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Last updated: 09 June 2021

Wooden Double Glazed Windows: Natural Style Combined With Energy Efficiency

What Are Wooden Double Glazed Windows?

As the name implies, double glazed timber windows are double glazed windows made out of timber frames. Typically window replacements with double glazing have two panes of glass instead of one. However, its energy efficiency doesn't stem from the extra thickness, but from the gap between the panes of glass providing optimal thermal insulation. Timber frames, on the other hand, is the wood source, and as such, the terms ‘timber windows’ and ‘wooden windows’ are used interchangeably.

Investing in good timber windows will significantly reduce your energy bill and will enhance your home’s aesthetic value. However, due to the wide selection of available options, choosing the right window replacement requires one to be well informed. With the information provided by GreenMatch, you are well on your way to making a quality decision of the type of double glazed windows that will provide you with the best home comfort.

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What Are the Best Wooden Windows for Double Glazing?

Wooden windows are a popular window replacement option in the United Kingdom with great environmentally friendly qualities. However, when deciding upon the best wooden windows, manufacturers are not just taking into consideration the aesthetic value but how wooden windows can contribute to overall energy efficiency in homes.

This has sparked continuous improvements in the window manufacturing industry resulting in hikes on the demand for double glazed windows, and in particular for timber frames. Due to thermal insulation, wooden windows have the benefit of keeping homes warm in the long winter months, while cool in the summer. Furthermore, wooden windows have become a favourite among homeowners for adding an aura of sophistication and elegance in the overall home comfort.

Double glazed wooden windows come in a variety of styles as your personal decoration style sets the signature of your home. It's thus vitally important to consider how your timber windows will complement the mood and tone of your house thereby providing you optimal home comfort. The advantage that first-time buyers have is that wooden frames can be customised due to the large selection of wood available such as maple, mahogany or oak.

Moreover, one can experiment with different looks by carving and painting your wooden windows to match your style and thus giving you essential value for home comfort. The recent years have also seen vast improvements in glass technology and distinctions in wooden windows which has helped to bring out the beauty of timber windows.

Are Double Glazed Wooden Windows Expensive?

In comparison to other double glazing window replacement options such as a uPVC window, wooden frames are typically more expensive and have higher initial costs. This is because good quality timber is high in cost.

How much double glazed wooden windows cost will largely depend on the style and type of window you choose. However, some approximate numbers and prices can be of a great use, and therefore we created the tables below taking into consideration the most popular types of double glazed windows shapes and types.

Number of bedrooms Number of White Wooden Casement Windows (600mm x 900mm) Cost of White Wooden Casement Windows
2 4 windows from £2000
3 9 windows from £5000
4 15 windows from £9000
Number of bedrooms Number of White Wooden Sash Windows (600mm x 900mm) Cost of White Wooden Sash Windows
2 4 windows from £4000
3 9 windows from £7000
4 15 windows from £12000
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What Are the Advantages of Wooden Windows?

Wooden windows are an excellent choice for window replacements due to their given capacity to boost your home comfort and at the same time be environmentally friendly. Investing in double glazed wooden windows is therefore valuable for the following reasons:

Environmentally Friendly

Timber windows are made from trees making them a natural building material that is sustainable and environmentally friendly. Trees have been used in construction by societies around the world for thousands of years and are also known for giving lasting value to any window replacement.

The thicker the double glazed wooden windows are, the stronger and more durable the structure will be, which also helps to increase thermal insulation. As an environmentally friendly choice, timber frames emit less harmful gasses in the manufacturing process and rank high on energy efficiency.


Aesthetically Appealing

Wooden windows have a natural aesthetic quality that is visually pleasing. This element of beautification rises the level of home comfort and sets a relaxing ambience. Apart from the aesthetic value and environmentally friendly attributes, timber windows are known for their classical look. So, whilst timber windows will beautify any type of property, traditional looking houses, as well as houses made out of brickwork, tend to be best suited for double glazed wooden windows.

Energy Efficiency

Wood is considered to be one of the best sources of thermal insulation. It's heating qualities is far better than that of aluminium or vinyl, and is higher in energy efficiency. The amount of thickness on the wooden frame contributes significantly to the heating and acoustic value making wooden frames an excellent window replacement choice. The amount of cold air penetration is vastly impeded enhancing home comfort, especially in winter.

Long Life Expectancy

In comparison to other types of double glazed windows, wooden windows last longer and are environmentally friendly due to timber being a renewable material. Timber windows are thus extremely durable and easy to repair. The cellulose and fibre contained in wooden windows allow them to remain pristine even under bad weather conditions. Double glazed timber windows are also strong enough to prevent warping or twisting for many years.


Why Use Wooden Windows in your Home?

Wood is a renewable material that is both environmentally friendly and increases energy efficiency. As such timber windows are embedded with thermal insulation properties, which naturally gives off warmth, and, henceforth, reduces the demand on heating and lighting costs.

Apart from thermal insulation, a good point to note is that wooden windows have a negative GWP (global warming potential) implying that over time they naturally decrease the amount of carbon dioxide released into the air. Thus double glazed wooden windows lower dependency on the power grid for heating or cooling thus raising energy efficiency.

Important to note is that investing in double glazed wooden windows has a double effect on energy efficiency and home comfort. Firstly, it reduces your energy consumption by enhancing heat during winter. Secondly, it reduces overheating in the summer thus retaining coolness.

Are Wooden Windows Better than uPVC?

Double glazed wooden windows are a great alternative to uPVC windows, giving homeowners a competitive and effective option for optimal energy efficiency. Whilst both uPVC and timber frames have ample benefits as window replacements, there are differences that one should consider in making your choice of double glazed windows.

Here are some advantages wooden windows have over uPVC:

Higher Thermal Insulation

Both uPVC and wooden windows will retain heat loss, however, the latter has the advantage of being a natural insulator. This offers higher thermal insulation and energy efficiency which in turn adds home comfort and reduces monthly bills.

Green Choice

Timber is a renewable building material and releases less CO2 in the manufacturing process than uPVC. It’s highly environmentally friendly as it can be recycled and is biodegradable. Thus in comparison to uPVC, wooden windows are more sustainable as a window replacement.

Longer Guarantee

Double glazed wooden windows have a longer warranty than uPVC windows. They have an average guarantee of 30 years, while uPVC windows usually have a 10-year guarantee. Also when it comes to damages, wooden windows are also considered to be much easier to repair than uPVC.

Best Option for Traditional Homes

Wooden windows are timeless and are a best-suited window replacement for period properties. For ideal home comfort in traditionally looking houses, double glazed wooden windows will help to retain its classical features and maintain an authentic and elegant look.


Disadvantages Wooden Windows Have Compared to uPVC

Higher Costs

As mentioned before, wooden windows are more expensive than uPVC windows. This is because good quality timber is generally very high in cost. Yet, considering the longer life expectancy, they are a worthwhile investment option for double glazed windows.

Higher Maintenance

Wooden windows arguably require more maintenance than uPVC double glazed windows due to paint work. Although, depending on the type of paint finishing used, repainting of timber frames can be done in regular intervals of between 2 and 8 years.

Find the Best Wooden Double Glazed Windows in the UK

Wooden windows are therefore an excellent choice for timeless looking, long lasting window replacements that are environmentally friendly and prioritises energy efficiency in the overall home comfort.

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Nyeleti Sue-Angel Nkuna
Written by Nyeleti Sue-Angel Nkuna, Partnerships Manager

As Partnerships Manager, Sue-Angel looks after GreenMatch’s extensive portfolio of partnering suppliers and installers that operate in the renewable energy market. Her daily responsibilities include the acquisition, on-boarding, and development of new and existing partnerships. However, her journey with GreenMatch started as an SEO Communications Assistant, where she produced content on environmental awareness and sustainability. Sue-Angel holds a BA Dramatic Arts Honours Degree and a Masters in Business Administration.