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Last updated: 20 May 2021

Solar Panels In Sheffield

Sheffield has been committing to solar energy for the last few years by undertaking solar projects including installation of solar panels on the roof of Attercliffe Police Station and on the Hicks Building at the University of Sheffield. This shows that the city of Sheffield is continuously focusing on renewables and solar in particular.

Sheffield is considered the most geographically diverse city in England, has good altitude, which means there are fewer overshadowing issues. This is particularly good for solar panels’ efficiency rates. 

The city of Sheffield also happens to be home to one of the main solar panel testing facilities in Europe. The University of Sheffield’s Solar Farm is continuously providing vital ready to use data for the development of solar panels. No planning permissions are needed for domestic solar panels, which makes it easier for people to install panels at home. However, planning permission will be necessary if your property:
  • Is within non-residential buildings
  • Is within Article 4 Direction Areas of Nether Edge or Broomhill Conservation Area’s, where permissions have been removed
  • The site is scheduled monument

How Much Do Solar Panels Cost in Sheffield?

To say how much a solar panel system costs is difficult as different factors affect the prices. Such factors include the size of the system that you desire to install and of course which brand of solar panels you’d like, as different brands differ slightly in prices. There’s also the option of getting 'free' solar panels, which naturally sounds very attractive, but is usually the overlooked solution. This is due to the fact that the government has lowered the FiT payments for the free solar panels scheme.

There are also certain factors that affect your solar panel system’s efficiency rates. Remember that:

  • Your roof must be facing south
  • Your roof must have the right angle of tilt
  • Your roof has enough free space to accommodate the desired solar panel system

As a fixed price for solar panels can’t be set beforehand, you can get an exact number if you request a quote. You can do this by filling out the form on the right side of this page. This will allow you to get in touch with up to four different suppliers that will all give you consult you on what system is best for your property. So, if you are still wondering how much would a solar panel system set you back exactly, just request a quote and find out!

However, to give you a general idea about it, the average figures show that installing solar PV panels would cost you around £5,500 in most cases (insurance and installation excluded). A solar thermal system is likely going to cost you around £4,000. Remember that those are average numbers, so if you want to find out the exact price for your property, it is recommended that you consult with a supplier.

How to Find Solar Installers in Sheffield?

Trying to find the right supplier for you can be a very time consuming task. Since the needed investment is also significant you are going to look for the best purchase possible as you will commit to the solar technology for a long period of time. Thus, comparing a few different offers from various suppliers is the sensible move as you will want to make the most out of your investment.

If you do all the comparing on your own, you are likely going to need quite a lot of time, but GreenMatch is here to help you. By filling out the form on the right side of this page, you will receive quotes from up to four different suppliers within Sheffield. Filling the form comes for free and without obligation.

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