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Thinking about replacing your boiler?

When it comes to heating your home and water you can probably save a significant amount of money on your energy bill. If you have a cost efficient source of energy that is. If you are thinking about buying a more cost- efficient boiler there are a couple of things to take into account. One important aspect is the price of a boiler.

Choosing a boiler that is suitable for you and your home can be hard. Greenmatch can help you out by providing you with four free and non-binding quotes from different boiler suppliers. All you have to do is fill in the form at the top of the page.

Boilers Prices

With regards to boiler prices, prices range from £500 - £ 2,500. We offer a price range because the actual boiler price is hard to predict. What determines the price of a boiler are a number of factors such as, the type of boiler, the brand, size and performance. You also have to take additional costs into account, like installation costs.

To give an example: If you are considering a combi boiler and you live in a larger sized home with two bathrooms you need to think about a medium to a large sized boiler. The price for a medium sized combi boiler is usually around £1,000.

Total Costs: More Than The Boiler Price

Purchasing a boiler is an investment. Besides the actual boiler price, there are other costs you have to take into account. The most costly are the installation costs. These costs vary depending on whether you are replacing your current boiler with another of the same type or changing to a different kind of boiler, entirely.

It also depends on the structure of your house. A new boiler might mean some structural changes, like moving pipework. Finally, the costs will also depend on the company that will take care of the installation. It can pay off to do some research beforehand to find a reputable company. Installation costs, range between £500 - £1,500.

Types of Boilers

In order informed decision when purchasing a boiler it is important to not let yourself get stuck on just boiler prices. You should find out what type of boilers are out there and what type best suits your home and the needs of your household. Some of the different boiler types are:

  • Conventional boilers; Also known as heat-only boilers. The fuel that is used is in most cases gas. Conventional boilers are better suited for larger houses, where there might be a need for hot water from different taps at the same time. This is because unused heated water gets stored
  • Condensing boilers; Condensing boilers are the most used boilers in the UK. They use either gas or oil as fuel. Condensing boilers are more efficient than conventional boilers because they are able to obtain more heat for you to use. A combi boiler (or combination boiler) is a very efficient type of condensing boiler, that does not require much space.
  • Biomass boilers; These type of boilers use biological material as fuel. For example wood pallets can be used. Biological material is sustainable and eco-friendly. Heat is produced by the burning of the biomass. These type of boilers take up a little more space than other boiler types.
  • Electric boilers; An electric boiler is a type of boiler that does not need or use any type of fuel. These boilers use electricity to heat your home and provide it with hot water. It is an environmentally friendly way of producing heat, but the production of electricity is not harmless to the environment.
  • System boilers; Also known as sealed system boilers. These boilers can run on gas, oil or LPG. System boilers are suitable for larger houses that might need to use hot water at the same time in different parts of the home.

The Benefits of A Boiler System

Warmth Boiler

Although boiler prices are high, buying a boiler or replacing your outdated one can be a good move. There are quite some benefits of using a boiler system.

What all boiler heating systems have in common is that the process of generating heat is fairly clean. Cold water from the mains gets heated up through different processes, depending on the type of boiler you purchase and the fuel it needs.

Although the different systems differ slightly, the general idea is that the heated water moves to all the radiators in the whole house. The same water is needed for the use of warm water. This manner of creating warmth does not lead to dust forming or other allergens.

Most boiler types that are being produced at the moment work quite efficiently. Meaning, amongst other things, that less generated heat gets wasted. This in its turn will lead to lower energy bills. Yet another benefit is the smaller carbon footprints on the environment, that (newer) boilers in general create.

Grants to Help Finance Your New Boiler

Research Grants

Hopefully, now you have some idea of how much you will have to spend on a boiler if you choose to buy one. We saw that the prices depend on different factors like the structure of the home you live in or your households needs. It also depends on the specific type of boiler you buy. But as you have seen prices range from £500 - £ 2,500.

The conclusion is that boiler prices are high. The good news is that with the help of your local government you might be able to receive a grant.

Affordable Warmth Obligation

The Affordable Warmth Obligation is an initiative of the UK Government. It is specifically for people or households that receive certain benefits and want to make energy saving improvements to the home they own or privately rent. With this scheme, a new boiler will be installed for free. In this case, you do not have to worry about the boiler prices as much.

Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI)

If your house is proven to be energy efficient, for this you have to obtain an Energy Performance Certificate, and you are thinking about purchasing a biomass boiler you can apply for the Renewable Heat Incentive (RHI). Keep in mind that the biologic material that you will use as fuel needs to come from suppliers that are on the list of suppliers of sustainable biomass fuel.

Boiler Replacement Allowance

With this grant you receive a certain amount of money, depending on your personal and financial situation, to replace a boiler that is 15 years or older. In this way, you will not have to cover the full boiler price by yourself. Want to know if you qualify for a grant to buy or replace a boiler? Check the website of the UK Government.

If You Can Not Apply For a Grant

Not everyone will qualify for a grant. If this is the case, there is still some good news. If the boiler prices and the additional costs are too high to pay upfront at once it is possible to purchase a new boiler through a payment plan.