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Last updated: 11 November 2019

Installing Your Own Heat Pump

How to reduce costs on a heat pump installation

After purchasing a heat pump, one can set the units up on their own. This part is not technical and does not require a permit, and will save money in the installation process if the unit is already mounted in its place when the certified technician comes to install it. The heat pump is composed of 2 main units, outdoor and indoor. To exemplify how to save cost on installation, the outdoor unit can be set up outside and the indoor unit can be set up on a wall bracket or a wall stand and await installation.

However, this is the only thing you can do as an individual if you are not trained in the subject. It is a trained gas installer who must install the heat pump and connect the parts together. If you need an air-to-water heat pump installed, there is also a need for a certified technician who connects the heat pump outdoor unit with the indoor unit.

The tasks that do not require a technician and can be done by you, include assembling the main heat pump parts. After the heat pump installation, an authorised installer will connect the parts together. In addition, one must even connect electricity, as there are some rules and regulations to be observed in relation to this. Therefore, you must have a licensed electrician to do this. If skilful, consider doing a DIY ground source heat pump through videos.

Setup Guidelines

Installing a DIY ground source heat pump for the time may seem tough, but following a guide will help. There are multiple guidelines ranging from a ground source heat pump to an air-to-water heat pump. The type of guideline should be considered before the heat pump installation process:

Air-to-water heat pump

When setting up an air-to-water heat pump, minimize noise and maintain good relation with your neighbours. It is important that you set your heat pump outdoor unit minimum 5-10 meters from the boundary with your neighbour, so they are not bothered.

Soil Heat pump

At first, you need to seek permission to install a geothermal system. The installer can usually help you with obtaining permission.

A heat pump installation should be in the season since you cannot set the heat pump in the winter. This is because you can risk there being frost in the ground when the tubes are buried underground.

Make sure you have insurance that covers your DIY ground source heat pump. This is necessary in relation to, for example, if a leak occurs in the earth tubes.

To avoid being uncomforted by the noise from the heat pump, it is a good idea to set up the indoor unit either in the basement or utility room. Do not set up the indoor unit up to noise-sensitive spaces.

For both types of heat pumps, it is possible to install solar panels, so you become self-sufficient. The heat pump is powered by electricity, but by combining the heat pump with solar cells, you have an almost CO2-free installation, which will affect both your heating and electricity bills in a positive direction.

Now that you are more aware of the heat pump installation process, you can obtain quotes from different installers and manufacturers. It is better to obtain multiple offers, so you have different models and prices to choose from.

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