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Last updated: 19 July 2018

5 Good Reasons to Find uPVC Windows Online and Modernise Your Home

Why Choose uPVC Windows Online?

When starting to build or decorate your house, you tend to consider many details that would add value to your home and make it special. It quickly becomes overwhelming, especially, when purchasing the right windows with the most benefits and the best features. One of the newest trends finding uPVC windows online.

uPVC stands for plasticized polyvinyl chloride (plastic powder) and it contains additional stabilisers that are heated up and injected in order to shape the uPVC windows and doors. These UV stabiliser additives create value for any PVC production and contribute directly to the uPVC window design.

According to statistics, in 2015, the uPVC sector had the largest market share in UK, representing 43.7% of the total with a value of £2,33bn. By 2019 the uPVC industry is expected to increase to a value of £2,64bn. So, let’s see why it might be smart for you to start investing in this technology now.


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Improved Energy Efficiency of uPVC Windows 

Choosing uPVC windows online can significantly increase the energy efficiency in your house due to tight seals with low conductivity. Depending on the number of glass panes, the air created between them will act as a barrier that will regulate the temperature in the room and keep the heat or cold outside. 

Installing the double glazed windows or triple glazed windows will help to keep the house cool in summer and warm during winter. In winter, when the heat transfer is reduced uPVC windows will also cut the warmth loss, so you will consume less energy to heat the house and pay less for the energy bills. 

In summer, you usually use the air conditioner to cool the place, which increases the electric energy consumption. Double glazing or triple glazing technology is a good solution that cuts on solar heat penetration by keeping the level of coolness up and energy costs down. 

The following table shows how much a person in UK could safe when installing the uPVC windows and doors. The measures were made based on the type of house you may own and the Energy rating, where A-rating is the most energy efficient. However, you can also make on your own the home energy check.

Energy rating Detached Semi-detached Mid-terrace Bungalow Flat
A rated £130-£175 £90-£120 £80-£105 £60-£80 £50-£65
B rated £120-£160 £80-£110 £70-£95 £50-£70 £40-£60
C rated £120-£150 £80-£105 £70-£90 £50-£65 £45-£55

Various Design Styles and Patterns of uPVC Windows

uPVC windows are found in different designs and styles. Adaptability of their frames can suit any taste whether you choose to renovate an old house or build a modern property. They come with a wide color range from black and grey to colored uPVC windows

The frame style is defined by a combination of functionality, simplicity, and a touch of glamour, so this is what uPVC windows online choice can offer to brighten your house. There are several designs that create the perfect atmosphere you were looking for. 

For example, Bay uPVC windows is a sequence of at least three windows that allow the light penetrate easily and give additional space inside the house, which makes it one of the most delicate designs.

Casement windows can be produced with one or multiple panes. You are able to open it widely like a door in order to get as much fresh air flow as possible throughout the time giving a picturesque scenery of outside garden.

uPVC sliding sash windows provide modern performance to your new home. They help in retaining the energy efficiency and contemporary charm simultaneously. They have first-rate thermal properties and flawless strength. 

uPVC Windows Are Highly Secure

uPVC windows provide a high level of security due their longevity. Any intruder will have an impossible time breaking the frames without making their presence known because the uPVC windows and doors do not rot, so the frames will always remain secure.

Regardless their impressive features, the locks also play an important role in home security. In the case of uPVC technology, they are equipped with modern multi-locker systems.

uPVC windows are equipped with 9 point locking system, which provides safety on all four sides. By closing the handles they are automatically locked and can be released with a simple push of a button. For your well-being, emergency exit pivots are fitted as standard to all side openings and can be opened in case of an emergency.

Durability of uPVC Windows

uPVC windows online are the perfect alternative when it comes to high durability, low maintenance and weather resistance. Due to these features, they ranked the preferences of the most European, American, and Australian citizens. Their popularity increased because people are looking for better home solutions and products. 

uPVC doors and windows require the minimum effort in cleaning as they are dust proof. They can be washed by using only detergents and water. Besides, they do not need regular sealing or painting because even after a single application they are resistant to corrosion and rot. 

This technology is durable and resistant to any weather changes (extremes of cold, heat, snow or rain) without risks of chipping, warping or flaking. The proof of frame quality is provided by the local Standards of each country, which give a reliable product certification for the consumer. As a result, it adds more value to the product and is a purchase you won’t end up regretting later.

The conformity with steep UV conditions is another reason to look for uPVC windows online. It grants confidence that these windows are tough, thermally-conductive, salt resistant and sustainable technology. Moreover, it means the technology conveys a high degree of durability.

uPVC - Eco-friendly solution for modern homes

The amount of CO2 emissions resulted from daily material use, has an impact on global warming. It has been proven that uPVC has a minimal contribution towards CO2 emission. Moreover, having a low thermal conductivity, they cut off the energy consumption and improve efficiency. 

For the past 30 years, uPVC windows were commonly used all around the world and 100% recyclable. Comparing to 40% of oil and gas reserves that are used for heating and energy supply, only 1% of plastic production goes to uPVC. 

Other than being recyclable, the low levels of contamination during the uPVC manufacturing contribute towards environment protection and help deliver a great eco-balance. These frames last longer than the wood and aluminium windows and require less energy to be produced.

Finally, uPVC windows are a considerable soundproofing system, which cuts down on the level of outside noise. By using materials that absorb pressure and optimising the natural features found in timber, the frames expend sound waves to insulate your home from unwanted sound.

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