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The Best uPVC Windows Manufacturers

Is your search for the best uPVC windows manufacturers becoming too time-consuming or do you need some expert advice before making a decision? Then, you have landed on the right page!

GreenMatch gives you all the information you need for speeding up your choice and having a brand new set of uPVC windows installed by the best uPVC windows manufacturers in the UK.

The uPVC windows manufacturers in the UK are numerous and choosing the one that matches your needs can become hard when you start navigating the internet for information.

Therefore, the first advice when searching for your uPVC windows is to relate to the endorsements made by the Energy Saving Trust (EST), an independent and impartial organisation providing consultancy for energy consumption reduction in the UK. The Energy Saving Trust Recommended Team made product endorsements, which are afterwards reviewed by a panel of industry experts.

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uPVC Windows Manufacturers

What Can You Learn about uPVC Windows Manufacturers?

Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Manufacturers
Why Are uPVC Windows Better for Your House?
7 Amazing Benefits of uPVC Windows
uPVC Window Costs and Savings
Quality Design from uPVC Windows Manufacturers
Can uPVC Manufacturers Make Coloured uPVC Profiles?
Find Your Ideal uPVC Window Manufacturer

Energy Saving Trust Endorsed Manufacturers

Energy Saving Trust recognises the following UK manufacturers that offer the best uPVC windows prices

Safestyle UK

SafeStyle UK

A uPVC windows manufacturer that has been securing homeowners with uPVC windows and doors for the last 20 years. The company follows the product performance criteria during the manufacturing process, then endorsed by EST.



As one of the most known uPVC windows manufacturers, it has been on the market for over 30 years and is specialised in uPVC. It offers 10-year comprehensive warranty and multiple payment options for its customers.



A uPVC windows manufacturer that carries the marque Made in Britain, an assurance of high standard quality made in the UK, for 50 years. Besides, the uPVC windows are endorsed by EST.



Their expertise comes from more than 50 years experience in manufacturing uPVC windows. During this time, they managed to help over 2 million people in making their homes warmer and more comfortable.

Masterframe Windows


Focused on creating a specialised market for sash uPVC windows since 1984. Through enhanced creativity, innovation and passion, they are trying to fulfill the needs of most of thei customers. 


Among other EST endorsed uPVC windows manufacturers are Duraflex, Quickslide, Senator Windows, Tradesmith Ltd., CMS Window Systems, A and B Glass, Rapid Frame, Amber UPVC Fabrications, and Direct Window Company.

uPVC Manufacturers

Why Are uPVC Windows Better for Your House?

uPVC stands for Unplasticised Polyvinyl Chloride, a material that does not contain plastic and, for this reason, becomes rigid and adaptable for most construction work. 

uPVC windows represent a booming market, that has seen surprising growth for the last 30 years since the material was introduced in the UK from Germany. This due to the affording price, the incredible advantages it brings to a house and the high grade of adaptability to all styles and designs. 

uPVC window manufacturers can provide you with the most efficient material available for double glazed windows frames. You will immediately experience the advantages of uPVC windows and double glazing, whose main characteristic revolves around the two sheets of glass with a gap in between able to retain the heat, commonly of 16 mm, and the frame, recyclable and durable.

uPVC, in fact, is well-known for being nearly maintenance-free, i.e., it does not rust or corrode.

7 Amazing Benefits of uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are able to satisfy all your needs for comfort; supplying your house not only with all the main benefits you can get from a brand-new set of windows but even more.

Why? Because uPVC windows are unrivalled when it comes to resistance, adaptability, and sustainability. But which are the main advantages your home will gain when choosing the right uPVC windows manufacturer?

Here listed the main benefits coming from installing uPVC windows:

1. Energy Efficiency

uPVC windows protect from heat and cold, insulating your home from heat loss up to 30%

2. Sound Insulation

uPVC windows are an excellent noise insulator

3. No Condensation

uPVC windows have multiple panes of glass that avoid cold and hot air to enter in, therefore, avoiding annoying condensation issues

4. Style and Value

uPVC windows offer the buyer the chance to enhance their house, not only functionally, but also aesthetically pleasing

5. Adaptability and Variety

uPVC windows manufacturers can produce for your windows in any shape and colour, therefore, they can match any style of home

6. Security

Being manufactured with multi-point locking system, uPVC windows are difficult to break. Besides, you can find moder shoot bolts and hinges to keep your family safe.

7. Maintenance

uPVC windows do not require additional painting, varnishing or sanding, therefore, it is easy to maintain and keep them clean. You will only need to oil the hardware once a year.

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uPVC Windows Benefits

uPVC Window Costs and Savings

While it is difficult to calculate the exact cost of uPVC windows, considering the multiple variables such as suppliers of uPVC windows, costs of replacement/installation or design, it is much easier to inform about the enormous advantages homeowners gain installing uPVC windows. 

Saving on household bills is just simpler when uPVC windows and doors are used. In fact, a study carried out by the Northern Consortium of Housing Authorities in the UK shows that a softwood window requires maintenance costs that are 33% higher than for a uPVC window, over a 30-year period.

This is the reason why uPVC has become increasingly successful compared to alternative materials.

Besides, all uPVC windows efficiently reduce heat loss up to 30%, representing an investment in your future (and savings on your bill!). The British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC) - the UK authority for the independent rating of windows efficiency - uses, since 2004, a grading system called WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme), to help consumers to understand the efficiency performance of uPVC windows. Through an A++/G scale and a rainbow bar, like the one used for rating white goods, homeowners can easily learn about uPVC windows manufacturing standards for energy efficiency.

Check the Thermal Efficiency of Your uPVC Windows: 

Value Description
U-value it measures the window’s thermal transfer value, so the amount of heat energy transmitted through the window; lower value means higher ability to resist heat conduction
G-value the solar gain that measures the ability of the window to re-radiate into a room the heat absorbed from solar energy; it is also known as Sollar factor
Air leakage the measurement of performance of the window’s gaskets and beads, and prevention of air loss through the seals

Thermal Effciency of Windows

Quality Design from uPVC Windows Manufacturers

uPVC windows are made from sections of a profile, that are later joined together.

uPVC windows are manufactured from pieces of profile that are cooled almost immediately and kept straight, squared and flat by the tooling. At this point the pieces of the profile are joined through two main techniques:

  • Heat-fusion welding
  • T-joint connectors

Finally, aluminium or steel can be added to the profile to provide more strength if necessary.

In the case of coloured uPVC windows, further technical explanations are needed. The profiles are, in fact, coated after the extrusion has taken place in order to add colour. It follows at this point the normal manufacturing process. Otherwise, a second technique uses to apply the paint before or right after the uPVC windows are made.

uPVC Windows Room

Can uPVC Manufacturers Make Coloured uPVC Profiles?

The answer is yes. uPVC windows manufacturers can make your profiles available in different colours and combinations, giving house owners the possibility to choose from a wide palette of frames according to trend, house type and style.Your choice could range from a natural wood look to all different colour selections, all of which provide you with the benefits of uPVC.

uPVC windows manufacturers are able to make your house totally unique, following the exact specifications given, so that the new windows can match your house. uPVC is definitely the best for replicating antique looking trims, moulded panels and traditional elements.If you are interested in knowing the main colour trends in the market, just keep reading!

Grey, black and cream are the most popular colours that you can ask your uPVC windows manufacturer to produce your window in. While grey contributes to give your house a sophisticated tone, black will stress its modernity.

Furthermore, most of the uPVC windows manufacturers offer their clients the chance to combine two different colours for the internal and external parts of the window, broadening your options for a unique style.

Find Your Ideal uPVC Window Manufacturer

There are numerous uPVC window and door suppliers around the UK. You can choose from the big companies listed above, as well as local installers, each having their own strength.

Are uPVC windows what you need? Request up to four free quotes and find out how you can make your home unique and energy efficient. GreenMatch can help, just fill in the form and receive your no-obligation quotes now!

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