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What Is This Page About?

Going through this page, we will provide you with information on the topic of renewable energy production, focusing on the sector of heat pumps. Heat pumps work quite similar to your fridge by heating up a substance like a refrigerant or water in a pipe cycle in order to change the outcome to another temperature level of heat energy. On this page, we will therefore introduce you to the different types of heat pumps, and their respective working principles. Furthermore, we will give you an insight on governmental information and applications, so you know what you need to be looking for, prior to purchase and installation of a heat pump. 

Does Wales Have a Good Heat Pump Potential?

Yes, it does. Although the ground is not as hot as other regions in the United Kingdom, Wales can profit from deep vertical geothermal heat pumps, as well as utilize the influence of the Gulf Stream that brings a warmer and more moderate air climate into the country. The three short texts below will reflect more upon the potential of Wales with the different types of heat pumps.

Heat Pumps in Wales


Air Source Heat Pumps

Air-source heat pumps depend heavily on a rather constant air temperature, which should also not be too low. The reason for this is that air-source heat pumps harness heat energy from the surrounding air, then either pump it directly into the building for the purpose of space heating; air to water heat pumps take the air in, and then heat up water, which will pass through a pipe system connecting the different sections of the house. Although the United Kingdom is not famous for being one of the warmest places on earth, the Gulf Stream influenced air can be warm enough for a variety of heat pump projects, which you can further inquire with your future installer.

Water Source Heat Pumps

As it already implies, this type of heat pumps needs a water source in order to work. Furthermore, this source has to be of a certain (rather large) size in order to provide enough energy potential to be harnessed. As the ocean is also influenced by the Gulf Stream, property adjacent to the waters could theoretically be used to harness energy. However, as such waters need to have a certain size in order to yield any results, and it should be on your property, water-source heat pumps have some obvious disadvantages during the initial search for a heat pump placement spot. However, this condition is subject to every home-or public property owner, or company.

Ground Source Heat Pumps

These heat pumps usually promise very positive results, but they do require a lot of initial money spending. In the category of ground-source heat pumps, you can find different versions of these heat pumps, adjusted to almost any possible geological conditions. One example are deep horizontal geothermal heat pumps, which require the drilling of a hole up to 120 meters in depth. The temperature in the ground increases by 1 degree Celsius every couple of meters, so even a region with a rather cold ground like Wales would yield results. Other ground-source heat pumps are inserted through horizontal, or radial and directional drilling. These techniques enable installers to place a ground-source heat pump, even if building space is limited, or some buildings are not to be crossed paths with in any way.

How Quickly Will It Reimburse, and How Long Does a Heat Pump Last?

The usual durability of a heat pump is at least 20 years. Only after such a time span, a major part will be in need for change within the system. For the time before, installers usually provide long enough warranties on labour and parts in order to make you feel safe with your heat pump; however, the rule of thumb is that if the installation has been conducted correctly, then you will not be in need of using your warranty.

In terms of reimbursement time, it naturally depends on a number of factors, but in a home for a family of four, 5-7 years are considered to be a solid estimate for the needed time to reimburse the heat pump costs.

How to Apply for a Heat Pump?

We collected all governmental application forms or information sheets, you will find them on the next page under info&docs.

Read More: Information for Applying in Wales

What Else Do I Need to Do in Order to Get a Heat Pump?

Just continue reading over the next few pages by picking your city or general area. At the moment, this only describes the area of Swansea. Once you feel convinced more, you can fill out our free and non-obligatory form to receive quotes for a heat pump from up to four certified installers.