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Last updated: 24 March 2022

14 Central Heating Problems & Solutions

We try to provide an overview of some common problems with the central heating and possible actions to take. If you aren't brave enough to try fixing the problem yourself, you will at least be well-informed when your plumber or handyman drops by.

1. The Pump Is Working but It Does Not Pump Around the Central System

There are two things you can do: either buy a new pump motor or run a test by switching off the pump and trying to turn the shaft with a screwdriver. If this doesn't work, you need to change the motor.

2. The Central Heat Pump Gets Worn After 15 or 30 Years

It needs to be replaced after this time.

3. Power Issues

Pump has no power? This depends on whether the central heating system´s can switch the pump on or if it functions with a fuse. It´s wise to call a technician and ask him to check the connections.

4. The Inside Pump Is Dirty

It is always important to keep the system clean and to check the water every five years in order to prevent potential malfunctions.

5. Problems with the Airlock

You may need to unscrew the head screw.

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6. Pump Is Running the Wrong Way

You should turn you central heating around.

7. Pump Is on a Too Low Setting

You can try changing to a higher setting.

8. Pump Is Leaking Due to Corrosion

There is not much to do but buying a new pump. Unfortunately there isn't much you can do about this, apart from buying a new pump.

9. Problems with the Gate Valve

The gate valve could be switched off or broken so you need to check its current status.

10. The Propeller Is Stuffed

It needs some cleaning and removal of the material You need to clean the propeller and remove any material which may have fallen into the central heating system.

11. The Wires Are Put in the Wrong Way

This can cause a lot of problems with your central heating, so it´s important to put the cables in the right way from the beginning.

12. The Start Capacitor Leaks Brown Liquid and Looks Burned

The Start Capacitor needs to be replaced.

13. The Corrosion of the Inner Parts Hampers the Normal Functioning of the Pump

The pump needs to be replaced.

14. The Circulation Pump Makes a Strange Noise or It Does Not Circulate Normally

The pump needs to be replaced.