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Last updated: 09 June 2021

Secondary Glazing Cost & Prices: Extensive Guide for the UK

How Much Does Secondary Glazing Cost?

Secondary glazing costs are less than double glazing cost. Keep in mind that while improving your comfort and saving energy, there will be several factors determining secondary glazing cost. Depending on the structure of the building, the size of the window sill, the materials for the window frames, and the extent of your project, all these factors determine how high secondary glazing costs will be.

In order to limit your expenses, there are some intelligent ways to decrease energy consumption in your home or office. Although there will be an initial investment to install secondary glazing, you will ultimately save money and reduce your energy bills, and this is a less costly solution than double glazing. By choosing secondary glazing you will improve the comfort of your home or office by retaining heat, limiting noise, and increasing your security.

To give an example, installing secondary glazing is rather budget friendly compared to installing double glazing, as it allows you to add on to the existing structure of your building. Therefore, installation will be less technical and less time consuming.

The table below offers an approximation on years it will take before you start profiting from your initial investment in secondary glazing. Our approximation is based on a medium sized house with 12m2 of secondary glazing.

Secondary Glazing Cost Return On Investment
Types of secondary glazing Installation cost secondary glazing (£) Monthly savings on energy bill (£) Approximate years before return on investment
Sliding secondary glazing £4500 to £5500 £45 8 years
Lift-out secondary glazing £3500 to £4000 £45 7 years
Magnetic secondary glazing £1500 to £2000 £45 3 years
Fixed secondary glazing £2000 to £2500 £45 4 years

In order to calculate your exact expenses we created a list of double glazing companies who specialise in installing secondary glazing offering the sharpest quotes for citizens in the UK.

If you’re interested in finding out more about secondary glazing cost, fill in our short 1-minute form at the top of this page to get up to four quotes from trusted suppliers and fitters. Our services are free and there are no further obligations involved.

Image of a English Raster Window

Here at GreenMatch, we want to introduce you to the cost of secondary glazed windows and assist you in deciding if secondary glazed windows are the right investment for you.

5 Factors Affecting Secondary Glazing Prices In The UK

This list will explain how several secondary glazing cost arise. Hiring a secondary glazing professional guarantees the best fit.

  • Prices range from economical systems to luxury systems.
  • Fitting secondary glazing on your listed building is recommended by the Heritage Foundation and the Listed Property Owners Club.
  • Installing secondary glass has more advantages than just saving money.
  • Installation by a professional guarantees the quality of the fit and is cost effective.
  • Secondary glazing saves money on your energy bills during winter and summer.

How Much Energy Can You Preserve With Secondary Glazing?

A well insulated house will not only improve your comfort, it will also save a pretty penny. On average a medium sized grade II building will have a monthly energy bill of approximately £150 each month.

Save Money with Secondary Glazing
Size of building Energy bill per month Pounds saved per month (£)
Small £100 £30
Medium £150 £45
Large £200 £60

Although homes are able to retain heat, windows account for more than 30% of a building’s heating losses. No matter the age of your building, you can improve comfort and decrease your energy bills by sealing air leaks, repairing windows and investing in better insulation. If your primary windows are in fairly good condition, installing secondary glazing can boost energy efficiency and comfort by about 25% of the cost of a total replacement.

Grade II listed buildings usually have inadequate insulation, installing double glazing windows makes for a substantial improvement in comfort. Adding modern secondary glazing to your existing windows adds the benefits of improved comfort in your monumental building.

save energy money eco

How To Preserve Energy Step-By-Step

Preserving energy is a long term investment. Some energy saving techniques will have a high initial cost. Changing your old washing machine by a brand new one will easily cost £600 already. This will save you water, and it will also upgrade the freshness of your laundry, however it will not decrease your energy bill as dramatically as installing secondary glazing. To give you an idea, here is a step by step guide in how you can save money on your energy bill.

  1. Insulation of roof, doors and windows with draft strips and silicone kit. 
  2. Close inter-building doors during winter.
  3. Install high efficiency secondary glazing with these companies.
  4. Installation of a smart thermostat.
  5. Installation of grade A appliances.

Does Secondary Glazing Cost Less Than Double Glazing?

Secondary glazing windows can be installed for 25% of the cost for double glazed windows, making it a cheaper alternative for window insulation. Secondary glazing suppliers offer a great variety of options, depending on the type of window you want to have installed. There are horizontal sliding windows, vertical sliding windows, combination secondary glazing, hinged casing secondary glazing, sash windows, magnetic secondary glazing and a bunch more. Depending on your existing window some technical aspects may arise which either decrease or increase the cost of secondary glazing.

Types of Secondary Glazing

Sliding secondary glazing

Vertical and horizontal sash frame styles are offered by different suppliers, Everest secondary glazing offers a variety of side hinged, vertical and horizontal sash windows. Their secondary glazing cost approximately £400 per square meter.

Lift-out secondary glazing

This system is perfect for big windows which need to be opened and shut on a regular basis. A major benefit is that the layer of glass is not noticeable on the in- and outside of the window. The character of structure is guaranteed and the quality of the glass eliminates noise and improves insulation.

Magnetic secondary glazing

You can either purchase the different components for magnetic secondary glazing or obtain a ready fixed system, where you peel off one side of the tape to get started. Magnetic secondary glazing cost will approximately be £150 per square meter.

Fixed secondary glazing

This type of glazing is bolted to the existing frames, therefore it is only suitable for soft material frames. Clearview secondary glazing offers a wide variety of secondary glazing kits which come with pre-drilled holes and are easy to install on softer types of window frames. One great benefit is that fixed secondary glazing is firmer and cost about as much as magnetic secondary glazing.

Save Money with Secondary Glazing
Types of Secondary Glazing Pro's of Secondary Glazing Con's of Secondary Glazing Approximate price per m2 (£)
Sliding secondary glazing Easy to use Bar blocking part of view £400
Lift-out secondary glazing Ideal for large windows that are frequently used Heavy to handle, depending on size £300
Magnetic secondary glazing Easy to install Visible magnetic strip £150
Fixed secondary glazing Robust and durable Installation on soft frames only £200
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How Much Money Can You Save by Installing It Yourself?

You can save a decent amount of money when installing secondary glazing yourself. A glazier can easily calculate an average salary of £60 an hour. If you are skilled and a bit of a hobbyist you will not only save money by eliminating that person’s salary but you will also save money on the materials used, since you will be the one picking the materials with the sharpest quality to quantity ratio.

If you decide to purchase secondary glazing windows, you might consider ordering different types of secondary glazing for various types of existing windows. In the table below we give an indication of what you are expected to save when you install the secondary glazing yourself.

Types and Costs
  Approximate purchase cost per window Approximate installation cost per hour Approximate installation cost per window
Installed by a glazier £900 £60 £240
Installed yourself £900 £0 £0
Money saved £0 £60 £240

Total savings per window: £300

DIY Installation Of Secondary Glazing

There are some DIY basics in installing secondary glazing which can save you a good amount of money. DIY secondary glazing solutions are less durable and far less efficient compared to professional grade secondary glazing. Here is a list of DIY basics to give you an idea how you can install secondary glazing yourself.

  1. Always measure before ordering.
  2. Order your secondary glazing with an extra two centimeters to allow for movement in the window over time.
  3. Disinfect the window frame.
  4. Mark the outline of the secondary glazing on the window frame.
  5. Make sure you fit the magnetic tape on the secondary glazing and the aluminum tape on the window frame.
  6. Remove the outer film after installation.

This list with double glazed units, reveals how secondary glazing cost are lower than double glazed window cost.

Where To Get The Sharpest Quotes For Secondary Glazing?

We can help you improve the comfort of your home by reducing noise and increased insulation through secondary glazing. On our website we offer the sharpest quotes with experienced secondary glazing suppliers and installers.

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