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Last updated: 01 April 2019

Great Britain: The Future Home Of Solar Energy

Despite Its Gloomy Weather, the UK Is a Good Spot for Getting Solar Panels

The UK is becoming the future giant of renewable energy, as ten millions British homes are expected to have their roofs covered with solar panels over the next six years. This would enable 6% of total electricity usage in the UK to be generated by solar energy – a green future is not far ahead.

Solar energy for an environmental-friendly future sounds like a brilliant idea. Such an innovative technology however still raises concerns among many Britons for two issues – the iconic British gloomy weather, and the unaffordable costs.

These are in fact misunderstandings pertaining solar energy. In fact, solar panels do NOT need as much sunshine as many think, and save us much more than traditional energy plans.

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“You don't need to live in South of France to enjoy the power of solar energy.”

Solar panels generate energy from daylight, not just sunshine. This means even when gloomy weather hits, solar panels still manage to generate electricity. Research shows that solar panels in London generate 65% as much energy as in Madrid, and work even more efficiently in cooler temperatures.

All you need is a 45 degrees south-facing roof with no shades from other buildings or trees to install the panels. We do not need that Provence weather; solar panels can provide us with sufficient electricity, here in Britain.

“Not just an unaffordable alternative lifestyle - you save on electricity bills with solar panels.”

Although most people worry about the unaffordable price of such an environmental-friendly technology, solar panels are actually saving households more money on electricity bills than traditional sources.

The British government has been devoted to cutting down solar system price by introducing Feed-in Tariffs to pay households for their solar panel generated electricity over a long-term commitment. Some solar companies provide packages of a free solar panel with an up to 20-year contract. According to Energy Saving Trust, households will consequently be making savings on electricity bills, as they do not have to purchase as much electricity from traditional energy suppliers.

However, the Feed-in Tariff scheme came to an end in April 2019. This was due to the continuous drop in prices for the renewable technologies covered by the scheme, including solar panels. Therefore, the government does not deem it necessary to subsidise this technology anymore - it has become more widely accessible.

Furthermore, installing more solar panels dramatically brings down the technology costs. The British government aims to even expand the use to public facilities - from schools to police stations - through establishing “solar farms” with large arrays of panels cover fields. Officials predict that by 2020, the cost of solar power is expected to be as cheap as traditional carbon-intensive form of the fuel, like coal and gas.

As the price for traditional sources of electricity is expected to stay the same or even to go higher, investing in a solar panel would mean an increase in value of your electricity savings.

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