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Last updated: 25 January 2017

Why Choose Aluminium Frames?

If you are looking for windows that are extremely functional, maintenance free, and ultra-modern in design, then aluminum windows are for you. Within the extensive range of double glazed window options, which includes upvc windows as well as timber windows, aluminum frames stand out for their slim-line appearance and versatility in design, giving you exceptional home value.

However, not only are aluminum frames a stylish alternative among other window options, they are resourceful and affordable too. Their slim lines gives your windows more glass and less frame, therefore enabling more light to enter your home. Additionally, the double glazing component on your aluminium windows will give you the added benefits of energy efficiency and thermal insulation making them a valuable asset indeed.

If you're interested in aluminum windows, and you would like assistance and guidance regarding budgets and suppliers, GreenMatch will gladly help you find all the information. Our service is simple and without any obligations: just fill in the non-binding form at the top, and you will be contacted by up to four professional installers with their offers, saving you time.

If you wish to know some more about aluminum windows before asking for quotes, just keep on reading! On this page, GreenMatch provides comprehensive information on the benefits of aluminum windows, a comparison between aluminium and uPVC windows, their cost and everything you need to know before making a decision to purchase.

How Much do Aluminium Window Cost?

Due to the high material cost associated with manufacturing aluminium, aluminium window prices are more exorbitant than other types of double glazed windows. Yet, investing in aluminium windows is a sure way of refining the level of comfort by adding light and warmth in your home. Their popularity has, in recent years, increased much to technological advancement that has seen aluminium window frames evolve into an attractive and modern product with premium value. In this line, powder coated aluminium window are a favourite among UK homeowners. Furthermore, they are strong and durable with a longevity spanning decades.

The above factors give aluminium windows their premium value, and as such they come up as one of the most expensive types of double glazed windows. On average, you can expect to spend between £2,450 and £3,000 for four aluminium double glazed windows.

The below table is an estimation of aluminium window prices according to the number of aluminium windows required.

Estimated Aluminium Window Prices in the UK

Number of Windows  Estimated Cost (£) 
4 Windows from £2,450
9 Windows from £5,500
15 Windows from £9,350

How are Aluminium Windows Beneficial to Your Home?

Windows are a lifetime investment, and therefore careful consideration should be placed on functionality, aesthetic appeal and strength of the type of windows you purchase. Not only should your choice of window frames match the design and decor of your home, but energy efficiency, strength and lifespan should play a vital role in your decision making process.

In this section, we will review the benefits of aluminium windows to your home by looking at their advantages and disadvantages.


Contemporary Aesthetic Value
Aluminium frames gives off a very modern and elegant look which can be further accentuated through the variety of design options and selection of colours available. Aluminium makes for window frames that are light enough to be easily configured into different looks. They are considered a high-end product, especially within the commercial sector, however aluminium frames are also getting increasingly popular in in the home improvement market.

Built to Last
Aluminium windows have a solid structure based on the strength of the aluminium frame material. The hardened surface protects its from getting eroded or dented. They have a long lifespan estimated at 40 years or more.

Highly Durable
Aluminium frames offer a favourable advantage in strength and durability. This is due to the fact that aluminium contains properties that make it resistant to corrosion. While aluminium window frames are light, they are strong enough to be kept from damaging or withering away during harsh environmental conditions.

Maintenance Free
Aluminium does not deform or decay thus requires little or no maintenance. Unlike wood, it does not need painting or sanding treatments, thus once installed it needs no further modifications. Its strong structure also gives it leeway to hold the entire structure of the frame without additional reinforcements.

Meets Energy Efficiency Standards
Due to its conductor properties, aluminium frames will cause a certain amount of heat to be lost during winter, however it's double glazing component positively impact to the overall efficiency of the window. Thus on average high performance aluminium windows will meet and often surpass UK standards for energy efficiency.

Environmentally Friendly
Aluminium is a sustainable material majorly for its recycling ability. For example, it's estimated that only five percent of the initial energy that was used to create aluminium frames is used in during its recycling process. Moreover it does not emit huge amounts of carbon dioxide during its production process adding to its environmentally friendly qualities.


Lower Energy Performance
In terms of energy efficiency, aluminium windows perform at lower rate compared to uPVC or timber windows. Whilst high performance aluminium windows will meet standard energy efficiency standard, its conducting properties keep it from retaining heat in the winter months to the same effectiveness as its double glazing counterparts. To increase the energy efficiency of your aluminium windows, insert a thermal break between the panes and together with double glazing, your aluminium windows offer great thermal insulation.

In comparison to other window frames, aluminium window prices are significantly higher. However they are among the most expensive based on its superior premium value. However, since 2014 the cost of aluminium started to gradually drop, and demand rose. This led to cheaper production processes, making it more affordable for consumers.

Not Ideal for Older Properties
Due it its modern look, aluminium windows may not fit well with old properties or homes with an old look and feel. However, even classical looking homes can benefit from the slim-lines characteristic to aluminium frames particularly when you go for powder coated aluminium window. Thus enabling more light to come into the home, and equally creating an ambiance of elegance and refinement to classical styled home.

Are Aluminium Windows Better Suited for You than uPVC?

There are key differences to consider between uPVC and aluminium windows when making your choice of double glazed windows between. These are related to cost, longevity, versatility, maintenance, energy efficiency and aesthetic value. Whilst both options, have their pros and cons, the best suited window choice for you will largely depend on your personal style, functionalities as well as your budget. The below table gives you a comparison between uPVC and aluminium windows.

Factors  Aluminium Windows  uPVC Windows  Reasons

Both uPVC and aluminium windows have a long life guarantee, yet uPVC frames are more likely be affected by weathering over a long period of time. Whilst the inherent properties in aluminium window frames will allow your windows to span decades.
Cost Aluminium window prices are much higher than uPVC based on the fact that it costs much more to produce aluminium.
Versatility  Aluminium windows offers a wider variety of choice when it comes to colours and finishes, enabling you to customise your windows to match the rest of your home decor. 
Maintenance  Both windows require very little maintenance. However, due to the painting and coating of aluminium windows, they need a little more attention than uPVC window frames. 
Energy Efficiency The insulation properties in uPVC windows are much higher than in aluminum windows, resulting also in higher energy efficiency.
Aesthetic Value The slim line appearance of aluminium frames gives it exceptional aesthetic value particularly for modern looking properties.


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What Type of Designs Work for Aluminium Windows?

Aluminium windows can be styled in a variety of options to match your taste and preferences. Its lightweight design allows for different decorative options. For example, powder coated aluminium windows, which are very popular for their elegant look and feel, can be finished in a wide range of colours complimenting any home decor.

Colours: The ability to play around with different colours is one of the greater advantages of aluminium windows. They are available in over 200 colours according to the Classic RAL System.

Finishes: Aluminium windows allows for different types of finishing. Polyester powder coated aluminium windows are among the most refined, providing a beautiful and sophisticated finish.

Aluminium Windows in the UK

Aluminium window frames are widely known for their ultra modern look. Thus in the United Kingdom, they are best suited for contemporary looking homes that would be complemented by stylish window designs than old style cottage homes.

Aluminum windows have the ability to brighten your home all year round. As the UK trend moves towards creating more spacious living environment with lots of light, aluminium frames are fast becoming the material of choice for home improvements.

In the UK commercial sector, aluminium windows are by far the most dominant due to their versatility in design. This allows the window frames to fit to different corporate profiles. They can also easily replace windows that have unusual shapes and give more room for customisation.

For UK companies that want to create a stylish and lively feel to their work environment, aluminium windows will enhance the office attractiveness and compliment any architectural requirement. This would work best in urban areas such as London, where there developing high rise residential buildings is increasingly popular.

Although aluminium window prices are high, companies will also be able to take advantage of energy savings which are not comparative to other high-end products. Companies will benefit from the fact that their aluminium window frames are a lasting investment that do not need periodical or annual budgeting for maintenance.

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