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Combi Boiler Suppliers

Choosing a Combi Boiler 

Combi (or combination) boilers are great ways to power a heating system and keep the household nice and warm. Combi boilers use the mains water pressure to supply both hot water and heating according to demand. Combi boiler does not require additional water tank or cylinder, which makes it a good option for smaller properties. A new, A-rated high-efficiency combi boiler could save you more than £300 in a year on your energy bills.

It can be an expensive business to keep a large property warm during the winter months, and a lot of warmth can get wasted with options like gas, but an electric combi boiler is going to be 100 per cent energy-efficient. Also, electricity tends to be cheaper than other types of fuels, so there is a way to make some real savings!

An electric combi boiler would be a great addition to your household, especially if you consider combining it with panel heaters. Panel heaters are great since they offer a cost-effective way of heating up a large house. The combination of combi boilers with panel heaters will benefit your home by heating the space rapidly and cost-efficiently.

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Top Combi Boiler Suppliers

In order to provide more information about combination boilers, has listed some of the top quality brands that are supplying combi boilers.

  • Baxi     3914263

With a long history, Baxi brand was created back in 1866 and is nowadays one of the largest boiler manufacturers in Europe, and one of the most recognised brands in the UK boiler market.

Baxi combination boilers offer customers some of the most energy-efficient models available in the UK at present day. Baxi manufactures a variety of Combis: the Baxi Platinum Combi, the Baxi Duo-tec Combi HE, the Baxi Combi Instant and the Baxi Combi 105. All of the Baxi Combis are manufactured to very precise regulations and are tested using high-tech equipment to assure the best quality. Baxi's confidence in their boilers is evidenced in the five-year warranty that comes with the Platinum Combi. In general, Baxi boilers are efficient, user-friendly and easy to install.

  • Glow-Worm     Glow -worm -logo

Glow-Worm provides a wide range of combination boilers that are ideal for domestic use. Glow-Worm Combi boilers are easy to install, simple to use and maintain. They are manufactured to be exceptionally reliable and their high efficiency reduces excessive energy use which both reduces central heating and hot water bills while also being environmentally friendly by lowering the emission of negative CO2 and NOx gasses.

Glow-worm offers a variety of combi boilers: the Ultracom CXI, Flexicom CX, Ultracom CX and Xtramax HE models. These are very efficient and are all more than 90% efficient giving them A-ratings in the SEDBUK (Seasonal Efficiency in Domestic Boilers in the United Kingdom) database. The different lines of combi boilers are specifically designed for various types of properties and customers in mind, with regard to their energy outputs and flow rate capacities. The smallest and least powerful boiler is ideal for a one-bedroom flat while the largest can respond to the needs of a 5-bedroom home. The Glow-worm Combis come with a variety of essential features such as in-built frost protection and self-diagnostics, developed to make the combi boilers straightforward and user-friendly.

  • Viessmann      Logo _viessmann

The comprehensive selection from Viessmann offers top quality systems for oil, gas, solar, wood and natural heat. When it comes to saving energy, Viessmann offers a suitable solution for any household, the advanced heating systems have an output range from 1.5 to 20,000 kWh.

There are three main models in the current combi boiler range from Viessmann. All of these models are A-rated for efficiency and come with a heat exchanger guarantee against corrosion, which is valid for 10 years. Viessmann boilers are recognised for using the newest technologies and stainless steel is used in the manufacturing of each model. 

Viessmann offers a combination boiler model Vitodens, which comes in different variations. Vitodens 100 is the smallest combi boiler manufactured by Viessmann and it comes in 2 output sizes: 24 kWh and 30 kWh. They are both 97% efficient and offer a preheat function that allows a fast delivery of hot water. Vitodens 200 is a newer model that also comes with different output sizes 26 kWh, 30 kWh and 35 kWh. Vitodens 333 is the largest of the combi range. Viessmann combi boilers are stylish in appearance, easy to install and provide easy access for servicing and maintenance.

  • Worcester-Bosch     Worcester -main

Worcester-Bosch is a market leader that is highly efficient and all of the products are designed to deliver environmentally friendly heating and hot water production through our commitment to developing innovative renewable energy solutions. 

Worcester-Bosch combination boilers are some of the country's leading combis in terms of efficiency, reliability and ease of use. All of the combi models have been awarded A-rating status under the guidelines set by the SEBDUK, meaning that they are more than 90% efficient. 

Worcester-Bosch offers a range of combi models that are gas and oil-fired. The gas-powered ones are Greenstar CDi, Greenstar Si, Greenstar Junior and Greenstar Highflow. The oil-fired combis are Greenstar Heatslave and the Greenstar Heatslave External. The CDi model won the respected CORGI Boiler of the Year award in 2007 for its high-performance and high-efficiency. The Worcester-Bosch combi models come in a choice of outputs, which range from 18 kWh up to 42 kWh. They are manufactured using innovative technology and strict procedures as well as being tested to ensure reliability and durability. All Worcester-Bosch combi boilers come with a 2-year warranty.

  • Vaillant     Vaillant _logo

Vaillant has been setting the standards for the heating industry for over 135 years and has an excellent reputation for producing boilers and boiler products manufactured to the highest standards possible. Vaillant was the pioneer in introducing the combi boiler in the 1970s. The company is at the forefront when it comes to developing new and innovative solutions to heat homes and water while reducing energy costs and emphasising the usage of sustainable sources.

Vaillant combi boilers are dedicated to offering reliability and domestic comfort. Vaillant offers consumers four ranges of combination boilers: ecoTEC exclusive, ecoTEC plus 937, ecoTEC plus and ecoTEC pro. Vaillant combis are environmentally friendly and are all more than 90% efficient, and thus categorised in the A Band under the SEDBUK guidelines. The boilers are all compactly designed, which makes them easy to install and their compatibility with other Vaillant accessories makes them particularly straightforward to install.