Solar Panel Efficiency

What is and what affects solar panel efficiency?

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Last updated: 01 April 2019

What Is The Typical Solar Panel Efficiency Rate?

Typically, solar panels have efficiency rates of around 10-15%. The efficiency measures the percentage of sunlight that hits the panels and gets transformed into ready for use electricity. Higher efficiency rates would save roof space needed for the installation. Even though the average efficiency percentages might sound a bit low, one can easily install more than enough solar panels on a typical roof, which is enough to cover your energy demand.

Which Solar Panels Are the Most Efficient?

Scientists have already developed solar panels that are reaching efficiency rates of up to 40% and more in some cases. However, the difference between the lab-developed solar panels and the commercial ones is significant. It’s still difficult for manufacturers to implement those experiments and turn them into an economically viable product.

Should I Choose the Most Efficient Solar Panels Available?

The efficiency rates can be very confusing for customers as everyone would naturally always prefer the solar panels with higher efficiency rates. However, bigger efficiency rates do not always mean better solar panels. Efficiency should not be your primary concern unless your roof is too small. Usually, all roofs are big enough to accommodate a solar panel system powerful enough to meet your energy needs.  Thus, the most efficient (and also most expensive) solar panels are usually the less preferred choice.

Most pre-negotiated solar panel deals usually come with recommended panels with greater efficiency demanding less roof space. However, if your roof is normal sized, it would be better for you to focus on the cost of the solar panels rather than on their efficiency. In order to find the best solution, you can request a quote for free and without any obligations by filling the form on the right.

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Getting The Best Power Output

To get the best out of your solar panels, you will need to consider other factors as well. It’s quite important to make sure that the solar panels are installed in the best position possible as this will boost their efficiency. Usually, your roof should be facing south and has to be in an area with no trees shading over it. Shade is likely to greatly affect the efficiency of the solar panels.

Efficiency solar

The suppliers that you will encounter by filling the form on the right can easily determine what your place needs exactly. They can determine the optimal position for the installation and the optimal size of the system that you need. Thus, if you are in doubt about what you need, feel free to fill out the form and get all the answers that you desire.

Factors Affecting Solar Panels’ Efficiency Include

  • Orientation: like mentioned before, the orientation of the solar panels is one of the main factors affecting their efficiency.
  • The roof and panels tilt: the angle under which the sunlight hits your roof and solar panels is of great importance to their efficiency. However, some solar panel systems have tracking devices that track the sunlight and tilt automatically in order to capture as much sunlight as possible. Keep in mind that those are usually quite expensive and are usually not used in domestic installations.
  • Temperature: the temperature of the panels can also affect their efficiency. Some solar panels work better in very hot temperatures, but in most cases, very high temperatures are not recommended. Therefore installers always leave a few inches between the panels and the roof in order for air to be able to flow through and cool down the solar panel system.
  • Shade: as said before, any trees, buildings or anything that could darken your roof on a sunny day will affect your panels’ efficiency rates greatly. This is why the installers need to first know a lot about your residence beforehand as this will allow them to design the perfect solar panel system for you.

Once more, when you are in the process of deciding, keep in mind all these factors. Remember that blindly going for the highest efficiency rates is not always the best idea, unless your roof is very small and your installer has advised you to go for it.

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