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Last updated: 29 March 2021

Grey uPVC Windows

Grey uPVC Windows: Bring Style into Your Home

The fresh trend in the construction industry is now elegancy and efficiency more than ever before. Do you think you can reach both by purchasing grey uPVC windows? Sure you can! Let us tell you how.

With an increasing demand for smart, efficient, and elegant solutions in the uPVC windows world, companies have come up with a way to get closer to customers’ needs. Delivering a more customised type of window was a crucial step in most uPVC manufacturers’ firm development.

That is when they decided to start producing coloured uPVC windows, with grey uPVC windows being one of the most trendy and highly demanded types. Grey uPVC windows bring something very authentic to your home. It is this sense of elegance combined with minimalism and functionality that makes it so attractive to people with unique taste. The prices of uPVC windows are also an appealing purchase factor.

Type Measurements (mm) Colour Pieces of Glass Price (£)
Fixed 700x900 Anthracite grey & white 1 £70‑90
Fixed 1500x1100 Anthracite grey & white 5 >£210‑230

For a more detailed prices breakdown, see the Grey uPVC Windows Prices.

uPVC windows are one of the most used types of windows in UK and that should come as no surprise to any of us. The efficiency and sustainability features of grey uPVC windows combined with style are simply too good to be overlooked when deciding on what type to choose for your home.

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Grey upvc window patio

Why Choose Grey uPVC Windows for Your House? 

First fact to remember about uPVC windows is that it is commonly used for enabling a safe transport of acids, alkalis and other chemical substances without any threat of damage or corrosion. This means that choosing this material for your windows is a reasonable move towards reliable and quality living.

Secondly, the uPVC is a recyclable, eco-friendly material that lasts up to 4 decades. It can be recycled 10 times before it starts losing its composure. Furthermore, majority of suppliers will offer you 10-year — some even lifetime — guarantees and additional after sales services. 

“But why grey?” you may ask. 

From an esthetical perspective, grey is a very neutral colour symbolising no motion and a state of emotionlessness. This makes it more pleasing to look at, plus very easy to combine with other colours or materials. The main house looks grey uPVC windows bring on are classy, elegant, contemporary, authentic and minimalistic.

What's more, grey-coloured windows will create a sense of relief, peace and balance in the eyes of an observer. If white does not suit your house design, grey or black uPVC windows are great alternative choices.

Is Quality of uPVC Windows Compromised with Colouring?

Coloured uPVC windows do not differ from ordinary white framed windows in terms of their value. This means that you do not have to worry about lower guarantee periods or quality standards when choosing grey uPVC windows as it equals to the non-coloured ones. There are countless uPVC window styles available in grey, which retain the quality of the window.

Factors Affecting Windows’ U-value

U-value is a factor determining how much heat a window loses with time. The lower the U-value gets, the better of a purchase it is regarding efficiency and your long-term cost savings. By changing a colour of your uPVC frame, the window’s U-value will not decrease.

Things to bear in mind:

  • Use BFRC rating for finding out windows’ energy efficiency
  • Choose windows with the best rating to attain desired efficiency affect (A++ - G). 
  • Combining materials and glazing techniques can affect energy efficiency of windows
  • uPVC windows last up to 40 years, reducing the need for frequent replacement
  • There might be some regulations from local authorities regarding different colouring of your windows, we recommend to contact them and make sure it is allowed in your area

Window sun flowers upvc

Grey uPVC Windows Prices

The general rule is that uPVC windows coloured on one side are less costly than uPVC windows with the same colour on both sides. Having different colours on each side also adds to the price (except for white colour).

Grey uPVC Windows Prices
Type Measurements (mm) Colour Pieces of Glass Price (£)
Fixed 700x900 Anthracite grey & white 1 £70-90
">Fixed 1000x1200 Anthracite grey & white 1 £110-130
Fixed 1500x1100 Anthracite grey & white 4 £190-210
Fixed 1500x1100 Anthracite grey & white 5 £210-230
Tilt and Turn 800x900 Anthracite grey & white 1 £210-230
Tilt and Turn 1200x1000 Anthracite grey & white 2 £310-330

See the best uPVC windows prices for more elaborate pricing examples.

The costs of windows also depend on the type of grey colour you choose. There are 3 main groups which make the prices differ. 

  • Standard grey colours
  • Non-standard grey colours (more costly)
  • Brushed metal colours (the most expensive option)

What Other Factors Influence Price of Grey uPVC Windows?

Other factors determining the price of uPVC windows are the size of the windows, the shape, opening type, ventilation systems as well as style (bay, sash, casement, tilt and turn, french etc.). Additional accessories like decorative handles, sills or special sealing and glazing typetriple or double glazing uPVC windowsalso alter the price of grey uPVC windows.  

Are Grey uPVC Windows More Expensive Than White uPVC Windows?

Generally it is not very straightforward in terms of the price difference between those two but we can say that adding grey laminate on your windows will cost you a little bit more than having regular white uPVC windows.

Approximated price range per grey uPVC window: £200-£560

Approximated price range per white uPVC window: £140-£500 

Here is a table showing general tendencies in grey uPVC windows suppliers’ pricing:  

Window Interior Window Exterior Cost
White White Low
White  Grey Low-Medium
Grey Grey Medium
Grey White Medium-High

The grey frame can be also combined with other colours than white. Even though such operation usually increases the price of the windows it is certainly in proportion to the increased style! 

Remember - despite higher initial costs of the windows, you will save money in the long-term due to: 

  • minimum heat loss
  • low maintenance
  • peeling and fading resistance
  • durability
  • minimum air flow 
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Typical Grey uPVC Window Frame Shades 

When it comes to the typical shade distinction of grey colour, we have two groups:

  • Light grey uPVC windows
  • Dark grey uPVC windows  

Nevertheless, within the above mentioned groups, there are around 35 different shades that you can choose for your windows. Here are the most common ones:  

Agate Grey uPVC Window

Agate grey colour will give your home a fresh look due to its subtlety and lightness. You can combine this colour with almost any material and it will still look elegant and trendy.  

Slate Grey uPVC Window

Slate grey is a shade of grey with an azure tint being one of the middle-dark grey colours. This shade goes very well together with blue and white colours. 

Anthracite uPVC Window

Anthracite is a dark form of grey that goes well with reddish and purplish colours and materials such as red brick or red render facades.

On the RAL colour spectrum, there are 38 shades of grey and some suppliers may deliver any shade you opt for so there is plenty of options and combinations to perfectly match your needs. 

Agate grey upvc window

Best Grey Colour Combinations

Since grey is one of the solid neutral colours on the RAL colour scheme, it is very easily combined with almost any other colour you can imagine. Nevertheless, there are certain combinations that will make your house look even more chic if chosen well.

Cosy Look

If you are going for the ‘Cosy look’ then you should definitely consider mixing grey with any shade of red colour. 

Classy Look

White and grey put together will create a very classy minimalistic look which will not disturb any of your neighbours whilst being exceptionally trendy. 

Refreshing Look

To bring some more refreshing mixtures into your home, consider mixing grey with tints of blue. 

Retro Look

Are you one of the retro-loving people? Then you ought to choose yellow and grey to reach that style you have always wanted to create. 

Royal Look

Mixing rosey pink and grey is a go-to combination when creating a royal-looking style for your house. 

Find the Best Suppliers of Grey uPVC Windows

Overall, you cannot really go wrong with any of the colour mixes and that is a great advantage of choosing grey uPVC windows. This hue will never lose its stylish nature, and its practicality is just another cherry on top. 

If you are you interested in buying uPVC windows for your home, just click on the orange button below and fill out the form to get 4 free quotes with no further obligation.  

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