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Are There Any uPVC Suppliers near Me?

Do you wonder if there are any uPVC suppliers near you, but don’t know where or how to find them? Read this page if you want to learn more about uPVC suppliers in the UK. No matter whether you are looking for uPVC fascias and soffits suppliers, uPVC cladding suppliers, uPVC windows and doors suppliers, GreenMatch can help guide you through the process.

uPVC is often perceived as not being as environmentally sustainable as other materials. Although, when choosing a material for your house, the organic nature of the material chosen is not the only detail to take into consideration to make a sustainable choice.

Sustainability is about lasting a long time while requiring as little maintenance possible. It is about reducing heat loss in the house and minimising the consumption, sustainability is about insulation and resistance to water and hot temperatures.uPVC suppliers provide sustainable products made from materials that are both recyclable and offer a better value for your money.

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uPVC Suppliers in the UK

Find the Answers to Your Questions about uPVC Suppliers

Who Are the Best uPVC Suppliers in the UK?
Why Should You Choose uPVC?
What Are the Benefits of uPVC?
How Efficient is uPVC?
What Style and Design Fit Your Home the Best?
Find the Best uPVC Suppliers in the UK

Who Are the Best uPVC Suppliers in the UK?

The amount uPVC suppliers operating in the UK are numerous, and that can often make hard it to determine which, among them, might better satisfy your specific needs.

Therefore, the following list should help you familiarise yourself with what the UK market has to offer, the major uPVC suppliers, and their general services. Here is a short list of uPVC suppliers in the UK:


Founded in 1969 in Germany, since has become one of the most committed to the environment uPVC windows and doors suppliers in the UK.


Generally considered the UK’s leading supplier of high-quality uPVC, the company was started in 1948 in Bavaria, Germany, and nowadays is a premium brand for polymer-based innovation and systems.


With 40 depots in the UK, GAP has supplied both commercial and residential building markets since 1993.


Since 1974, has developed and designs products to help homeowners improve their properties. Eurocell is considered the UK’s first manufacturer, supplier, distributor and recycler of uPVC products.

Direct Plastics

Established in 2000, the company specialises in the online distribution of uPVC building products ( i.e., uPVC fascia, uPVC soffit, and uPVC cladding) across the UK.

Plastic Centre

Offering more than 4,000 products, Plastic Centre supplies high-quality uPVC building products.

Selecta Systems

Operating for 35 years under the same family name, Selecta Systems are among the UK’s top uPVC windows and doors suppliers and extruders.

Plastic Building Supplies

Satisfying the needs of both tradesmen and DIY enthusiasts, the company started in 1988, and is now one of the leading uPVC suppliers in the East Anglia region, UK.

SBS Cumbria

Began as a small business in 1994, now the company is able to supply most of the uPVC products available on the market.

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uPVC Suppliers Profiles

Why Should You Choose uPVC?

uPVC windows manufacturers, together with uPVC door manufacturers are a strong business presence in the UK since PVC-u became so successful some time ago. uPVC or PVC-u is a material mostly used for construction works, since its development in Germany about 30 years ago, where it became famous and started being used all over Europe, particularly in the UK. 

The acronym stands for unplasticised polyvinyl chloride. Nowadays, uPVC represents one of the most commonly used materials by window and door manufacturers, or when it comes to plastic conservatory roof tiles, for example. 

Thanks to its high degree of adaptability and resistance, uPVC can be used for improving your house in various ways. Using uPVC, you can give your home a solid roof, long-lasting gutters, a new window sill, or a decorated plastic skirting board. Sourcing from uPVC suppliers will give you the opportunity to provide your property with more resistant soffits and fascias. Just choose uPVC windows!

Double glazed windows and double glazed doors provide maximum efficiency if framed by uPVC profiles due to the numerous advantages of uPVC. Double glazing is mainly characterised by two panes of glass with a gap of 16mm between, ensuring heat retention and eliminating condensation.

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What Are the Benefits of uPVC?

uPVC is well-known for being very easy to maintain because of its resilience. For example, uPVC won’t rust or corrode. The most remarkable qualities of uPVC are attributed to its durability and sustainability. Besides, you can find the best uPVC window prices.

uPVC benefits range from thermal efficiency to sound insulation, and from adaptability to style and variety.

Here a short list of advantages provided by PVC-u:

  • Thermal insulation: around 10-20% of a building’s heat loss happens through the windows. uPVC has proven over the last years to be able to prevent heat loss by up to 30%.
  • Sound insulation: uPVC is an effective sound insulator.
  • Style and design: PVC-u can be easily shaped to fit any desired style or design. 
  • Adaptability and variety:  the absence of plastic makes it rigid, allowing for a wide range of applications.
  • No condensation:  the combination of double glazing and uPVC provides an even higher degree of comfort by reducing annoying condensation issues. 
  • Sustainability - uPVC is renown for it environmentally-friendly characteristics. It can be reused up to ten times and is the reason why many windows and door manufacturers often provide recycling facilities and replacement windows services, in order to reuse the PVC-u for manufacturing new uPVC products.

uPVC Windows Benefits

How Efficient is uPVC?

uPVC Windows are rated using a system that has been introduced in 2004 by the British Fenestration Rating Council (BFRC), the UK’s authority on independent windows efficiency rating. The system is really intuitive and based on a A++/G scale and rainbow bar. As in the case of white goods, WERS (Window Energy Rating Scheme), as the grading system is called, allows users to easily understand how efficient their windows are.

Different prices apply to uPVC, depending on the product required. There is anyway some common points that can be said about all uPVC products such as uPVC requires lower maintenance costs than the alternatives, and if used for windows and doors, uPVC is able to reduce heat loss up to 30%.

Energy rating Detached Semi-detached Mid-terrace Bungalow Flat
A £90-110 £60-80  £45-55   £45-55  £30-35
B £85-105  £60-75  £45-55  £45-55  £25-35 
C  £85-105 £60-75  £45-55  £45-55  £25-35 

No matter which product you’re considering, whether it is uPVC bay window or french casement window, uPVC is a smart investment in your home, enhancing not only aesthetic details but also providing comfort and efficiency.

What Style and Design Fit Your Home the Best?

uPVC window suppliers and uPVC door suppliers are able to improve your house. By having new uPVC doors and uPVC windows installed, your property will benefit greatly. This is thanks to the high adaptability of the uPVC material that allow manufacturers to replicate antique looking trims, moulded panels, and traditional elements.

There are three main possibilities when purchasing uPVC:

  • uPVC windows made to measure
  • Off the shelf uPVC windows that are ready made uPVC windows
  • uPVC windows supply only - an option for those who are passionate about DIY projects

These options are not limited in asthetic possibilities to enhance your house, for example, colour variety for the profiles of your replacement windows or uPVC skirting board.In fact, uPVC can be easily coated after extrusion or covered in a paint finish after the production process is done.

uPVC suppliers offer a wide range of colours to choose from. The palettes available are abundant, as well as the possible combinations. Alternatively, you could also select a natural wood look, picking woodgrain laminate foils, or opt to combine two different colours for the interior and exterior parts, in the case of uPVC windows or uPVC doors, for example.

Find the Best uPVC Suppliers in the UK

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