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Last updated: 27 September 2021

Air to Water Heat Pump System

Finding the Best Air to Water Heat Pump System

Air source heat pumps are a highly efficient way of heating, and their working principle is based on releasing heat through a water-based system, that leads the heat to circulate in the whole house. Air to water heat pumps work according to the same principle as other types of temperature-regulating pumps but is only used for heating, not for cooling. Not only air to water heat pump system offers economic benefits, but it can also provide a complete solution for domestic heating and hot water supply.

Additionally, connecting this system to solar collectors will further increase efficiency and savings. Saving amount will depend on your geographical location, the size of the heat pump and your energy requirements. One more reason to opt for air to water heat pump system is a relatively low initial investment since air to water heat pump, unlike a ground source heat pump does not require any geothermal drilling. Considering mild winters in the United Kingdom, air to water heat pump systems can often cover almost the entire duty required for an average household:

  • Radiant floor;
  • Domestic hot water;
  • Swimming pool heating;
  • Solar assist.

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How Do Air to Water Heat Pump Systems Work?

An air source heat pump system works in the same way as a regular refrigerator. Heat is extracted from the outside air and transmitted inside of the room. Although it might sound unbelievable, it can get heat from the outside air even when the temperature is as low as -15° C. The heat from the outside air is absorbed and later converted to the liquid. The liquid is further supplied to the home radiators that can heat your house according to your desired temperature.

1 1: An outdoor unit takes in heat from the ambient air and transfers it to a coolant. 2 2: A compressor increases the temperature of the coolant further. 3 3: The coolant transfers the heat to a hot water reserve tank via a heat exchanger. 4 4: Hot water from the tank is circulated to radiators and faucets in the house. 5 5: Cold water is transported back to the water reserve tank. 6 6: The coolant is cooled by the water and transferred back to the outdoor unit to be heated again.
Air to Water Heat Pump

Air to water heat pump system consists of two main units, an outdoor and an indoor unit. The outdoor unit is responsible for power generation as the energy is extracted from the outside air. On the other side, an indoor unit transmits warm water to the heating unit. Technically, the working process of air to water heat pump system consists of four inner elements:

  • The evaporator, element responsible for heat absorption from the outside air
  • The capacitor that delivers previously absorbed heat
  • The compressor which increases the pressure and regulates the temperature
  • Control element that regulates the quantity of coolant

Advantages of Switching to an Air to Water Heat Pump System

If your current heating system runs on oil furnaces, you probably need to think constantly about buying and refilling fuel in their boilers. With air to water heat pump system, you do not have to think about additional obligations because the system is self-propelled. This system is perfect for houses with the small garden area because it does not require much space and provides house owner with clean and renewable energy.

The air-to-water heat pump system has some clear advantages, such as 50 percent of savings on your heating bills. In addition to this figures, there are following advantages:

  • There are no any extra spendings on fuel filling
  • An air-to-water heat pump system is highly efficient and reliable
  • System is easy to operate and does not require often maintenance
  • An air-to-water heat pump system does not require large space and, therefore, can be installed in houses and commercial places with small outdoor area
  • System is suitable for both floor and water heating


System Installation

There are several factors that determine whether or not is your house suitable for an air-to-water heat pump system. One important thing to keep in mind is that your home needs to be well insulated prior to an air source heat pump installation. Otherwise, you might face some difficulties in terms of temperature maintenance as well as higher operating costs. It is recommended that the house should be insulated with at least 250 millimetres in the ceiling. When it comes to under-floor heating, it is important to adjust as temperature flow as low as possible prior to installation of an air-to-water heat pump system. For each degree the temperature increases, the efficiency of your new system will drop by 3-4%. It can take up to few days to install an air-to-water heat pump system, and you should expect it to be without water and heat for about one day.

The first step in the installation process of an air-to-water heat pump system is to remove your previous source of heating. This step could be skipped if you want to use your new system as a supplement to your old heating system. The second step in the installation process is a connection of the pipes from the heat pump with your domestic hot water tank. The final step involves connecting  the outdoor unit with the various tubes.

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