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Ground Source Heat Pump Savings

Ground source heat pumps are a highly efficient, renewable energy technology for both heating and cooling the house. The technology takes advantage of the fact that the Earth has a relatively constant temperature at depth, which is warmer than the air in winter and cooler than the air in summer. A ground source heat pump transfers the heat stored in the Earth into a house during the winter and transfers heat out of the building during the hot summer months.

The initial purchase cost of the ground source heat pump and the installation cost are considerably more expensive than other types of heaters. However, the investment will pay off in time, as the running costs are lower, as well as the maintenance and servicing costs. A good quality ground source heat pump can save you from £130 to £1,500 annually (when replacing a non-condensing system). There is also the security of knowing that the ground source heating or cooling energy will not increase in price in the future.

How Much Does a Ground Source Heat Pump Cost?

Installing a ground source heat pump system costs according to The Energy Saving Trust estimates around £13,000-20,000. It is likely that the running costs will be much lower than with previous heating systems. For example, switching from electricity could save more than £600 annually, while switching from gas will not give so drastic results. The running costs depend on a number of factors including the size of your property and how well insulated it is.

Factors Worth Considering Before Getting a Ground Source Heat Pump

Here are a few points to take into consideration before buying a ground source heat pump.

  • Before making the costly investment of purchasing the heat pump system, it is essential to have a well-insulated house, so that the heat would not be lost.
  • Ground source heat pumps are normally most suitable for a new-build—since costs can be reduced if the heat pump is a part of the building’s specification.
  • The heat produced by the ground source heat pump will be at a lower temperature than other types of heating, which makes it a good option for under floor heating, but not the best option for radiators.
  • If the ground source heat pump is also providing hot water, then this could limit the general efficiency. It is worth switching to solar water heating instead to provide hot water in the summer and help to maintain your heat pump efficiency.
  • The Renewable Heating Incentive (RHI) can offer financial support when replacing your old heating system with a sustainable geothermal heat pump.

Cost Savings

An efficient ground source heat pump will help to make considerable savings:

  • Higher efficiencythe heat pump will be more efficient than your old heating system and that will result in lower running costs.
  • On your fuel costs. If you heat with electricity, a heat pump can reduce the amount of electricity you use for heating by as much as 35%.
  • By using the controls. It is useful to ask your installer how to control the heating system so that you can use it more effectively and cut expenses. It is likely, that the heating has to be set on for longer hours, but you might be able to set the thermostat lower and still feel comfortable.


The type of fuel you are replacing with ground source heat pump will determine how much you will save every year:

Annual Cost Savings


Annual CO2 Savings 

Carbon Dioxide Savings


It is possible to receive payments for the heat you generate using a ground source heat pump through the UK Government’s Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). The estimated annual payments are from £2,630 to £4,070 a year. This technology is a measure of the UK Government’s Green Deal, which is a financing mechanism that lets people pay for energy-efficiency improvements through savings on their energy bills.

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