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Renewable Energy in the UK

Since the year 2010, the British government has decided to foster alternative energies with overall £31 billion in private investments. The goal is to generate a steadily increasing part of the UK’s energy consumption by utilising alternative energies. For this, a plethora of incentive schemes have been created (e.g.: the Renewable Heat Incentive, short RHI).

Apart from creating a variety of jobs, this energy incentive is also immaculate to harness one of the UK’s larger energy deposits: geothermal energy. Main deposits of heat below the surface of the earth are located in the South-Western district, however, geothermal energy can be harnessed anywhere on this planet.

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Are Geothermal Energy Reserves Accessible in the United Kingdom?

The United Kingdom consists of a number of areas, where geothermal energy may be harnessed and used. As you are reading this, a plethora of projects has been initiated throughout the land to access these energy reserves. To provide you with some examples: In Manchester, an energy provider is digging deep in order to pump up geothermal heat to be used in space heating of a large quantity of houses in the city. Another example can be found in Glasgow, where heat is being extracted from the water that has been pumped into former mine shafts below the city. However, the biggest potential can be found in the South-Western region, where cities like Bristol, Southampton, and Plymouth greatly profit from the geology underground. The temperatures there exceed the rest of the country by far. There are many more examples throughout the whole country, but even the three aforementioned should be able to underline that the UK is sitting on great amounts of energy for fostering its energy independence.

Are Geothermal Heat Pumps Pricey?

Because of their initial investment costs, heat pumps seem more expensive than conventional solution. However, they do have a much better longetivity, plus the fact that the resources you are accessing through the heat pump are renewable, and do not cost you additional money. The best way to reduce costs is by spending a little bit of time on research and knowledge acquiration, so you know what you need and can afford with a well-planned budget. Installers will of course also help you with this, but it is always better to be on one level. Furthermore, prices in general have reduced massively over the years due to producers streamlining processes and becoming better in the acquisition of the various parts of the heat pumps.

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Is There Governmental Support?

Yes, there is. The British government readied a staggering 31 Billion pounds in order to support renewable energies, placing this money into a variety of fonds and programs. The most relevant one is the RHI, which stands for Renewable Heat Incentive. This incentive covers a number of areas of renewable energies, including geothermal and ground source heat pumps. Basically, if you utilize renewable energies to heat your home or industrial building, you can apply for this incentive. Being very straight-forward, it is split up into the domestic RenewableHeat Incentive, and the non-domestic Renewable Heat Incentive scheme. If you are a resident of Scotland, you also might want to take a look at the Home Energy Scotland Renewables Loan scheme for Scottish residents. This loan scheme allows you to receive a sum of up to £10,000, running for to 12 years. However, Scotland is not alone with providing different supportive schemes in order to raise the percentage of of energy from renewable sources, each of the four countries has also some very localllized schemes.

How To Find the Installer You Need?

Although the government made this process easier by demanding installers to get the official governmental certification for their work and their products, it can still be a hassle to look over a large number of pages, trying to figure out the least expensive installer. At this point, we at Greenmatch.co.uk are there for you. On our page, we offer you to go through to your district, where we have a non-binding form you can fill in. We will then get back to you, offering you quotes from up to four different installers, so you have an easier time comparing.