Last updated: 05 August 2019

At GreenMatch, we like to keep ourselves updated on news in the green sector, but not only that, we also aim to inspire and encourage greener decisions, and a more meaningful, eco-friendly lifestyle.

Therefore, for the month of May, we have chosen five podcasts, all covering different angles of eco-friendly lifestyle, from fashion to food, green building etc.

Below you can read a brief description of each podcast, and also a link to the website containing the podcast for you to listen to.

Take a look at our Content Roundup of April if you missed it.

1. The Minimalists

Summary: In this podcast, best friends Joshua Fields Millburn & Ryan Nicodemus discuss different topics related to leading a simple, meaningful life. After many disappointments and going through hard times in their lives, they discovered a minimalist lifestyle - and everything changed. With more than 50 million downloads, the Minimalists podcast is one of the top podcasts of its category.

Episode Length: 60 - 90 minutes

Other Podcast Topics: Mindful, Digital Clutter, Habits, Excess, Minimal, Simple living, Buying, School.

Listen to the podcast. 

2. A Sustainable Mind

Summary: A sustainable mind is a podcast created by the environmental enthusiast Marjorie Alexander, aiming to have a platform where she interviews everyday people that in some way contribute to making the planet a better place for us. The following six topics are covered in every interview:

  1. Relationship with the environment as a child and adult.
  2. Challenges along the journey for a more eco-friendly lifestyle.
  3. Personal sustainable habits.
  4. Tips for making a change in the world.
  5. Valuable resources to guide one to a more sustainable life.
  6. Cool facts and concepts.

Episode Length: 30-60 minutes.

Other Podcast Topics: Activism, Education, Environment, Nature, Zero Waste, Family, Sustainable Food.

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3. Conscious Chatter

Summary: A podcast by Kestrel, conscious fashion expert, discussing the importance of the origin and making process of what we are wearing.

Episode Length: 30-60 min

Other Podcast Topics: The slow fashion scene in India, Sustainable Styling, Curating the Minimalist Wardrobe Shop, The Better Shop, Community over Competition, Progress over Perfection, A Healthy Wardrobe.

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4. That Vegan Couple

Summary: Natasha and Luka are the hosts of this podcast, covering topics around veganism and minimalist lifestyle. By sharing their experience on transforming their lives, they hope to inspire others to pursue a lifestyle in the same direction.

Episode Length: 30-90 min

Other Podcast Topics: How to deal with your non-vegan partner and children, Is eating animals a bad karma, Stepping into the Unknown, Making and Dealing with Change.

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5. Home Style Green

Summary: This is a podcast by Matthew Cutler-Welsh, who is on a mission to help people create better buildings by building better. In this podcast you will hear inspiring stories on sustainable homes, both told by the host, but also experts from the field. According to Matthew, a sustainable home should be ergonomic, economical, and ecological.

Episode Length: 30-60 min

Other Podcast Topics: New Zealand's First Passive House Cohousing Project, Building to Inspire and Nurture, How to have a Comfortable, Safe and Affordable Home, How to Build Your Own Tiny House?

Listen to the podcast.

In addition to giving you an overview of May's five most interesting podcasts, we at GreenMatch will also give you interesting news and articles about what happens in June.