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Last updated: 18 July 2019

6 Facts About Solar Panels

Things You Didn't Know about Solar Panels

Solar energy is becoming a very popular topic, as the prices on renewable energy installations are becoming more residential-friendly. Here are some facts about solar panels you might find surprising.

6 Facts About Solar Panels

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1. First Commercial Use in 1955

Of course the history of harnessing solar energy didn't started with the first solar heated office building (1955). This was, however, a big achievement. From this moment on, people have started to notice the potential of different uses of solar energy for commercial use. This trend was developed by companies at first, but as we see the prices on solar installations dropping, there was a higher awareness of solar technology among private households as well.

2. The Cost of Solar Panels Has Fallen

Prices of solar installations have dropped significantly in the past couple of years. Certainly, the costs are still very inconsistent, meaning we might spend less money on solar panels installations for example in Hawaii, than in Europe. However, the drop in how much solar panels cost is a continuous process. In 1977, for one kilowatt of solar energy we had to pay $76.67. In contrast, today, the price for the same amount of energy fluctuates around $0.74. This means that the cost of solar panels has fallen approximately 100 times over since 1977 and the price today is two times lower, than it was in 2008. If this trend will continue as the technology will progress, harnessing solar energy might become even more profitable.

3. Husbands Are More Likely to Invest in Solar

Among married couples of the opposite sex, almost eighty percent of the time it is the husband, who makes the decision for switching to solar energy solutions. In another similar case, more than seventy percent of the time it was the husband, who made every work necessary to make the solar happen.
On the other hand, it is women, who are aware of the positive aspects behind renewable energy solutions. Different research suggest, that more than ninety percent of women think that renewable energy technologies should play very or somewhat important role in in the future of energy solutions.

4. Neighbours Invest, If You Invest

Research suggests that your neighbour is proved to be more keen to invest in solar panel installations, after you will make the switch to solar. This is due to the fact, that people have some incorrect knowledge about renewable energy solutions, and most of the time, it is about the price of the installation. When they have a chance to confront their worries and misinformation, they become less bias towards renewable energy sources.

5. More People Would Invest in Solar If It Was Cheaper

The prices of solar panels and solar solutions are successively putting off many people on considering going solar. But that doesn't mean, that people do not care about the environment, nor consider the benefits lying behind renewable energy. Certainly, the initial cost of solar installations is high and this can be an unbreakable barrier for some households. It is important to note that the prices are dropping at a very fast pace and the most common practice is to overestimate prices of solar installations.

6. Most People Overestimate the Cost of Solar

Due to the rapid changes in prices on solar energy installation, many people overestimate the cost of solar solutions. The high costs of harnessing renewable energy sources is also a popular opinion among the politicians and the media. If we take a look at prices in 1977 it becomes quite understandable. If we have prices from 2008 stuck in our heads, we are convinced that investing in solar energy solutions brings only high costs and no profit. What we have to remember, is that the technology progresses at incredibly fast pace and the prices somewhat follow. Therefore, we shouldn't make long lasting assumptions on the costs of solar installations. If we are interested in going solar but are worried about the high costs of a installation, a good current price research can prove to be beneficial.

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