• A Guide to Increase the Energy Efficiency in your Home

    04. August 2015
    At GreenMatch we decided to simplify your life by listing the measures you can take to make your house more energy efficient and cut your energy bill.
  • Sustainable Construction: Zoom on 5 Green Materials Widely Used Nowadays

    28. May 2015
    Are you interested in building a sustainable house but you don’t know which materials to choose? Find here an overview of the different green materials that you can think of when building your house. But first, let us remind you of what is a sustainable construction before going deeper into the subject.
  • Pursuing a Career in Renewable Energy

    24. April 2015
    Renewable energy has become one of the boom industries over the past decade, due to technological innovations and the ongoing need for alternative solutions.
  • Solar Energy in UK Corporations

    21. April 2015
    Solar energy has seen a rise among UK corporations. Through installing solar panel systems on commercial rooftops, companies can benefit from solar energy as well.
  • A Guide to Passivhaus Design

    09. July 2014
    Passivhaus (or Passive House) is a term which originates from Germany. It’s a new construction concept, which refers to the leading international energy efficient design standard for buildings.
  • Top 13 Alternative Housing Ideas

    12. May 2014
    Sustainable building rapidly becomes the first step to promote the use of renewable resources and renewable energy. After we go green, we no longer see the point in going back!