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Last updated: 19 March 2021

Danfoss Heat Pumps

Danfoss Air Source Heat Pumps

Danfoss air source heat pumps work by using heat contained in the outside air as an input, make it pass through the refrigerant and raise the temperature. This heat is then transferred either to radiators or to the water to be heated in the taps.



  • Use advanced technology to work efficiently and have one of best seasonal performance values.
  • Supply heat even at temperatures as low as -20 Celsius.
  • Thanks to their defrosting system, Danfoss heat pumps’ efficiency is not affected during winter months. The defrosting system works only when needed and according to the household's needs.
  • The hot water provision is covered by a sole heat pump with no auxiliary devices needed thanks to the TWS technology that allows to heat up larger quantities of water and much quicker.
  • Noise levels are also kept very low and the products vary both in terms of power and sizes so that they can easily fit different customers needs and properties.
Danfoss air source heat pump - How does it work?

In order to satisfy different customers´needs, these devices are available in three different sizes:

  • Mini with controller.
  • Mini with controller, circulation pump, auxiliary heater, and three-way valves.
  • Maxi with controller, hot water tank of 180 litres, circulation pump, auxiliary heater and three-way valves.

DHP-H Opti Pro Ground Source Heat Pump

Danfoss ground source heat pumps use the heat accumulated in the ground to heat interiors and water for domestic use. The heat pump unit is not put outside but inside the house with pipes system lying either under the house or the garden. These heat pumps embed the Danfoss patented technologies: Tap Water Stratification (TWS), Hot Gas Water (HGW) and Opti technologies that make them different from other systems.

  • The TWS technology allows you to quickly provide hot water when needed by passing the hot water from the heat pump into a coil to the water to be heated. The water in the heater is also separated so that some water becomes hot before the other.
  • The HGW technology works by leading a portion of hot water for domestic use through an extra heat exchanger called desuperheater so that some of the extra hot water is stored for the winter months.
  • The Opti technology provided an intelligent control system that adapts the heat pump performance to the needs and the conditions of the system.This system ensures that every time the best performance is achieved with the minimum energy waste.

Cost of Danfoss Heat Pumps

It is hard to give a precise price estimate of the heat pump since the final result is affected by many variables such as the size of the house, the overall consumption that is connected to the desired warmth level. These are important variables and estimating them is the first step toward a realistic and reliable price forecast.

What you can do is to fill out the form that is provided and specify the type of heat pump you would like to buy, how big is your property in square meters and what kind of heating you are currently using. You will receive up to four offers you can compare.