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What is an Electric Boiler?

The name says it: an electric boiler operates without the need of fuel combustion such as oil or gas but it rather uses electricity to generate heat in your property. This kind of boiler is often called an Electric Steam Boiler, as it produces steam from electricity for heating purposes.

This system is highly efficient thanks to the conversion of electricity into thermal energy that produces an almost 100% efficiency rate. However it depends how the electricity is generated - whether the electricity generation is efficient or not will influence your conversion efficiency rate.

You will often often hear about electric water boiler: be careful, it is not the same as an electric steam boiler! In fact, the first one concerns the small appliance you use to boil water when you want to make a tea or a coffee while the second one involves the device used to heat your home.

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How Does It Work?

The production of steam is a rather simple process. First, the electricity runs through a heating device that has a resistor property therefore allowing heat to be created by the resistance phenomenon. Then, when the heat is created, the water comes via a pipe from the water tank to the heating device or close to it to get heated up. When the water is hot enough and starts boiling it produces steam that is used to heat your home via steam pipes.

We could then say that an electric steam boiler works in a similar way as a fire heated boiler, the difference being the means by which the water is heated.

Pros of Electric Boilers

Several reasons make an electric boiler a good device to invest in. We have listed below the main advantages of electric steam boilers:

  • No need for combustion fuel. Indeed, the use of electricity makes obsolete the use of a combustion fuel such as gas or oil to heat your property. You can therefore decrease your energy bill by focusing on electricity rather than diversifying the energy used.
  • Save space. Because this type of boiler does not use combustion fuel, you do not need to add a fuel storage close to your boiler. Thus, this space left vacant can be used for other purposes.
  • Save money and energy.
    - Thanks to an electric steam boiler, you benefit from a high efficiency rate, as almost no energy is lost during the conversion of electricity into thermal energy. You therefore save money on your energy bill compared to your bill if you possess a condensing boiler such as a fuel combustion one.
    - You also have to install less equipment with an electric steam boiler, which can help you save money during the installation process.
  • Gain in safety while operating your boiler. Because you do not use fuel, your boiler is safer to use as you won’t suffer from fuel leaks.
  • Make a good action for the environment. An electricity boiler benefits from a smaller carbon footprint than fuel boiler when it is running.
  • Reduce your maintenance costs. A combustion boiler needs to get its pipes replaced after some time, mostly when it concerns biomass boilers, wood pellets boilers or wood-fired boiler stoves.

Cons of Electric Boilers

  • In the previous section, we say that by investing in an electric steam boiler you make a good action for the environment. Be careful, this has to be nuanced! Indeed, the generation of heat from an electricity boiler compared to a fuel combustion boiler generates less pollution. However, when it comes to producing electricity, it can be as costly for the environment as other fuel extraction such as gas or oil. So the impact of an electric boiler on the environment is not entirely beneficial.
  • This type of boiler operation depends on the generation of power (electricity). If there is a power shortage you might end up with no electricity during some time, making your boiler inoperational.
  • Your energy bill is mainly subject to the cost of electricity. Nowadays, this cost tends to rise making it more expensive to operate your electric steam boiler. Moreover, with the abandon in some countries of the nuclear power to generate electricity, it might be harder to obtain electricity and thus more expensive.

Running Costs and Prices of Electric Boilers

An electricity boiler has an annual running cost range of £1,600 to £1,900. If you only need to replace your old electric boiler by a new one, the cost will be diminished to £1,000, as you won’t need to replace all the elements existing on your old system for the new one.

If you are looking to invest in an electric combi boiler, it will cost around £1,500 for a 9kW model. However, larger capacity models can go up to £2,500.

To reduce your operating costs, you could subscribe to an option allowing you to pay less during certain hours of the day. You could plan your hot water use accordingly and benefit from this option at its maximum.

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