Last updated: 03 September 2019

At Greenmatch, we like to keep ourselves updated on different news in the green sector. Therefore, we have decided to share some of them with our readers every month.

Read and stay up to date with interesting articles from August, talking about how you can make your business greener, and how the environment can benefit from that.

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Eco-Friendly Small Business Ideas for the Green Entrepreneur


In this article, you will learn what green/eco-friendly business is and what are the benefits of owning one. Furthermore, it suggests different practices and strategies for incorporating an element of sustainability to your business.

You will also read that green businesses are preferred among millennials and generation Z, and they are willing to pay the extra amount for sustainable offerings.

Furthermore, this article suggests 39 eco-friendly small business ideas for you. If you were considering opening a new business or transforming your existing business to a greener one, this article is right for you.

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Here is Why Your Business Needs to Go Green in 2019


Global temperatures are currently the hottest they have ever been. Individuals and businesses carry a huge responsibility for this. In this article, you’ll find out how making positive green changes to your business practices can affect this.

The author suggested the following 7 reasons why to go green with your business:

  1. Better for the environment
  2. Meet (future) regulations (early)
  3. Improve brand image
  4. Match buyer mentality and expectations
  5. Enhanced customer fidelity
  6. Cuts costs
  7. Healthier workplace, happier employees

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High-Tech Ways You Can Green Your Business


Although small steps toward a sustainable business are important, according to Benjamin Shabat, in order to have a greater impact on the environment, businesses need to take bigger steps.

In his article, you will read what change you can make by going green with your business, and suggests 5 different ways for this change to happen:

  1. Use renewable energy
  2. Go paper-free to reduce waste
  3. Work remotely to reduce emissions
  4. Track energy consumption with the IoT
  5. Consider going away with your storefront

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Exciting Ways Your Business Can Go Green


Like all the previous articles, this one also has a focus on the importance of making your business green. However, here you will read about some different ways to do it. The steps that are suggested are exciting and easy to follow:

  1. Conservation is key
  2. Managing waste
  3. Monitor your habits
  4. Go green, literally

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