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✔️ Slash energy bills by up to 70%A FAST solution to your rising bills
Slash energy bills by up to 70%.
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Last updated: 17 February 2021

Solar Panels in Cardiff

Solar Energy in Cardiff

Solar panels are a great option for UK’s citizens who want to embrace renewable energy and save money on their electricity bills. Solar panels are a reliable technology, they last long, and the systems can be customised to meet different needs and energy demands.

Cardiff is one of the best cities in the UK to install solar panels. In fact, solar panels in Wales happen to be more efficient than in many other regions across the UK. This is because of the high level of sunshine, low pollution levels in the air, and cooling winds from the West. The efficiency of solar panels is in fact significantly reduced at 30 degrees Celsius and above, as the materials wear out quicker in higher temperatures.

The installation cost of solar panels depends on a number of factors: from the size of the system, how many solar panels you need, the type of panels, and the brand. 

Are you interested in solar panels for your home in Cardiff, and you would like to know more about other green energy options? GreenMatch is here to help you! Fill in the contact form at the top of this page and receive up to four free, no-obligation quotes from certified suppliers.

Solar Panels in Cardiff

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Cardiff?

A 5 kW solar panel system, which is one of the most common sizes for domestic installations, will cost you on average £6,000, plus costs of insurance and installation.

A 6 kW solar panel system, which can power large homes or properties, with up to 5 people, has a starting cost of £7,000 but can go above £8,000. However the energy output of this system results in one of the quickest payback periods.

Can I Get Free Solar Panels in Cardiff

It is not possible to get a solar system for free in Cardiff. Since the government’s Green Deal Agreement came to an end in 2019, energy companies will no longer sponsor the purchase of your solar panels in exchange for the payment of the Feed-In-Tariffs.

However, other schemes and grants exist, both regionally and nationally, to help in the transition from fossil sources to renewable energy.

Solar Panel Grants in Cardiff

There are a number of schemes and solar panel grants available to homeowners in Cardiff.

The Smart Export Guarantee is a scheme that since January 2020 offers all solar panel owners the possibility to earn an income for exporting energy back to the grid. Unlike the FIT, homeowners are paid by energy providers rather than a governmental institution.

The amount you can earn for exporting energy is dependent on each individual energy provider, and can range from 1.5p per kWh to 5.6p per kWh. Homeowners have the possibility to make contracts with their energy provider, meaning each solar panel installation will be handled on a case by case basis.

Are Solar Panels Worth Getting in Cardiff?

Cardiff is one of the UK’s cities, together with Brighton, Plymouth, Swansea, Portsmouth, London and Birmingham, to be best suited for the installation of solar panels. Cardiff’s geographical position and climate conditions will enable you to fully leverage the potential of your solar panels.

Monthly Sunshine Hours in Wales

This translates into high savings on your electricity bill, which in the area average £173 yearly, where electricity bills in the UK average £522 a year.

Moreover, you will generate a surplus of solar energy that can be sold in return to an income. Assessing the exact earning is difficult, as it depends on the efficiency of your solar panel system, as well as the operator you will choose. However, a rough estimate is £600 for exporting green electricity to the national grid.

With the current rates you are therefore expected to be able to break even your investment in less than 10 years, which is less than half the expected lifespan of a solar system.

Where Can I Find Solar Panel Installers in Cardiff?

Finding the right photovoltaic system can be lengthy and time consuming. Given the initial costs of solar panels, it is essential to find a system that perfectly matches your needs and is reliable in the long run. In this process, finding the right supplier is the key.

Reaching out to the right installer ensures purchase guidance, a competitive price, a correct installation and professional assistance over the years. GreenMatch is here to help you compare between different certified suppliers and their respective options, to make sure you pick the right solar system for you.

Fill the contact form at the top of this page and you will be contacted by up to four professional solar installers with their best offers to meet your particular needs. Our no obligation service is 100% free of charge!

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