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Evaluate Combi Boiler Costs

How the Costs of a Combi Boiler Are Determined

If you are looking to purchase a new heating system for your home you might have already heard of combination boilers - also known as combi boilers. These boilers, responsible for heating your entire home and your water are efficient and practical. They take up very little space, and provide heat when you need it.

Now you might be wondering about the costs of these economically efficient boilers. Combi boiler prices range between £500 and £2,000. On top of that, there are other costs, like installation costs. Your combi boiler costs will depend on a couple of different things. Such as the following:

  • Personal situation and household needs
  • Quality of the boiler
  • Brand 
  • Installer

With the different types, brands and price ranges, deciding which combi boiler is the right one for you can be quite the task. If you fill in the form on the right we can help you in the right direction with free quotes from quality suppliers of combi boilers.

Why Buy a Combi Boiler

There are a number of great reasons to replace your current and possibly outdated boiler. The most beneficial for your household would be that a more efficient heating source, for both water and your central heating system, will lead to lower bills. Even though the initial costs are high.

And that is exactly what a combi boiler is: an efficient heating source. What makes a combination boiler so efficient is that it can generate both warm water and warmth for the central heating system, with water from the mains, in an effective manner.

With water coming directly from the mains, the boiler does not take up a lot of space, as you do not need separate water tanks and such, which is another great perk of owning a combi boiler.

A combi boiler has the basic components a boiler needs, namely a gas fueled burner and a heat exchanger which transports the heat. It focuses on one of its two tasks: heating the house or providing a water source with hot water.

With regards to the heating of water; it basically works on demand. So the boiler will heat water only when you open the tap for hot water. The heated water will go to where it is needed. This results in almost no loss of precious energy allowing for increased efficiency. Whereas old boilers lose around 40% of the heat, greener boilers will only lose about 5%.

One slight drawback of a combi boiler is that multiple demands of heat at the same time might lead to some loss of water pressure. So two people taking a shower at the same time in two separate bathrooms will have an impact on the performance of the boiler. Keep in mind that a combi boiler might be more compatible with smaller houses and households.

4 Things That Determine the Costs of a Combi Boiler

 Costs -of -a -combi -boiler -3

  • Personal wishes and needs

Combi boiler costs are of course tied to its size and performance. So one of the most important things to consider before making the purchase, are your personal wishes, household needs and the way your house was built (especially the size of your home).

So the more precise answer to the question of what the costs of a combi boiler would be is different for a household that consists out of a family of five living in a two- story house with multiple bathrooms than for a family of three that lives in a flat building. These houses will need differently sized boilers.

Boiler sizes range from 24 to 27 kWh for small houses, 28 to 34 kWh for the medium-sized and often free standing houses and finally 35 to 42 kWh for large houses. Another factor that influences the right type of boiler your needs is the way your home is structured and insulated.

  • Quality

The second thing that influences the cost of a combi boiler is quality. How a boiler is designed, made and performs is part of what a determines its cost. Buying a cheaper model does not necessarily mean that the quality is not up to par, but the costs are a good indication.

  • Brands

The brand of combination boilers you buy matters. Examples of well-known and reputable combi boilers suppliers are:

  • Baxi
  • Vaillant
  • Glow Worm
  • Viessmann
  • Worcester- Bosch

Among these brands, Glow-worm and Baxi tend to be on the less expensive side compared to Vaillant, for example. Although brands are important when you are trying to decide on which boiler fits your home best, you might want to focus on your needs first.

If you need a boiler with a really strong performance a more expensive boiler from Worcester-Bosch might work out better in the long run.

  • Installer

As mentioned before, with regards to the combi boiler cost you have to take the installation costs into account. And these can vary dramatically depending on the company that installs your new boiler. So make sure you are well-informed on which installation company will provide you with the best service for a good price. Greenmatch can help you with this.

How to Finance Your New Combi Boiler

Costs -of -a -combi -boiler -2

Replacing your current boiler will be a considerable investment as prices on combi boilers can go up to £2,000 and there are also additional costs, such as installation costs, you have to pay for as well. Depending on the amount of work that your home needs these costs can go up to £1,500.

For example, if your home needs pipes to be rearranged in order for the combi boiler placed correctly, installation costs will be a lot higher than if the right structure is already in place. There are different ways to finance your new boiler:

  • Pay the full price up front
  • Pay the full price monthly with a financial plan

And if you qualify circumstance-wise you can receive a grant from the government, through the Eco Scheme. Some requirements are:

  • You own your home or have permission from your landlord when you rent privately
  • You receive benefits from the government (e.g., Pension Credit or Child Tax Credit)
  • You receive governmental support, like income support. In this case, there are often some extra criteria you have to take into account
  • Your current boiler ranks low on the energy scale (C-G) and the efficiency level is under 86%

Although the combi boiler costs may seem quite high, the good news is that when it comes to replacing energy sources with greener alternatives is that you will earn your initial investment back in a couple of years. How? Simple: you will save on your energy bill!