Up to 14 years
  • Estimated price (excl. installation): £1,950 – £2,160

Best electric boilers

Electric boilers, and specifically electric combi boilers, are a great choice for homeowners who are searching for a small and compact solution. It is also a good substitute for homes that are not connected to the gas grid.

Electric boilers are very energy efficient, as they convert electricity into heat well. However, even though their initial price may be lower, electric boilers can be pricey to operate, as the cost of electricity tends to be higher than the cost of gas. Also, while electricity is often thought to be more sustainable, many energy suppliers produce electricity by burning fossil fuels.

However, to combat these issues it may be possible to generate your electricity from renewable sources, whether that’s from installing your own solar panels or through a green energy supplier. By doing this, the benefits of electric boilers can be considered to outnumber the downsides, becoming a great choice for your next best new boiler.

Below we’ve listed some of the best electric boileroptions on the UK market:

#1 Electric Heating Company Mercury electric combi boiler

Electric Heating Company Mercury Combi Boiler

Electric Heating Company is a leading manufacturer of electric boilers and states that its products are designed with eco-friendly heating and hot water solutions in mind.

Electric combi boiler models are compact units capable of providing you with heating and domestic hot water on demand with no need for additional parts (e.g. hot water cylinders). They are best suited for small to medium-sized properties; however, some of the best combi boilers available in the UK market can meet the requirements of large homes.

  • Available output: 12kW, 14kW, 19kW, and 26kW
  • Efficiency: 100%
  • Warranty: Possibility of 5 years guarantee
  • Estimated price (excl. installation): £1,527 – £1,849

#2 Elnur Mattira system electric boiler

Elnur Mattira Electric System Boiler

Most electric boilers are combi models, however, if you have a larger home, you might want to consider a system boiler, as they are some of the best boilers for large houses and homes with multiple bathrooms. You should be aware, however, that system boilers must work alongside a hot water storage cylinder in order to meet the higher demands of a larger home. This will require additional space to store.

If you are looking for an electric system boiler, then the Elnur Mattira may be one to consider. Mattira boilers can also be installed in combination with other heating systems such as thermal solar panels and heat pumps.

  • Available output: 3kW – 15kW
  • Efficiency: 100%
  • Warranty: Standard warranty of 2 years. The hot water cylinder can be covered for 5 years.
  • Estimated price (excl. installation): £1,000 – £1,200

By clicking the link below, GreenMatch is here to help you by offering up to 4 free no-obligation quotes from our network of professional installers within minutes to allow you to save money, gain insight into the market and make an informed final decision to choose the best new boiler for your home.

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Best oil boilers

If your house has no access to the national gas network, oil can be an alternative fuel option to consider when attempting to choose a new boiler.

Oil-fired boilers require a fuel storage tank that can take up a lot of ground space. As a result, it is not suitable for small houses with limited ground area. Also, you will need to closely monitor the amount of oil you have left in the tank to ensure heating and hot water availability at all times.

Keep in mind that oil-fired boilers also require a burner kit which can cost you extra as it may be sold separately.

Their popularity is declining due to rising oil fired combi boiler prices and environmental concerns. However, if you still deem it to be the most suitable option for your home then below are some of the most efficient models you can consider:

#1 Viessmann Vitorondens 200-T oil system boiler

Viessmann Vitorondens 200 T Oil Boiler

Since the company was founded in 1917, Viessmann has been manufacturing a wide range of different types of boilers and delivering top-quality products. The Vitorondens 200-T is one of their top boilers. As with other system boilers, it will need a hot water storage cylinder to supply your showers and taps with hot water.

  • Available output: 20.2kW, 24.6kW, 28.9kW, 35.4kW, 42.8kW, and 53.7kW
  • Efficiency: 97%
  • Warranty: 7 years
  • Estimated price (excl. installation): £4,967 – £5,338.37

#2 Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II oil combi boiler

Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave Ii Combi Oil Boiler

According to Worcester Bosch the Greenstar Heatslave II is the UK’s most popular oil combi boiler. It can easily fit under a kitchen unit and is also available in an external model, so you have the freedom to choose which one best suits your home.

  • Available output: 18kW, 25kW, and 32kW
  • Efficiency: 90%
  • Warranty: Up to 7 years
  • Estimated price (excl. installation): £2,200 – £2,500

Best biomass boilers

Biomass boilers can heat your radiators and provide your home with hot water by burning wood or its derivatives, which are considered renewable types of fuel. Even though wood is considered to be carbon neutral due to carbon recycling, it can still produce carbon monoxide (CO) when burning. Therefore, we found out that you should install a detector nearby to monitor the CO level.

You also need to evaluate space availability, when considering a biomass boiler. You will need plenty of room for the appliance and to store the fuel. Your home will also need to have a high chimney, with a minimum height of 4.5 metres.

What’s more, you can now receive £5,000 from the Boiler Upgrade Scheme for installing a biomass boiler (if you meet certain criteria).

If you’re interested in getting a new biomass boiler for your home you can check out our top picks below:

#1 Grant Spira wood pellet boiler

grant spira biomass boiler

The first boiler on our list is the Spira from Grant. It was awarded “The best renewable energy product” in 2011 when it launched, having one of the highest efficiencies and environmentally friendly outcomes from biomass boilers. It is easy to install with low maintenance and simple to operate since it includes a burner self-cleaning system along with automatic fuel delivery.

  • Available output: 5kW – 72kW
  • Efficiency: 97%
  • Warranty: Up to 5 years when installed by a Grant trained installer
  • Estimated price (excl. installation): £7,800 – £12,500

#2 Froling T4e pellet and wood chip boiler

froling t4e biomass boiler

Our next choice for biomass boilers is the Froling T4e. This boiler can burn both wood chips and pellets due to its intelligent fully-automatic system, ensuring a high level of energy efficiency (up to 93.7%) while also allowing for low emissions. In addition, thanks to its modular design and compact dimensions it is particularly easy to install.

  • Available output: The range includes models with output ratings ranging from 20kW up to 250kW
  • Efficiency: 93.7%
  • Warranty: Up to 5 years
  • Estimated price (excl. installation): £8,000 – £14,000

These are the best gas, electric, oil, and biomass boilers on the market, but in order to find the best new boiler for your home GreenMatch offers you up to 4 completely free and tailored quotes to help you avoid settling for the first option presented to you and potentially overpaying for a product or service. Our quotes also allow you to avoid missing out on deals or better-suited options from other companies. Sign up by clicking the link below:

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Which is the best boiler?: Factors to consider and comparison tables

As mentioned earlier there are a few key things to consider when choosing the best boiler for your home. We’ll explain in a little more detail what they are here. Furthermore, we’ve created some comparison tables to help you gauge which boiler and fuel type might be most suitable for you.

which boiler is best

Fuel type: First, you need to find out which fuel types are accessible for you. For example, whether or not you’re connected to the gas grid, and whether or not you have the space to store fuels like oil or wood.

Next, you should consider how much it costs and also how environmentally friendly it is. The following table gives an indication of both of these factors. It’s important to note that the carbon intensity of electricity can vary widely depending on whether it is produced from fossil fuels or renewable sources.

CO2 emission & average cost per kWh of fuel types in England, Scotland and Wales
Fuel TypeGasOilElectricityLPGWood Pellet
kg CO2/kWh0.2130.2980.2250.2400.048

Data is published by Energy Saving Trust (July 2023).

CO2 emission & average cost per kWh of fuel types in Northern Ireland
Fuel TypeGasOilElectricityLPGWood Pellet
kg CO2/kWh0.2130.2980.2340.2400.048

Data is published by the Energy Saving Trust (July 2023).

Efficiency rating: The higher the efficiency rating the less energy and money you’ll waste. For example, if your boiler is 94% efficient then you’ll only be wasting 6% of the total energy. This translates to only wasting 6p for every £1 you spend on heating bills.

Warranty: After years of firsthand experience, we can conclude that the warranty period is a good indicator of the quality of a brand. This shows how much confidence a brand has in its product and how much they are willing to support you if anything should go wrong. The longer the warranty period the more peace of mind you’ll have.

Output size: Which output size you’ll need will depend on the size of your home and what your household’s hot water demands are. Output is measured in kilowatts (kW), and is an indicator of how powerful a boiler is. If the output size is too small for your home then your boiler won’t meet your hot water needs, however, if the output size is too big then you could end up wasting energy and money burning fuel you won’t use.

The table below should give you a rough idea of which size you’ll need depending on the type of boiler and how many radiators you have. However, it’s important to stress that this is only a guideline and you should always check with a professional to find the best fit for your home.

Boiler output size guideline
No. of RadiatorsCombiSystemConventional
Up to 1024-27 kW9-18 kW9-18 kW
Up to 1528-34 kW18-26 kW18-26 kW
Up to 20 (and over)35-42 kW27-40 kW27-40 kW

Cost: How much you are willing to pay for your next best new boiler will of course depend on your own personal budget. However, one thing you should keep in mind is that the cheapest boiler is not necessarily the best value option. It’s a good idea to take into account the fuel type, efficiency rating, and warranty, as these will affect the running costs and how many years your boiler lasts.

Below we’ve created a table summarising these factors for each of our top boilers so that you can easily compare them side by side:

Best boilers on the UK market 2023
Type of BoilerFuel TypeOutput Size (kW)Efficiency RatingWarrantyTypical Price (excl. installation)
Grant SpiraBiomass- pellets5 – 7297%Up to 5 years£11,000 – £12,500
Froling T4eBiomass – pellets and chips20 – 25093.7%Up to 5 years£8,000 – £14,000
Electric Heating Company Mercury Combi BoilerElectric12, 14, 19, 26100%5 years£1,527 – £1849
Elnur Mattira System BoilerElectric3 – 15100%2 years£1,000 – £1,200
Worcester Bosch Greenstar 8000 Style Combi BoilerGasCentral heating: 30 and 35
Hot water: 30, 35, 40, 45, and 50
94%Up to 12 years£1,300 – £2,297
ATAG IC Economiser Plus Combi BoilerGasCentral heating: 23.2 and 31.2
Hot water: 29.8, 40.3, and 42.5
94%Up to 14 years£1,950 – £3200
Viessmann Vitorondens 200-T System BoilerOil20.2, 24.6, 28.9, 35.4, 42.8, and 53.797%7 years£6,972 – £7,742
Worcester Bosch Greenstar Heatslave II Combi BoilerOil18, 25, and 3290%Up to 7 years£2,200 – £2,500

New boiler installation costs in the UK are usually between £650 – £2,500 but can reach costs of up to £4,000. The variation responds to the rates applied in different regions, potential additional parts and labour, and the complexity of the installation.

Which is the best boiler brand?

It is important to note that the task of determining which is the best boiler brand for a particular individual is totally subjective and ultimately depends on personal circumstances such as location, the type of property, specific heating needs, and the budget. It is highly recommended to consult with a professional to determine the best boiler brand for your specific needs, taking into account these and other relevant factors. However, to make things easier for you, we have provided you with a guide to the best boiler brands to buy on the market.

How to find the best deals for your new boiler

As you can see from the section above there are many factors to take into account when finding the most cost-effective boiler. This makes choosing the best new boiler to buy difficult. It is even more difficult and time-consuming when it comes to choosing a trustworthy provider with the best deals on the market.

Installation costs of a new boiler can vary widely depending on factors such as installation complexity, location, and how soon you want your boiler installed. That’s why it’s important to compare offers from multiple installers.

GreenMatch allows you to reach the best boiler providers on the market and easily compare their quotes side by side. Normally, researching each provider individually on your own can take several hours, probably days. On the other hand, with our help, you can get quotes tailored to your needs in a fraction of that time.

Doing it yourself:
  1. Spend hours scrolling through the internet, clicking through various websites.
  2. Work out which installers are based in your area (and pray they’re available).
  3. Find the contact details and ring each installer one by one.
  4. Explain your situation and share your details over and over again.
  5. Once you’ve finally collected all your quotes, go back and forth comparing them.
With GreenMatch:
  1. Simply click the button below and fill in your details only once.
  2. Receive up to 3 free quotes from qualified local installers and compare them side by side.

Already have an idea of what you’re looking for and don’t want to waste any more time? Simply click the button below to get up to 4 boiler quotes. It’s completely free and you’re under no obligation to accept any of the quotes you receive.

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